Love Happens

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Chapter 53


I woke up in the middle of the night because of something flashing in my eyes but kept my eyes shut.

I slowly opened one eye and saw that it was Reece taking a picture of me.

What is he doing?

I was about to ask him when I heard him talk to someone on the phone...

It is like around five thirty in the morning who is he talking to?

“Yo Mike, dude listen to me. I... I can’t do this anymore man. I’m sorry dude. I thought it would be a piece of cake but I was wrong. I don’t know why but I’m done with this man.” Reece whispers into the phone.

What is he talking about? What is so important that he had to call his best friend early in the morning just to tell him he cant do whatever it was that he was doing? Why does Reece sound so petrified?

“No shit, man. It has been eating me from the inside. Like today it reached my limit point dude, please understand...” Reece continues after whatever Mike replied.

I still can’t understand what’s he on about... What is it that he cannot do anymore? I’m getting more and more curious by the second.

“Look. I just need for you to promise me something.” He says.

“I have completed the bet as it said. But I don’t ever want her to find out about this. I even took a picture so that you know that I am not lying but please Mike please this should never be heard by Haley... can you promise me that?” Reece says.

What the heck? A bet? What is he talking about?! And what should I not know about? Why shouldn’t I?

“Yes, she is in my bed as the bet said. I didn’t lure her in or anything, so all conditions were applied. I played fair man but please let’s just forget about this whole thing. I really do not want Haley to find out that all this time I was messing with her feelings just for this stupid bet and to be honest somewhere in this time, I kind of even forgot about it and really started liking her, until yesterday that we talked about it, I really wanted to tell you then but I thought I would tell you after my birthday was over. So yeah dude. I completed the challenge, I won the bet but now I want to win Haley’s heart. So please don’t ruin this for me Mike, never mention a word about this bet alright mate? And..”

“You have already ruined this Reece.” I cut him off.

I was so hurt that the pain was unreal. My heart was aching with all the pain I was feeling at this very moment. All this time he was just messing with me? All the sweet nothings and those dates and kisses were just to win a bet? How dare he? How could he?

“Shit. Haley babe I can explain--” Reece quickly turned around and ended the call but I cut him off.

“Shut up! SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP. How could you do this to me Reece? What did I ever do to you to deserve this?” Tears started to flow like waterfalls from my eyes all over again.

I couldn’t believe I was going to confess love for a boy who did not even have real feelings for me and was playing me all this time. How stupid of me!

“Haley please just listen to me-”

“Listen to what huh? Listen to what?! Listen to the fact that you played with my feelings?! That you betrayed my trust Reece? That all this while you were fake to me? That you had a facade on and were fooling around with my innocence? HUH? Tell me! Is this what you wanted? To see me break in front of you like this? Tell me Reece. Tell me!” I yelled.

I was so hurt. It felt like I was being stabbed again and again with the same knife.

“Haley I am sorry okay?! I was stupid to accept a thing like that man. Please hear me out will you?” Reece raises his voice a little too.

“Reece I have heard enough. I’m leaving.” I take deep breaths in and start to move towards the door when he catches hold of my arm.

“Don’t! Don’t you dare touch me. Get away from me you filth. I cannot believe you would do such a thing. I thought you were different, obviously I was wrong.” I furiously wipe the tears falling from my eyes.

“Haley I’m sorry. Please just at least listen to what I have to say before you go...” He says desperately.

“Reece there is no point of you telling or explaining anything to me at all. Anything that you say won’t change the way that I think about you now.” I tell him.

“Haley... please”


“It all started like this...” He sighs and starts.

“After the first day that we met, I told my friends about you, specially with Mike, anything that would happen between us, be it me seeing you dance naked in your room or me fooling you into kissing me or whatever, I always told Mike about it. He also knew about the bet during the match that we had that if your team won I would stop annoying you and if mine won you had to go on a date with me.

“So you’ll won and after the match you came stomping your way towards my direction and I stopped you and you said, “Not now Reece.” not even looking at me. And then I said, “Whats got your panties in a twist?” and Mike, Landon and I started laughing and then you just went away after calling me a jerk...

“So then I told them that you were Haley and Mike thought about challenging me into getting you to sleep in my bed. Just sleep nothing else. Cause he thought that as you and me couldn’t even have a conversation without yelling and rolling our eyes at each other, that it would be impossible for you to sleep voluntarily in my bed... At that time I was not thinking straight so I accepted it and that s why I came to your house that night... but now I regret it Haley. I am so sorry. I know I have been a jerk to you but please forgive me.” He explains the whole story to me.

“I have nothing to say to you Reece. You have let me down. You have broken my heart. You deserve to be unforgivable. Goodbye.” I quietly walk down the stairs wiping my tears on my way.

When I go out. I see that it is still dark but the sun is about to rise in a few minutes. I quickly walk to my room and lock the bedroom.

Thank god my curtains are shut.

I sit on the edge of my bed contemplating what just happened and then I breakdown. Into a million tiny pieces.

“It hurts!” I yell.


I lay down in bed crying my eyes out.

I don’t know how long it takes me to fall asleep but eventually during my mental and physical breakdown, I go to sleep.

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