Love Happens

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Chapter 8

Party gone wrong?

After saying those words she walks away. It is pretty obvious that what Rebecca said was not indicated to me. Looking at Jackson I can tell he knows what she was talking about. I think about asking him but then my mind registers everything and it is all clear.

Clear as crystal. That bitch has done it. Again.

And all I am feeling right now is pure hatred for her. But I hadn’t really thought Jackson to be that low though. He could--

“Haley, it’s not what you” I stop Jackson from saying another word.

“Jackson, it is NOT my business” I say to him and walk away.

Walking away, I am thinking about the different thoughts and possibilities of what she could’ve meant if not what I was thinking she did.

Jackson’s P.O.V

“Jackson, it is NOT my business” she says and walks away.

There maybe so many things going on in Haley’s mind right now. I didn’t want her to know it this way, I wanted to be the one to tell her so that she could understand what really happened.

How could Rebecca lie to me? She told me yesterday that she didn’t know. She is a slut, that I know for sure. But can I help it if I’m partnered with her for a project? Can I change the things what happened last night? Can I do anything if she comes to me and says things which have different meanings? Can I? No. At least I think I can’t.


“Hey man, I’m going to Kale’s for a sleepover you wanna join?” Ryan asks.

“It is a school night you know that right?” I ask.

“Yes, I do. We are gonna do our homework together, and then play video games probably... so you coming?” he asks me.

“Uh no, actually I would’ve loved to but Rebecca’s coming over.... if that’s okay. I mean --”

“Dude it’s cool, just don’t mess the house or anything” he jokes.

“Yeah sure anyways she is an hour late” I roll my eyes.

“Oh. Don’t offer her any food” he tells me stretching the word ‘food’.

Confused I ask him why to which he says, “Ehh she is on the ‘no carbs diet’ since I first saw her AND she is a bitch so she won’t get any of MY food in MY house” he says quoting and emphasizing ‘AND’ & ‘MY’.

“Haha okay, probably we will go out so.. See ya in school then?” I ask.

“Yes, bye” he says as he shuts the door.

“Bye..” I murmur to no one.

Ding dong.

I open the door and am enveloped into a tight hug.

“Uh...Rebecca, hi”

“Hey Jack, sorry for being late, I had homework to do” she says.

Right, ‘homework’.

“Umm its Jackson.....anyways, where are we going?” I ask

“To the ice-cream parlour near school, then we can go to the park... and talk, so that we can know each other. That’s what we need to do for the project right?” she ask me.

“Cool and yes that is what I think we need to do. Wait let me get the keys”

“Nah, we will take my car... c’mon” she pulls my collar.

“Woah wait, I need to get my jacket and the ‘house’ keys” I say quoting house .

“Okay, I’m in the car” I hear her say.

“Let’s go?” I ask once in the passenger seat.

“Sure, I’m guessing you aren’t that familiar with the roads yet.” she says keeping her eyes on the road.

“Not really”

“Guessed so. Anyways what do you think the project is about?” she asks.

“I don’t know, you tell me. I’m the new student, remember?” I say quoting again.

“You quote a lot, anyways if its about getting to know your partner... umm maybe it will be like an essay or something like that” she speaks her thoughts.

“Or a presentation..” I think a loud ignoring her comment about my quoting.

“Yea maybe.. we are here” she says and parks the car.

“What flavor do you like?” she asks me once we are in the line waiting for our turn.

“Choco chips, you?” I answer.


“Hi, how can I help you?” The man asks.

“One strawberry ice-cream with extra whipped cream and one choco chips” Rebecca says to the man.

“You take a seat, I’ll get them” I whisper in her ear.


“Here you go.” the man says giving me the ice creams.

“Keep the change” I say to the man and sai where Rebecca is waiting.

“I could have paid, you know” she says.

“It’s cool” I say with a shrug.

“So are we still going to the park?” she asks.

“I guess..”

“This is so delicious” I think she says but it comes out as “Jish ish so deecioush”

“Yea it is.” I try not to laugh at her fail attempt.

We sit in silence enjoying our ice creams, once done she asks, “Let’s go to the park now?”

“Yes, I was waiting for you to say that” I tell her.

The car ride is silent and soon enough we reach a small park.

There is nobody there except for an old couple sitting on the swings, hand in hand.

We go and sit on the bench opposite to them.

“Uh why isn’t anybody here?” I break the heavy, awkward silence.

“I don’t really know, I guess kids don’t like coming here because it’s a small park... and not much area to run around...?” She says more like a question.

“You know better” I say.

“Well yeah.”

“You have any siblings?” I ask her the first thing that comes in my mind.

“No thankfully. What about you?”

