Love Happens

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“Come here you little cutie pie!” I run away as fast as I can trying to save myself.

“Please, I’m sorry.” I hide my face in my hands and make the couch as a barrier in between Jackson and me.

You see what happened was, I was baking him a cake as it is going to be five whole months since we started dating officially, but a lot of batter was left, so I decided to throw some at my boyfriends pretty little face. Bad decision.The batter is all over his face, hair and chest now.

And at the moment he is running behind me in the whole house trying to get revenge.

“Pretty please?” I say giving him my best puppy dog eyes.

He sighs. “Fine.” He says reluctantly and puts the bowl of batter down. For a moment I am shocked that he listened to me.

“Ah, I.. i should go check up on the cake...” I say nervously and he slightly nods.

I make my way slowly to the kitchen and bend down the Owen to see what’s going on.

“Oh babe, how much I love you.” Jackson hugs me from behind and I can feel all the gooey batter on me too now.

“Ewwww. Jackson! I’ll kill you.” I yell throwing a tantrum but his hold is strong making my legs sway in the air.

“Put me down!” I say and he stops, put me down and picks me up, but this time, I am facing him.

“Jackson! I should not have believed you...” i say and pout and to my surprise he kisses me.

Both our faces smelling of chocolate and cream. How romantic.

I smile. This is what my life has become now.

Since that day in the park, all I have ever been is happy. Happiest with Jackson with me by my side.

He and I have pretty much spent almost every single day with each other and the times that we would not be together, would be the times when we would be texting sweet nothings.

After the confession in the park, all I felt was satisfied and glad. Glad that I took a small step forward in my life, which has taken me one big step ahead of everyone else, in the right path.

After the holidays, when school started back, we came to know that Rebecca was shifting back to her hometown after this year would end. That was a huge relief for all of us.

Around three months ago, after days and weeks spent by ignoring and avoiding Reece as much as i could, I met him in my own house. He was there, sitting on the couch silently, doing nothing, when I entered back from school.


I kissed Jackson goodbye and got out of his car. I was about to unlock the door when I saw that the door was already unlocked. Strange.

I entered and removed my shoes, and to my shock, there he sat. Doing nothing, but sitting silently on my couch. Reece was literally staring into space.

Should I break his trance or not...?

“Ahem.” I clear my throat to get his attention.

“Oh. I didn’t see you there...” He says.

“Erm, what are you doing here?” I ask.

“Haley, it has been two months now... I really wanted to talk to you.” He says. And I gulp. This is what I was scared of. To ever talk to Reece again. That scared the shit out of me.

“Uhh..” I bite my lip but I do not think he notices cause he starts to speak again.

“I am firstly going to apologize from the bottom of my heart for making the worst mistake in my life. I do not know what i was thinking, but I am really sorry. I never wanted to break your heart this way or any other way. I know that you are happy with Jackson now and I will not stop you from being happy. I respect your decision. The only thing that is killing me now is that you have been avoiding me, and I cannot take it anymore. So here is the thing, can’t we both just forget that we had a past and start off as friends again? Like only friends, nothing more, I promise. Because let’s face it, we are neighbors, our rooms are opposite to each other. How long do you think we can not talk to each other? Right?” He said.

And this time, I knew he was the most sincere and honest than he has ever been before to me. I know what he is saying is correct. I cannot just ignore the fact that he is still my neighbor and it will be hard for both of us to not talk. That I agree with.

I take a deep breath in and sigh. What is so wrong about being friends right? Alright here it goes.

“Okay, I agree...” I say and I see a smile on his face.

“Can we hug it out and yeah?” He asks and I nod. We are now friends. Nothing more, nothing less.

We both hug each other and then smile. And that was that.


“Lets take a bath.” Jackson winks. Even with his face covered in chocolate he looks hot. Trust me.

“I take a bath, and you stay here and check up on the cake.” I say.

“No. I take a bath and YOU stay here and check up on the cake.” He says.


“Haley...” I pout. One of us has to stay here to keep checking the cake or it may burn.

“You know it will burn...” I say.

“I know but the thought of missing a golden opportunity of having a bath with you kills me.” He smirks.

“Come on, I ain’t going anywhere. You can take a bath with me when I go wash up.” I suggest and a smile forms on his head. He nods, kisses my cheek, more like licks the chocolate off of it and goes upstairs.

I just wash my face and hands, at least I can do that for now. I get a picture message from Reece.

‘This is the one’ It says.

The girl is really pretty. She has blonde hair and bluish green eyes.

‘She is really pretty.’ I reply to him.

So the thing is, he once told me about this new girl in his school and how he developed an attraction towards her. I was glad he had moved on and I really wanted to see her so I told him to somehow get a picture of her. And now he sent me it. And she is really, really pretty. I am happy for him.

I am happy that he and I are both in our happy place and I am really glad that we resolved the conflict in between us.

Whatever happened, I thank god for it. It showed me a new ray of light in my life. And it taught me that love happens, many times actually. And in my case, almost like three times.

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