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Episode 5

Episode 5


Artemis turned his attention to the body at their feet who began moving, a soft groan coming from him.

Clayton knelt down next to his father, he gripped his by the back of his shirt. A feeling of satisfaction settled over him as Trevor looked as fucked up, nearly as bad as he usually made Clayton look and feel. “Listen here, you good for nothing waste of space” he sneered, throwing those treacherous things that he’d heard throughout his childhood back in his face, “You’re going to leave the pack and never look back. You’re going to just walk away. If mother decides to go with you then so be it but you’re not to come back”

“You’re not the alpha here” he said, spitting more blood.

“No I’m not. But I’ll have no problem tearing out your throat after challenging you. I’m done being your personal punching bag, for years I’ve trained for this moment and if it means killing you then I will.”

Trevor fell silent, his eyes shifting from his son to Artemis before slowly nodding.

Clayton released his grip he had on the back of his shirt and watched as his father’s face fell back into the dirt “Good. Now get up and get out of here. You have an hour to get your essentials and leave”

Trevor moved slowly, gritting his teeth last the pain before standing on wobbly legs. He stuttered forward as if he were drunk and began walking towards his home. Clayton , Artemis and Malcom kept pace with Trevor all the way to his home. Clayton followed him inside while Malcom and Clayton waited outside.

His mother was vacuuming as they entered, she came to a stop as she looked up at their entrance. Her body frozen and her eyes widened in horror as she looked at her husband’s face and the blood coating him. The sound of the vacuum roared in their ears as she cried out and ran over to him. “What happened?!”

Trevor shrugged her off and limped past her heading towards the bathroom. Clayton crossed his arms across his chest and leaned back against the front door. His mother glanced at him wearily, “You did this to him?” She whispered out.

He gave a short clipped nod. He felt no sympathy or remorse. He felt no urge to bring his mother in his arms to soothe her as she’d never done the same for him. He let her stand there, feeling emotional stress.

“You’re just like him,” she whispered.

Clayton snarled, “I am nothing like him. I gave him a taste of his medicine. I don’t beat children!”

She cringed and stepped back, her eyes drifting towards the floor as a cold blast of his dominance demanded her obedience.

Power. A warm welcoming sense of power traveled from the tips of his fingers, across his arms and chest quickly separating to coat him to the top of his head to the bottom of his feat.

His wolf shook out its coat and stood tall in the back of his mind. He’d ranked up, majorly. He may have been the delta’s son but that didn’t give him any position other than a regular pack member. But as he faced his fear and stood up to his father, challenging him, he earned a new standing.

Artemis’s nail clicked against the wood of the grinch porch as he shifted from paw to paw just outside the front door, the wave of dominance Clayton portrayed pushed past the door startling a very dominant Artemis.

His father came out from the bathroom a few moments later, his face clear of blood, his shirt discarded and his pants still stained. He glanced quickly at Clayton before lowering his eyes. He swallowed thickly and strode quickly into his bedroom.

“Mother, go pack your things unless you’re staying” he said although if he was being honest he preferred her to leave. He hated them both.

“What are you talking about? Where am I going?”

“Your mate is leaving the pack for good and you can either go with him or stay behind.”

His mother began to cry. Clayton expected to feel something, anything for her because after all she was his mother. She brought him into this world but his heart was solid, it refused to soften for this female.

She turned on her heel and ran into the bedroom.

Twenty minutes later, they both came out from the bedroom, one suitcase in each of their hands. They didn’t look at him, they didn’t utter a word. Trevor stilled limped as he made his way out the front door, passing by Artemis and Malcom.

His parents slid into their dark blue old small two door car and drove away. Clayton stood on the small dirt road watching until they’d passed the pack house, driving down the driveway towards the main road that would eventually lead them to the highway.

Artemis trotted forward and stopped next to him making a small sound in the back of his throat.

Clayton shrugged, “I never much liked them anyways” he chuckled lightly.

Malcom was eyeing him and it made Clayton uncomfortable.

“You gonna stand there and stare all day or you just gonna take a picture so it’ll last longer?” He shot the male a teasing grin even as his insides curled with unhappiness.

Malcom scoffed before walking off towards the pack house. As he disappeared Clayton had an ease of tension as his parents were gone, finally.

Now he’d have to explain it to the alpha.

Striding away from Artemis, knowing his friend would now go home to shift and dress, he strode towards and into the pack house, ignoring the wide eyed looks of those around him. They felt his dominance, the new tension and tank practically choking them. Their own wolves recognizing their new third in command.

Clayton stopped in front of the alphas door and knocked lightning.


Opening the door and stepping into the small dimly lit black and red decorated office, Clayton watched the alphas face as a look of confusion washed across him. Alpha Normus sat behind his dark wood desk, papers and books scattered everywhere. The place was a mess. Clayton held back a satisfied smirk and rolled his shoulders before saying what he came here to say, “Your delta is gone. He’s left the pack and isn’t returning”

“My delta wouldn’t just leave. He honored his position. What did you do to him?” Alpha Normus asked as he sat rather stiffly in his large black leather office chair. His eyes scrutinized the new delta wolf.

Clayton stood tall and strong in front of his alpha. He couldn’t wait until Artemis took this greedy male down.

With a slight curl of his lip on the right hand side he said “I only did what you’d deemed fair when I was little. I disciplined a bad wolf”

Alpha Normus turned slightly red in the face, not appreciating his joking manner. “So you think you can just walk in here after throwing your father, my delta out and think you can just have the title”

“I earned the title and if I have to take down anymore contenders to prove it again and again, then I will but by that point you may just run out of wolves to throw at me”

The alpha had never liked him, much like his father who had for some reason held a strong hatred for him. He didn’t understand it. He tried hard not to be a problem so he wasn’t sure what was wrong with him.

