Love Happens

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Chapter 51

Happy birthday Reece (Part 2)

I text Brian to send Reece up and he texts me back saying Reece is coming up.

So much adrenaline is flowing through my veins right now.

The lights are off and I am hiding behind his door.

I hear the doorknob turn and I wait for him to come in.

He switches the light on and I scream,

“Happy birthday Reece!”

I hug him tight and he hugs me back but I can feel how confused and surprised he is.

“Surprise.” I kiss him after we break the hug.

“Wow...” he turns to look at his room.

It is decorated with balloons everywhere and on his bed, the gifts are lying and the balloon string is attached to the gifts so there is a complete bunch of balloons floating on top of his bed. The jersey I pinned on the wall. And it all looks really cute and pretty.

Reece is startled, I can tell. He is literally blinking continuously as if to see if he is dreaming or not.

“Haley... wow. I have no words. All these are mine?” He finally turns to look at me.

I grin at him and nod.

“Oh gosh. I love it! You got me the jersey! Wow! Thanks so much!” He kisses me again before I can speak.

“Happy birthday Reece!” Reece’s family comes in and we both move apart as quickly as lightening.

They hug him in turn and Bri gives me a thumbs up and mouths, “Well done” looking around the room and I just mouth him a thank you.

“Wow Haley, you did all this dear?” Reece’s mum asks and I blush.

I completely forgot that he had a family who would be wishing him too and not just me.

“Yes I did it.” I smile.

“It looks amazing kiddo! You got a keeper here Reece.” His dad tells him winking.

And now it is Reece’s turn to blush. He looks so cute with his cheeks all red.

“Alright now let’s cut the cake shall we?” His mom says and we all nod.

“I too have bought cake for him...” I say. How stupid of me. Obviously his parents would get a cake. How dumb could I be?

“Oh great! Two cakes! This day just got better!” Reece grins.

“It’s in my house though... I had told Nick to get it.” I say.

“Sure call him too while we set up all the candles.” His mom smiles at me.

“Okay.” I quickly call Nick and tell him to come here fast with the cake.

Within three minutes he is here.

“Happy birthday bro.” He does the ‘bro shake thing’ with Reece and Reece smiles a thank you to him.

“Okay let’s put candles on Haley’s cake too.” Uncle says but I quickly say,

“I have a number seventeen candle which we can use.” And they nod.

“How are you keeping up?” Nick mumbles from behind me and I just give him a smile indicating I am okay. Just yet.

Reece holds me from my waist and his mother says, “Before we cut the cake, smile for a picture.”

We all smile and then I tell Nick to take one just of the whole family but Reece doesn’t let me go even though I insist a lot.

“Alright now let me cut it already!” Impatient as always Reece whines.

“Fine” we all say together and sing Happy Birthday for him and he blows the candle after it’s done.

We all happily eat the cake.

One thing that I do find weird is that his own parents didn’t get him his favorite cake... But I just let go of that thought. They must have forgotten, it is not a big deal.

We all sit down, enjoying, talking and eating the cake... but I feel knots forming in my stomach. The pain will be getting the better of me... I fake smile when someone talks to me.

When asked about the gifts, his brother gives him a cute framed picture of them. And his parents say that they will give him the gift in the morning.

“Hey it is 12:45 I should go. Happy birthday again bro, have a good one.” Nick says and fists bumps Reece and leaves.

Reece and I take cute selfies, although they could have been cuter if I would have ‘really smiled’.

Reece pulls me up and says, “Let’s go and open your gifts!” Before I can object he pulls me up and takes me to his room. I got to say that I did a good job decorating the room.

I sit on the side of the bed and wait for him to open the gifts.

“How many do we have here?” He asks.

“Seventeen.” I smile.

“Okay nice thinking.” He winks and I smile.

One by one he opens all the gifts and he loves each and every one if it.

“Oh gosh Haley, all of these are my favorite. I cannot pick one fave as I love them all!” He grins.

“This cologne? It smells so good. And the jersey! I love it. This phone case? It is so dope. And this hoodie, you can see how much I love, as I am wearing it already right now. This key chain is really cute and all these things oh god. I love the mug and the t-shirt is so awesome, damn. I am going to wear it the whole day tomorrow. I mean well today technically... I love the watch and the vans too babe and this wallet? Did you keep a check of the things I didn’t have? Because I really needed a wallet bad. My last one got torn bad.... Damn babe. Any word I say won’t be enough to express how happy and thankful I am for all this. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH HALEY! I really love every single thing. Thanks babe.” He hugs me tight.

