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Episode 4

Episode 4


Clayton inhaled deeply as Artemis did the same and they both swung around as they recognized the scent.

Trevor came from behind the trees, his eyes mocking as they locked onto Clayton. “Clayton my boy, I need to speak with you”

Out of the corner of his eye he saw Artemis tense, his lip lifting in a snarl “I don’t think that’s a good idea” Artemis replied, his body bulking up as he took on the new threat.

“It can wait, father" he spat before turning his back on him. That was his first mistake, he should have remembered Artemis’s number one rule. Never, ever, turn your back on a threat.

Trevor strode forward, an angry animalistic growl slipping from his lips as he grabbed Clayton’s shoulder and spun him around. His eyes were murderous, “when I speak to you, you listen”

Clayton sneered, his temper rising. He clenched his fists and jerked out of Trevor’s hold with a violent shrug “I listened, I just didn’t care nor do I feel the need to talk to you right now”

“You little insubordinate pup!”

Artemis stood at the side and gave Clayton a small hardly there nod before glancing through the trees, making sure no one was around.

Clayton drew his fist back before throwing it forward with a hard force easily connecting with Trevor’s nose. The crunch of his nose breaking gave Clayton wicked satisfaction.

Trevor cried out with a low groan as blood began to pour like a fountain from his nose. Clayton didn’t stop there, he had ten years of pent up anger for this man.

Trevor coughed and spittle of blood flew from his lips as it began to coat his lips, “If... you’re going... to challenge me.... just say... it... you little shit”

Clayton bared his teeth. His wolf was urging him to shift, to tear him to pieces. “I don’t need to challenge you as I don’t want your fucking title!” He raged, “I’d really just rather kill you” the repulsive feeling he’d felt as a kid at the thought of killing this man was no longer there. He’d relish in this kill.

Trevor sneered, his face a mask of pain and fury “You’re nothing. A weak bastard who will never amount to anything. You’re just like that worthless wolf Brandon, tuck your tail boy and go home”

Artemis shifted, the sounds of his clothes ripping and tears as his flesh and structure shifted. His bones broke and reshaped, his torn useless clothes falling to the forest floor. Clayton snarled and drove forward with a series of short burst hits to his face and abdomen. Trevor roared, the look in his eyes was a look Clayton had come to fear. No longer.

Trevor swung out, connecting his hard fist with the side of Clayton’s face, an all too familiar feeling hit him as the punch connected with his flesh. His wolf snarled in the back of his mind, he wanted his blood. Whether his wolf was his sire or not, he wanted to kill him.

Trevor hit him again , his fist slamming into Clayton’s ribs. Something cracked and he lost his breath. He willed himself to stay standing. Gritting his teeth threw the pain he pulled back and head butted him as hard as he could.

Trevor let out a loud howl of pain. Sticky red blood covered his face, it was smeared across the top half of his suit and his hands were splashed with it. He dropped to his knees clutching his head in his hands.

Artemis snarled, Clayton had almost forgotten he was there. Wavering on his feet from the hard blow to his ribs he watched as Artemis stalked towards Trevor, his lips bared. The air around his was threatening and a feral sound passed his lips.

Artemis swiped out at Trevor, his sharp nails unsheathed as they dug deep into his face.

Clayton breathed through his nose and reigned in the pain as he walked towards his father. His face would scar but he would live and somehow he enjoyed the thought of him living looking the way he did for the rest of his life instead of simply killing him. His father would always look in the mirror, he would stare at his reflection and know that he’d lost. That he had done that to himself because he was an abusive man.

Trevor tripped over and fell to the floor. His chest rose and fell steadily. He’d passed out from the pain.

Clayton looked over at Artemis who looked over at him and with a simple nod he took off towards their usual hunting ground as Artemis was blood thirsty and he’d only wet his appetite with Trevor.

Clayton contemplated what to do with his father. He needed to make sure the bastard knew that he wasn’t welcome back to the pack. He had to make sure he left and never came back. He was certain his mother would go with. He couldn’t even find it in himself to care.