Alpha Normus looked him over and leaned his arms onto his desk, the chair creaking as his weight shifted “I will. Until my delta comes back and I’m sure he will, because let’s face it, you’re nothing, you will have to prove yourself a hundred times over unless of course you want to back down and walk away. Hell, if you walked out of the pack today nobody would even know you were gone.”

Clayton growled and ground his teeth together as his canines shifted, falling to sharp points, piercing the inside of his lower lip. “I’m not going anywhere”


At sixteen years old, Malcom Denver was ready to meet his mate. A lot of males went through early stages of denial. They didn’t want to meet their mate, they wanted to play the field. They wanted strictly sex with no attachments. Malcom on the other hand wanted it all. He wanted that special bond, that special person that was made just for him. He’d watched his two best friends, Lilly and Adam fall madly in love with one another.

Their mate bond was something out of a fairy tale. Sure they fought as do all couples but it wasn’t long before they made up with each other.

That’s what Malcom wanted.

“Malcom, Rory is here. She’s waiting at the front door for you” Heather Denver, Malcom’s mother called out to him.

Running an excited hand through his shaggy dark hair he grabbed a random black t-shirt from his closet before quickly throwing on some light blue jeans. “Shit. Shit” he muttered frustrated as he hurried to pull his socks and shoes on.

“Malcom!” His mother yelled at him again.

It wasn’t right to keep a female waiting, especially one that he liked. He liked her more than a friend should. He’d hoped that when he’d turned fifteen last year that he’d recognize her as his mate. He hadn’t, but that didn’t mean there wasn’t a possibility of it in the future considering your heightened senses didn’t fully mature until the age of twenty one, so he still had a good amount of time to hope that she was his mate.

He grabbed his black leather jacket, throwing his arms into the sleeves as he ran out of his bedroom almost running into his mother who had begun ascending the stairs in search of him. “Sorry mom,” he said maneuvering around her.

She shook her head and made a look of disapproval with her lips, puckering them slightly. Her eyes, much like his own, a unique golden brown stared back at him, “Don’t be out too late tonight. Please. Your father wasn’t too happy you’d stayed out past curfew last night” she said reaching up to pull her dark brown hair into a bun as she was intent on completing her cleaning for the night.

Malcom pulled her into a hug before letting go and sprinting down the stairs, “Of course. Promise.” He said before throwing open the front door, coming face to face with his beautiful Rory.

She was that soft and sweet kind of girl, her golden blonde hair held loose ringlets of curls. Her blue eyes were a light blue, like the summer sky on a warm clear day. Her lips were slightly plush and pink as they curved up in a smile. He glanced at her white skirt that reached just above her knees and her light pink blouse. “Hey you” she greeted him, her voice soft like the rest of her. She was the perfect image of the girl next door.

He smiled and closed the door behind him, “Hey, you ready?”

She nodded and they walked towards the woods where the rest of their group was waiting for them.

“So did you get in trouble last night?” She asked.

He shook his head, his eyes watching the sky turn a perfect blend of orange, red and blue as the sun began to slip past the tree line. “Not exactly. I mean, my mom just told me I couldn’t be out as late as I was last night but other than that no. Did you?” He asked, shoving his hands into the pockets of his leather jacket.

“Nope. Surprising right?”

He chuckled, indeed finding it surprising as her parents were very strict and a little up tight especially when it came to their pup.

“The alpha came by the house today though” she said kicking a rock as they ventured closer to the tree line. The trees were turning, the leaves falling, various orange, reds and yellows littered the forest floor as they entered.

“What did Alpha Ray want?”

Alpha Ray was a friendly older wolf, he was leading into his middle fifties and would no doubt be challenged soon enough for his title. He was a fair alpha, he took care of the pack as an alpha should. His mate, Luna Carol was the sweetest and was often found in the fields picking flowers with some of the other mates of various males and their children as she couldn’t have children of her own.

“He came by to warn me to be careful, that one of the pack members had gone out hunting earlier this week and had come across an illegal hunting group.”


Again she nodded, “They’ve been hunting wolves. Real wolves but should they come across us, they’re not going to know the difference, so he warned me to tell everyone to be careful” she said as they stepped through a long series of bushes.

Taylor and Tyler were waiting for them. They were fraternal twins. Looking nothing alike, where Taylor was female, taller than most girls her age. Her short and choppy blonde hair reached just beneath her ear, her hazel eyes were the only thing that matched her brothers. Tyler was an inch or two shorter than his sister, his light brown hair was short with small barely there curls. He was the troublemaker of the group.

“Finally!” Tyler exclaimed coming to a swift stand from the large fallen tree he and his sister had been sitting on. Taylor smiled in greeting. “What took so long?” He asked.

Rory smiled at him, her eyes lighting up with happiness “I had to wait for this one” she said hooking her thumb and directing it towards Malcom. He scoffed and rolled his eyes before giving her a playful grin.

Tyler walked over and scooped Rory up in his arms. She squealed and wrapped her arms around his neck, holding on tight. Malcom ground his teeth together, his jealousy was gripping him in a tight knot.
He’d had a feeling for some time that Tyler also had a crush on his Rory.

Clearing his throat he tried to keep the irritation off his face.

Tyler was grinning widely as he set her down. She nipped the tip of his nose with her pointer finger. Malcom watched, his anger growing by the second. She never looked at him like that and she never touched him in that flirty, innocent way. But the way she was touching Tyler was new. She’d never shown this kind of affection for him until today.

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