“Aw I am really glad you loved it. You are most welcome babe.” I hug him back. Damn, he does smell good. I have a great choice in perfumes I think to myself.

“Reece I should go now... it is 1:30 and I have things planned for you tomorrow.” I say.

“Aw already? Wait for some more time?”

“I would have loved to but you and I both need to reach the place I am taking you at 12 so yeah.” I pout.

“Okay fine what time are we leaving?” He asks.

“Around 10:30?” I say more like ask.

“Okay cool. Thanks for all this stuff again. I will see you in the morning babe.” He kisses me again and walks me down till the door.

“Goodnight Reece.” I smile and walk towards my house and hear a faint goodnight from him too.

I fresh up and change my clothes and quickly head to bed thinking I have to wake up early in the morning.

It takes me the time to actually get all cozied up in bed when realization hits me like a bullet.

It is that day of July. The day I hate. The day I turn into the gloomiest person on the planet.

I feel my head getting heavier. And tears forming in my eyes. I really have to pat myself in the back to make it up till now by being happy and not crying my eyes out. But I think it is now time. My inner body knows too that it’s just me alone right now, so the tears flow. And I let them flow because there is nothing that I know of can help me stop them from flowing and eventually I don’t know when, but I do eventually fall asleep.

In the morning I wake up and text Reece a cute ‘good morning birthday boy xx’ message and take a bath quickly.

I decide on wearing a red top, dark blue skinny jeans and a black leather jacket to go with it. I waved the ends of my hair and put on slight make too. For shoes I decided to wear my black ankle boots with low heels. I liked hoe I looked like.

I took a quick selfie and sent it to Reece asking if he is ready. His reply came as quick as lightening and he there was a picture of him shirtless which said ‘getting there ;)’

He also texted me saying he was wearing the t shirt I brought him and I replied with a ‘yay’

I still had one thing to do though. I had to make sure that somehow the jersey that I got him will be worn by him at the game.

For this I took Brian’s help. We made a plan that when Reece will go to the washroom, Bri will quickly go into his room and get the jersey and come back down and give it to me. When we will go for the game is when I will hand it to Reece.

Reece went into the washroom and Brian quickly went and got the jersey and came and gave it to me.

“He is a lucky bastard to have such a thoughtful girlfriend like you. The Steelers and the redskins game?! Who would want to miss that? Wow I am jealous of him.” He joked.

“Aw I try.” I smiled.

“You look good though.” He smiled.

“Thanks Bri.”

“Alright you guys have fun! See ya.” He went back into his house and I got a text from Reece saying that he was ready.

I told him to come to his porch then. It was me who was going to drive to the place where we both were going to bungee jump.

I am really excited about this.

“Hey beautiful, you look gorgeous.” He smiled and kissed me.

“So do you.” I winked.

It was unbelievable how alike we were dressed. He had worn black boots, dark blue jeans and a black leather jacket (to go with the t shirt I got him) while I had worn all those three too. He had a snap back on too and had put the cologne I bought him. Which smelled amazing!

“So where are we going?” He asked me and I chuckled.

“You really think I am going to tell you? It’s a surprise! We will be going to two main places is all I can let you know.” I say and keep my eyes on the road.

“Okay fine...” he pouts and puts in his aux cord blasting music through the radio.

We finally reach around 12:35. Kind of on time.

“What is this place?” He asked looking around.

“Wait till you find out.” I winked.

“Hello are you Ms. Haley?” The attendant asked me.

“Yes this is me I had the reservation for 1 pm. So they told me to be here half an hour early for preparation.” I said.

“Alright you may follow me please.” She said and started walking and so did we.

“Preparation? For what?! What us going on..?” Reece asked but I kept shut I didn’t want to ruin the surprise.

“Reece be patient. You will find out in a bit” I answered.

She took us to the changing and preparation room.

The guide there introduced himself and then said he will come back with the safety jackets and explain us how to use them in a second.

When he was gone, Reece just gave me a very confused look and I smirked saying, “Reece Clark, we are going bungee jumping!” I clapped my hands in joy.

