Love Happens

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Chapter 5

I do not like sluts at all...



I hear my phone signaling that I got a new message.

Hey, let’s start our work today itself. Text me your address and I’ll be there by 4:30. And then from there we can decide where to go, okay? - Becca ;)

God! What should I say to her? I seriously did not want to be partners with her for the English project.


“Attention here everyone, this time I have decided that you all will have to the project in partners. Now I am not going to make you all hate me so I am allowing all of you to choose your own partners. Now you all have around ten minutes till the class ends so in five minutes I want you people to tell me the names alright? I will tell you what to work on tomorrow.” Mrs. Ross says to us.

The only thing I am thinking right now is who should I be partners with? In this class the only people I know are Kale, and the girl sitting in front of him. What is her name Jasmine? Jacelyn? No I think it is Jessica. Yeah that is the one.

I turn to Kale hoping that he would think about me and be partners with me but I see no one. Where did he go?

I look in front of the class and see that he and that Jessica girl are talking to the teacher. Maybe I was wrong. He didn’t think about me and is partners with that girl. Seems like I will have to wait and see who is left.

I have seen many girls staring at me and I thought they wanted to be partners with me, but they are not girls they are sluts. Literally, why don’t they just remove their tops? More than half of their bodies are exposed.

Who will want to be partners with them? Not me, at least.

Man-whores who else. Urgh not again that bloody stupid voice in my head has started its bullshit all over again. Please excuse me for my language. I don’t really have a good past with those inner voices.

I really want someone right now in this class. A specific someone. Haley. She has been so friendly towards me. I just----

“Jackson?” I am interrupted by someone.

“Yeah?” I see that it’s Kale and that the whole class is empty.

“Class’s over man” he says.

“Uh okay...” I say and we start to walk towards the door.

“Jackson. Wait a minute.” our teacher stops me.

“Kale its fine I’ll manage. I’ll see you in the cafeteria.” I say to him and he gives me a nod and goes away.

“You have not given me your name yet. Do you want me to partner you with someone?” she asks.

“Umm yes please” I reply.

“Okay so we have only one person and that is--”

“Sorry I did not attend class ma’am. I was in the nurse’s office. Did I miss something important?” I hear someone interrupt Mrs. Ross.

When I turn around I see a girl who is wearing a really tight white top with a black jacket and very, very skinny dark blue jeans and high heels. Who dresses that way for school? I think. Sluts.

“Rebecca. Her name is Rebecca Davis and you are going to be partners with her” Mrs. Ross continues on what she was saying first.

“Hey. I’m Rebecca but you can call me Becca” she says in a very seductive manner.

“Hi. I am Jackson.”

“Alright kids it’s lunch now, so you both can talk to each other and get to know each other because that is what you need in this project, okay?” Mrs. Ross says.

“Yeah okay” I say.

“Let’s go” Rebecca says and pulls me by my arm.

“So you are the new hottie who everyone is talking about huh?” she winks at me.

Why me? God, why me? I was the one who did not want to be partners with any slutty girl and here I am partners with her.

“Yeah. I am Ryan’s cousin. Do you know him?” I ask.

“Ryan Mathews? That Samantha-guy?” she asks.

“Samantha-guy? What do you mean?” I ask.

“Uh nothing just that he is after Samantha Parker since ages and the girl can’t even see it! He is such a pussy, he won’t go and ask her out and anyway she is not that pretty” she explains to me.

How dare she? Does she have a hearing problem? Didn’t she hear me when I said I am Ryan’s cousin?

“For your information I already asked her on a date and she said yes so if you please excuse us, I want to talk to my cousin” I hear someone say.

I know that voice. I know it too well it is-

“Well, well, well it is none other than Ryan Mathews itself. Never going to stop eavesdropping huh? Rebecca says.

“Get lost Rebecca” Ryan says to her, a bit too rudely.

I guess I am missing out on something.