That scent drifted across the warm summer breeze, it stirred his sense and calmed his wolf. He shook his head, what had he done to deserve an abusive father and a male for a mate? What was the moon playing at?

The male called Malcom stepped through the trees, his golden brown eyes passing from Trevor’s prone form on the ground to Clayton standing over him. He looked unimpressed.
“We need to talk,” he said.

Trevor had regained consciousness, a bubbly bloody laugh surfacing past his bruised lips “I knew... there... was something wrong.... with you. You.... fuck men?” He sneered slowly, raising his head and peeking through a swollen eye.

Before he had a chance to respond Malcom walked over, raised his foot and placed it on his neck before stepping down, smashing Trevor’s face into the dirt. “I could kill you so easily,” he said seriously.

“Don’t. I want him to live with the way he is now.” He looked down at his father and bared his teeth “Broken”

His father said nothing before he passed out once more.

Malcom took his foot off of Trevor and stepped away before shoving his hands deep into his jean pockets. “Who is he?” He asked with a slight edge to his voice. It was the first true sign of any emotion Clayton had seen so far.

He smirked, “Does it matter?”



“Because you attacked him and your alpha could kill you for that. If I’m not mistaken he’s the alphas delta, so you’ve either challenged him for the title without witnesses which doesn’t count or you’ve jumped this man because you think you’re a badass”

Clayton laughed, a real gut busting laugh. The sound echoed through the trees scattering a nearby squirrel. “I don’t think I’m a badass, I know I am.”

Malcom looked unimpressed “So who is he?”

“None of your business”

Silence followed before Malcom took careful steps towards him until he stood in front of him, “Actually it is my business as you’re my mate”

Clayton scowled and made a disapproving sound in the back of his throat, “You’re not my mate. My mate is female. I’m not gay and I’ve never even been curious. This is some trick of fate.” He would never accept this male as his mate. He just wasn’t into that.

Malcom sighed, and took a step back “I’m not gay either but we were given to each other for a reason and we’d be fools to throw it away”

“Well then consider me a jester” he grinned, spreading out his arms foolishly. Malcom rolled his eyes, his irritation with Clayton already brimming.

Clayton’s smile dropped and they stared at each other, their wolves shined through recognizing each other as mates. His wolf threw his head back and howled with victory, he was happy. Clayton was not. “We’re not going to speak of this again. Something went wrong and we were not meant for each other. Leave it at that”

Malcom looked unsure before he finally hesitantly nodded agreeing. They would do their own separate thing. Even as Malcom agreed Clayton felt little relief.

“So are you going to tell me who he is?” Malcom asked, glancing down at Clayton’s father.

Clayton didn’t really have a reason not to tell him , “He’s my dad.”

Malcom looked at him in disbelief, “And you beat your father why exactly?” He asked to make a move to help the man.

Clayton snarled and gripped Malcom forearm preventing him from going to his aide. Warmth rushed between them, an unknown force locked between them. Clayton dropped his arm as it had nearly branded him. He cleared his throat, “Because he’s not a good wolf. He’s abused people.” He didn’t need to tell Malcom what had happened to him, there was no need.

Malcom looked down at the man’s disgust written on his handsome face. He watched as Malcom drew a hand through his short hair. “What are we going to do with him?” He asked.

Clayton looked at him completely perplexed, “We?”

He gave a short clipped nod, “Yes, we.”

It was then that Artemis came barreling back through the tree line. He shot a glance at Clayton before assessing Malcom. He cocked his head to the side and bared his teeth in a weird goofy grin that to some may look friendly but it was anything but. He was warning this unknown male.

Clayton’s hackles rose in agitation and he pushed himself to tamp it down, swiftly swallowing a low growl. He felt a sudden sense of protectiveness towards Malcom.

The bond was in full effect. Without it he wouldn’t feel a thing, in fact he may even had, had the same reaction Artemis did.

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