“Whoa what? Really?! Oh my god! This is crazy gee my day keeps getting better and better!” he hugged me grinning like a kid on Christmas Eve.

“I knew you always wanted to do this... so I made arrangements.” I said.

The guy came back with our safety jackets and explained us all details of how to use them and also told us that if one doesn’t work the others’ would definitely.

Yes we were going to double bungee jump too! I am so excited!

“I’m so excited!” He said.

“I’ll go first.” I said and I jumped.

“Woooooh!” I yelled. This was one of the best experience of my life!

And next to me I heard Reece falling down too!

“How cool was that?!” He yelled.

“Wait for the second one!” I yelled back.

We were pulled back up and then we were told that we could hug each other whilst falling.

The moment Reece and I jumped together, was so blissful. He held me tight. Both of us grinning like idiots.

We were both yelling on top of our lungs enjoying the spur of the moment.

As soon as we came to a stop Reece pulled me in for a deep loving kiss.

It proved that he really did enjoy it. And I was satisfied and glad he did.

“Haley! Thank you so much for this. I loved it.” Reece said and sat in the passenger seat again.

“Wait till you see what I have next.” I winked.

“But before that, let’s eat something. I’m hungry.” I added

“Yeah so am I. Where to gorgeous?” he asked.

“Let me think... is there any specific place you wanna go to? Sorry I completely forgot to put lunch in my plan. The second place where I am taking you, we need to reach before 4” I told him.

“Hmm why all the time slots... I wonder. Maybe it is a movie? “He raised his eyebrows and I just laughed.

“It is two right now... how long will it take us to reach wherever is the second place we are going to?” He asked.

“Depends on where we are eating.” I said.

“So okay, you know the place right so think of eating joints near It.” he suggested.

“Okay I got one.” I said and took a right.

We reached around 2:35 and had a nice, romantic, fun filled lunch.

It was now three thirty. The game would start at four. We needed to go now to reach on time for the registration.

“Come on lets go or we will get late. But I will have to blind fold you. “I said.

“Sure sure.” He rolled his eyes playfully.

I blindfolded him and started driving again.

We reached fifteen minutes before the game.

“Where are we?” He asked.

“I aint telling you. Wait here I will come in a minute.” I said

I gave the tickets to the man at the register counter and then took Reece’s hand making him walk to our seats which were pretty close to the ground.

I was extremely excited.

“What is all that noise?” He said.

“Shh. Wait just two more minutes” I said. I took out my phone and told him to smile for a selfie.

Reluctantly he did and it was so cute, with his eyes blindfolded.

Okay in three, two and one.

“Welcome to the Steelers’ Game!” I opened the blindfold.

Reece’s face was of so much shock.

He had his jaw dropped till the floor.

“Haley... you didn’t...” he looked at me in disbelief.

“Yes I did baby! Enjoy watching your favorite team play!” I smiled at him.

“I am not even going to ask you how you got these tickets, but thank you. Thanks so so so much for all of this. My day couldn’t have been any better. This has been the best birthday I have ever had!” He grinned.

I gave him the jersey to wear and he happily removed his t shirt in public and wore the jersey. He also asked me how I got it and I explained it to him.

We took many pictures and cheered for the Steelers. Obviously they won.

Reece was so ecstatic. The grin from his face never faded.

“The best girlfriend and birthday ever! Yeah!” Reece fist bumped the air in joy.

“It is now 8. Let’s head home so that your family can also spend time with you.” I said and he nodded

It was almost 9 when we reached home.

When we did Reece couldn’t help but brag about the two great things he had done today. He told Brian, his mum and his dad too. They were all very happy.

The rest of the time we spent watching television and eating dinner. We decided to play monopoly.

“I’m going up Reece, my head is paining, you come whenever you’re done.” I say and go up.

Okay, I lied. My head is paining, but that is not the reason I want to get away from all these people. The real reason is because the pain inside of me has taken the better of me. And I cannot take it anymore.

I go to the bathroom and cry my eyes out. My head is aching and my body hurts, tears are flowing like waterfalls from my eyes, and all I can do now is nothing. I have no idea of how I survived the whole day but right now, all flashbacks of what happened today are appearing in my mind.

I go lay down in his bed, making his pillow wet due to all the crying.

“Haley? What’s wrong babe? Why are you crying?” Reece quickly turns me over to his side with a shocked face.

To be continued...

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