“Ryan man what’s up?” I try to lighten the tension between them.

“Great. C’mon lets go Jay” he says.


“Wait!” Rebecca calls from behind.

I turn and see her holding her phone out to me. I give her a questioning look.

“Now that we got interrupted and can’t talk, give me your number and I’ll text you after school or something” she says and looks at Ryan when she says the word ’interrupted

“Here you go” I say after dialing my number in her phone and start walking behind Ryan with Rebecca following close behind. I think of asking her why she is following us but think against it. Ryan has been too rude to her already.

As we were entering the cafeteria, she says “See you later” and smiles.

“Yeah” I say and smile back.

We make our way to the table and I see all the guys and some unfamiliar faces too.

“Hey guys” I say looking at Haley who is deep in thought.

“Hi” they all greet back.

“So watsupp?” I ask and take a seat next to Haley and accidentally brushed my arms with hers.

Okay, who am I kidding? I did it on purpose! I can flirt whenever I want.

“Cut the crap man, why were you with Rebecca?” Kale asks me, catching me off-guard.

“Uh... what do you mean?” I ask, slightly looking at Haley for an explanation.

“He is just asking you why you entered the cafeteria with her” she says and shrugs.

“Oh uh. You see, she is my partner for some English project” I say, still confused.

“I was in English with you! You could be my partner” Kale says.

“Well you already chose that Jessica girl” I say not realizing that she is sitting here too.

“Uhm well...” he mumbles blushing a little.

“Why, is there a problem with her?” I ask still confused.

“No” they all say a little too quickly which makes me suspicious. I raise my eyebrow at Haley.

“It’s just that we don’t have a good past with her that’s all” she tells me.

Past? Does she mean that they are enemies or something?

“What past?” I ask her.

Before she can answer me Sam stands up and says “I want another sandwich! Anybody for anything else?”

“Me too I’ll be back” Haley says.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that she is completely ignoring this topic.

I will ask her later I think to myself.


In maths I try to get her secret out from her but she says she doesn’t want to talk about it.

I just reply by saying ‘okay... Just for now. I’ll ask later’.

I am going to know the truth, she will tell me sooner or later....

In history I keet thinking about what must be their bad past? But I can’t come up with anything. Then suddenly I get a text from someone.

‘Hey hottie ;) whatcha doing?-Becca’

I decided to ignore her. After a few minutes I feel my phone vibrate again.

‘We can go to this park I know. Grab some ice-cream maybe :) -Becca’

Doesn’t she get it? I think I made it obvious that I am ignoring her, c’mon!

Then something struck to me. What if I tell Haley about Rebecca? Maybe then she will tell me about her ‘past’. I decide on telling her after school.

After school I am on the football field. Kale introduces me to the coach.

And after a short game around ten minutes or something, I get selected. Instantly my mind goes to Haley. She had so much faith in me. Our little idiotic singing time back in the hallway. It was so much fun.

Suddenly a guy comes to me and says, “Hey I am Nick, you are going to be playing on my team today”.

“Jackson” I smile and shake his hand.

After playing for awhile I learn that Nick is Haley’s brother. I see her waiting for him, listening to music. Then Kale joins her.

He says something to her and she looks so cute giving him the confused look.

Now I am in front of Haley amused at what Nick did to her. It was a really gross thing to do.

I am so close to telling her about Rebecca but Nick cuts me off. Man I am frustrated and then see that Haley noticed it so I just mumble a ‘bye’ to her.

I so desperately want to know what is so bad about that past that bugs her so much.


Snapping out of my thoughts I text Rebecca back.

I live with Ryan so I’m guessing you know the address.′ I reply.

‘Yeah ok I’m busy now so we’ll start tomorrow? Bunk school and just..’ she texts back.

She wants me to bunk for her. Oh, well.

Okay, come over tomorrow.′ I text.

″Kay babe.′

I sigh. Lets just get this over with......

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