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Clayton O'Connor and Malcom Denvers, two werewolves with a dark secret between them. The moon has decided their fates as mates. Unable to accept, they decide its best to go their seperate ways. On their last run together they encounter something they never expected. Another mate. A female. Something unheard but not impossible. Clayton and Malcom must learn to adapt and overcome if they are to help their new mate. However not all is as it seems as Ireland Montgomery knows very little about being a werewolf and fears the beast within. Her life is suddenly turned upside down as she encounters her two mates and everything she knows is about to change. The wolf is ready to be let out of its cage.

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Hello, before you begin reading i wanted to once again remind you that this book contains sample chapters and not the entire book. To read the entire book it is as of right now only published on Radish under "Sex with an alpha" season 2. However it will be available for paperback purchase on amazon in the near future!

Thank you for reading and enjoy

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