“Me too. One and only child.”

“Oh, cool”

“So um-”

“Reb? Is that you?” someone says from behind us.

“Carly! How long has it been?“Rebecca yells and hugs the girl.

“Oh I missed you so much, it is so crazy that I found you here” the ‘Carly’ girl says.

“Why is that?” Rebecca asks confused.

“Layla is throwing a homecoming party for me and I really wanted you there and look you’re here, maybe you are meant to come.” Carly explains.

“Party? Of course I’ll come, lets go” Rebecca links arms with the girl and starts walking away.

What. Just. Happened?

“Reb?” Carly nods her head towards me.

“Oh I’m so sorry, Carly this is Jackson, my new friend and Jackson this is Carly my childhood friend” She introduces us.

We both exchanged our hellos.

“Why don’t you join us Jackson?” Carly asks.

“It’s fine you both go.”

“No, Jackson please. Come with me.” Rebecca bats her eyelashes.

What? Seriously?

“And anyways you haven’t been to a party yet here.. so please it will be super fun” She adds.

She is right. I have not gone to any party here yet. But it’s been less than week since I came here, on the other hand Ryan is not home and Rebecca and I’s plan just got cancelled. I have no work to do... and-

“Why are you thinking so much? Layla’s parties are the best.” Carly adds.

“Okay, I’ll come.” I sigh in defeat.

“Great. C’mon lets go”

The car ride is long and a little awkward. We reach there by half past seven. Time flies...

“This is a really big house.” I say out loud.

“Yes it is.” They both say and laugh together.

‘My first party here’ I think to myself.

“Let’s have some fun Jackson” I say to myself and go in.


I wake up feeling like I am in hell. After looking around I learn that my clothes are missing, I am just in my boxers, my phone is almost going to die and there are MANY things on the bed and on the floor which were too much for human eyes to take at once. There is just one question in my mind though.

What. The. Fuck. Happened. Last. Night?

A loud noise from the other side of the door startles me. Getting out of the bed, I search for my clothes. After wearing my pants and my shirt I head for the door. My jacket is still missing I think to myself.

There are people sleeping on the corridor as well! Wow... just... wow.

I am on my way down the stairs dodging the people when my phone rings.

‘Unknown number.’

“Hey, baby. Where are you? You left me in here..... now come back. I want you so bad.... right now.” a female says in a slurry voice.

“Hello? Who are you?” I ask.

“Stop kidding, my head is already paining. Just come over here. Please Jack.” she says.

“Listen, I have a really bad headache and I can’t remember a thing, so please just answer me.” I plead her.

“God. Alright, so... yesterday you and I were dancing.... and.. then you--” the call ends.

‘Goodbye’ my phone says before switching off.

Three words.

Awesome. Timing. Phone.

Now I don’t know anything at all. I need to get out of here as soon as possible. But I can’t. I have no clue where I am and how to get back to Ryan’s house.

Sighing I sit on an empty chair thinking about what happened last night but everything is a blur. The last thing I remember is Rebecca and I sitting in the park and the Carly girl coming and taking us to a party.

Rebecca! She will know what happened. I have to find her to get out of here.

‘Where can you be?’ I think.

“Jackson? I have been searching for you since forever.” I hear someone say.

Turning around I find Rebecca wearing just her bra and underwear and MY jacket.

“C’mon it’s late we need to go home.” she says and starts walking funny towards the door.

“Wait, what happened yesterday?” I ask.

“I don’t really remember, last thing I do know is that we were dancing and then I went to the washroom after that its just all a big blur.” she says.

“Why are you wearing my jacket?” I ask.

“I don’t know. When I woke up I was in my bra and the first thing I got to cover myself was this so I wore it” she explains.


“You can take it if you want.” she says.

“No, you can wear it for now. Let’s go.”

“Yeah but there is a problem.” she says.

“What now?” I ask.

“Can you drive? I’m drunk so I obviously can’t.” she tells me.

“Crap um let’s ask your friend Carly” I say.

“No, she is probably the one who is the most drunk here. Hey, you boy. What’s your name? Tom?” She asks a random guy sitting on the sofa.

“It’s Todd. What do you want?”

“Could you ride us home? We are drunk and..” She says.

“Okay, give me the keys” he agrees.


“Damn that was so easy.” I say in her ear.

“Well, I have my way with guys..” she slurs.


“Thank you Todd.” I say and get out of the car.

“Sure bye, good night” he says and ridse away.


All that happened yesterday, and that is the reason I came late to school today.

I have to find Haley and tell her everything.

When I tell her, I know she will ask questions, a lot of them. There are many questions whose answers I don’t know myself but I will try finding them.

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