Love Happens

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Chapter 7

I officially hate you now.

“Haley get your keys” Nick yells.

“Could you get it for me please?” I yell back.

“Not happening, I’m waiting outside. Make it fast” And with that he shuts the door.

“I hate you” I say to no one.

After getting the keys, while I was locking the front door, I hear a loud shriek.

What was that?

“Kale, stop it. She is gonna die now”

That voice, I know it. I know it too well.

It is my voice.

I turn around and see Nick watching the video in which Kale is tickling Sam and I’m busy taking the video. What a best friend I am.

But that is only on my phone.

“Nick give that to me!” I yell.

“No, wait this is the part when her top- Wha? Haley!”

“You have no rights to see what’s on my phone.”

“But that was the best part!” He stomps his foot like a five year old baby.

“How did you even unlock it?”

“Well, it is simple. I saw you typing your password once and yeah” he tells me.

“I really hate you.”

“As if I love you, c’mon let’s go or we’ll be late.”

*Ten minutes later.*





“Stop it idiot.”

“Stop ignoring me idiot.”

“Shut up.”


Just ignore him Haley, he will shut up.



Okay, that’s it.

“Nick! I’m driving for god sake.”

“Okay, but I’m bored.”

“Well I’m sorry I can’t help you.” I say irritated.

“Please talk or something.” He pouts.

“Listen to music or chat I don’t know but please don’t poke again.” I say.

“That’s great I’ll do that.”

“We reached.”

No answer.

“Hello? Nick, I’m talking to you. We reached Starbucks.”

Again no answer.

“Who are you chatting to?” I ask him.

Nick is so busy listening to music and typing vigorously that he hasn’t realized the car has stopped.

“What the hell?!” he shouts.

“That’s the only thing I could do to get you back in reality.”

“You snatched my phone.” he says dramatically.

“Well you took mine without asking. Payback is a bitch.” I wink and get out of the car.

“I ordered for you.” he says and sits down.

“Thanks, so who were you talking to?” I ask him.

“None of your business.” he replies.

“Nick. Tell me.”

I guess we are who we are’ Nicks phone rings.

“Pick it up”

“No, it’s not important.” he says slyly.

“Nick even if it’s your enemy’s call you pick it up, why aren’t you now?” I ask worried a bit.

“Is everything okay? You seem off now” I ask him when he doesn’t answer.

“It’s nothing, forget it.”

“You are telling me what’s wrong right now or we won’t go to school.” I demand.

“Cool, then let’s go home.” he says.

“Nick shut up and tell me already”

“Okay jeez you are so stubborn” he surrenders.

“Whatever, tell me now”

“You know that girl, Emily James?” He starts.

“No, who is she?” I ask.

“She is a new girl in class and Jake and I are her first friends here” he tells me.

“Okay, go on.”

“Yeah, so, we have a problem. It’s not that big of a problem but like its just you know he is just--”

You know what to do with that big fat b**t. Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.′ His phone rings and he hesitates to pick it up.

It is pretty obvious with that ring tone that it is Jake’s call, but the question here is, why isn’t Nick picking up his phone? They are best friends...

So I do the only logical thing I can come up with, I take the call.

“Hello? Jake? Yes. He is right here, one second.”

“Nick, talk to him. I don’t know what it is, but you gotta solve it. I’m in the car.” And with that I leave.

“What happened?” I ask him as soon as he sits in the car.

“Nothing, lets go. We are running late already.” He says slyly.

Why is he acting this way?


“Drive, Haley.”

“Okay that’s it. I don’t wanna even know now.” I say and start driving.

What the hell is wrong with him today? And who is this Emily girl? Why didn’t he take Jake’s call? Why is he not telling me anything? Why is he just be so irritating? All such kinds of questions are running in my mind and hence, I miss the turn for school.

“Haley!” Nick breaks me out of my thoughts.

“Uh.. Sorry. I was thinking.” I say.

“Fine I’ll tell you,” He givse up.

“Tell me?” I decide to play a bit.

“Don’t you wanna know?” He asks irritated.

“Yes, okay. Tell me.” I say happily. Curiosity at its peek.

“Alright I will, but,” He pauses. “Not now, the bell will ring any minute. I don’t want to be late. I’ll tell you once we are home.” He says

“What? No! Nick urgh! I officially hate you know.”

I meet Sam for a short time and then head to Biology class. Just great.

I am staring at the empty seat next to me, one question in mind- Where is he? It feels like so long since I have seen Jackson, so many things happened yesterday that it feels like a week but it is just Wednesday today and I met him on Monday, but didn’t see him yesterday. But finally I now will, in fact he will be sitting next to me any minute. I just feel like we will be very good friends, I don’t know why I feel that way but I just do. I mean c’mon I met him day before yesterday and we just clicked. And now I am waiting for him.

The class is about to start in two minutes, neither him nor the teacher have entered. Where can he be? It is his third day in school, I am pretty sure something came up so he didn’t come yesterday, but he will surely not bunk.


The bell rings and the teacher enters. Another class of Bio! YAY! Please note the sarcasm.

This class is freaking boring. I don’t even understand how people can like Biology. It is so not interesting. Half the class is sleeping, sir is just blabbering to himself about some process called crafting..

“Yes, so this is how grafting happens. And now we move to page number 72.”

Okay so it was not ′crafting‘. It was ’grafting’, doesn’t matter to me though.

“Students, listen up. I want you all to re-”

“I’m sorry sir, may I come in?” Someone interrupts.

Finally! Here he is. Why is he so late?

“Where were you my child? Fifteen minutes of the class is already over.” He asks him in the most polite way.

“Uh…I was searching for this class, I am new here so I didn’t know the directions..” Jackson explains.

He is lying to his face. It is so obvious, yet sir is oblivious to it.

“I will let you in today but I don’t want you interrupting my class like this next time. Okay?” he says.

“Yes,okay. Thank you.” Jackson says and starts walking in my direction.

“Hey.” He greets me once he is seated.

“Are you alright?” I ask him. He looks as if he is drunk.

“Yes, obviously, why not?”

“Jackson, are you hung-over? Because obviously your excuse was a lie.”

“What? No.” He says.

“You can tell me.”

“No, I am not” he says sternly.

I do not want to pester him anymore so I just nod.

The bell rings shortly afterwards and we both stand up to leave the class. On our way someone shoulder-bumps him and says “Last night was fun” and with a wink, goes away.

And that someone was none other than Rebecca Davis.

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