Love Happens

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Chapter 57

Moving on.

The past week and a half has gone in such a blur.

My exams have started and I am literally trying my hardest not to fail in any. I had Maths, History and Physics the first week. And god let me tell you, they were hard. Next I had Biology this Monday and Music on Wednesday, and I was pretty happy with how they went. Now I only have English as my last paper on Friday left and then we get two weeks holiday again. Yippeee.

We all had a month holiday to study for our exams. So I know we all did study. So did I. In fact, I group studied.

Sometimes it was all of us: Sam, Kale, Ry, Jackson and me. And the other times it was just Jackson and me.

I am not going to lie, since the day Jackson and I kissed on my couch, we both have been seeing each other daily.

There hasn’t even been one day that we haven’t spoken. And to be honest, I am liking his company a little too much for my own good.

Mostly when it was just the two of us, he would come over. And we both would solve each others doubts.

This past month, I have been loving his cheekiness, his playfulness and his cuteness. I know he still likes me and always has but he has the brains to not ask me out just yet. He knows I need my time.

And I have got to admit it but he has helped me move on from Reece a lot faster than I had thought and imagined.

I haven’t really seen Reece this vacation as his whole family went back to his grandmother’s and this time he decided to go to. Good for both of us.

He just came back a week before the exams were starting and we both crashed paths when Jackson and I were standing on my porch, talking and laughing at each other.

Jackson was about to leave for his home and he was telling me what time he would come tomorrow and what subject we would study, with his back facing Reece.

When eyes shifted from his bluish orbs to Reece’s, causing my smile to fade, he too turned around to see what I was looking at. I knew he wanted to bash Reece then and there but he turned back around to me, kissed me on the cheek and left with a smile.

He knew better. He knew what was best and he also knew that I had finally moved on from Reece. So when I saw Reece glaring at Jackson, I didn’t feel anything. And I was glad for that.

I am also glad that Jackson has not brought up any of our past arguments yet. I know he is waiting for the exams to get over because he knows how much I am struggling to keep up with them.

We both have parts to explain to each other and I am just hoping that when we do that, things don’t turn out the ugly way.

It is now Thursday evening today and I have my English paper tomorrow.

I am well prepared for it so I have no tention.

I close my book and rest my head on it with my eyes closed when my phone buzzes.

I pick it up without opening my eyes.


“Hales.” My eyes jolt up when I hear the voice.

“Hey whats up?” I ask Jackson.

“You done with English?” He asks in his raspy voice. I think he just woke up.

“Yes, I just closed the book. Were you sleeping?” I ask.

“Yeah.. I still have one to go.” He sighs.

“Want me to explain?” I ask with a small smile on my face.

“Come over please.” He says and I hear him yawn which makes me laugh.

“What?” He whines.

“Nothing cutie, I’ll be there in a jiffy.” I say.

“Oh Haley?” He stops me from hanging up.


“Don’t hang up, please.” He says.

Aww. He is such a sweet heart. I know I am blushing but I still trying to act bold and ask, “Why?”

“Because I don’t want you to disconnect yourself from me.” He says only making me blush deeper.

“I understood that part but what is the reason for that, may I know?” I try keeping my voice from cracking.

I hear him sigh, and then he says, “I love listening to your voice.”

I say nothing. There is a comfortable silence in between us and then he says, “Say something, please.”

And I don’t know what to say so I just say, “I do too.”

Okay maybe I flirted back a little. Maybe. Okay? He has his charisma which I cant help but get attracted to.

“Then I am glad to hear that.” He says and I can imagine a huge grin on is face right now.

I put my phone on the speaker and change into my jeans. My t shirt is fine. Not too casual and not too dressy.

“So, is Ry at home?” I ask.

“Nah he is in the house next to yours.” He replies and I laugh.

“So that is the reason you are calling me eh?” I ask.

“Obviously not. Even if he was here I would call you. You’re the first person I think of calling every time.” He mumbles the last part and I smile.

“Yeah I can see that as you just woke up and dialed my number.” I chuckle.

“Well I think you should know that you have gained the privilege to become one of the few important people in my life whose number is on my speed dial. Ignoring the fact that I know your number by heart, it’s still on speed dial.” He says and for some reason I feel guilty that his number is not on my speed dial.

“Really? I feel honored.” I joke.

“Good.” He chuckles and then asks, “Are you driving right now?”

I nod my head but then realize he can’t see me so I reply with a yes.

“You nodded your head first didn’t you?” I can feel him smirking at me right now.

“How did you know?” I ask.

“You know Haley, I know you better than you think I know you.” He says.

“That can literally pass as a tongue twister.” I say with a laugh and ignore his smart comment about knowing me.

“Oh well.” He laughs too.

“By the way, we have pizza here.” He says and my eyes go wide in joy.

“Really? Or did you order cause I am coming?” i ask.

“Nah, its eaten a bit. I had three pieces for lunch and then crashed on the couch. Then when I woke, I directly called you, so yeah, nine are still left.” He explains

“Good. All for me.” I grin and park my car on his porch.

“Oh wait, I think someone just parked their car in my porch. Let me check and come.” HE says.

“Haha, very funny.” I say and roll my eyes and at the same time I see him standing on the doorstep leaning on his right side with a huge smile on his face, with the phone still attached to his left ear.

“I have to go now, I have a very important meeting with someone very important to me.” I say in the phone to him.

“Yea yea leave me. Byee.” He says and hangs up and comes over towards me to hug me.


“Hi.” I don’t know why I start to blush. But I start to blush when my eyes meet his.

Maybe it is because of the increased pace of his heart beat when he hugged me showing that I do affect him in the same way he affects me.

“Come in.” He says and holds the door for me to enter.

It has now been two hours of me explaning the one remaining chapter to Jackson and is now almost 8 p.m.

“So that is the whole story about and the moral is the title...” i huff.

“Thanks for clearing that up.” He says.

“No problem. So where is my pizza?” I ask.

“Let me heat it for ya.” He says and gets up.

After five minutes, he comes back with the pizza and two plates.

We decide on watching The Big Bang Theory whilst eating.

Jackson slowly puts his arm around me and pulls me closer to him when I shiver a little, making me blush.

I love this cozy position. It reminds me of the time when he had called me over to his house for the first time to watch movies and eat pizzas and my favourite ice cream.

In this moment, I realize that this is what I like. This is what I want and this is exactly what I need. Which brings a smile on my face.

Around nine thirty, i get a text from mom saying that her shift is over and she is coming home. And that is when I remember that I had promised to watch some movie that she wanted me to watch with her tonight.

“I have to go now... see you tomorrow?” I say.

“Oh, okay. Yeah sure. Let me walk you till the door.” He smiles at me.

“Okay.” WE both walk towards the door.

“So, all the best for tomorrow’s paper.” He says.

“You too.” I smile.

“Come here.” He hugs me before I can even say anything.

He smells so good. When I am about to pull away, he hugs me tighter which makes me smile all the more.

We move apart and he plants a soft kiss on my cheek.

“Good night, Haley.” He smiles and says softly.

“Good night, Jackson.” I smile too.

I turn around and walk towards my car with a goofy smile on my face.

Jackson is surely pulling me hard towards his charms.

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