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The Alpha's Princess

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Alice Clara Blackwood is the Alpha's daughter of the most powerful pack in the world, the Cresent Moon Pack, Obviously after the Royal Pack that holds the Alpha King and Luna Queen. Alice has been trained to be a Alpha and Luna even when she isn't the next Alpha of her pack. Jackson Dean Tremblay is the Alpha of the Blood Moon pack, the second most powerful pack in the world. This young Alpha seems to have constant trouble with rogues and sets up a meeting with Alices father for guidance. What happens when his mate walks into that meeting? Will they get their happily ever after? Or Will tradgedy strinke before they get the chance? WARNING!!! This book contains strong language and may contain violence and sexual scenes. If yoy are not comforable with these things DO NOT READ THIS BOOK!!!! Thank you.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 01


My paws hit the mudlike dirt. The fresh air blowing in my face and going through my dark chestnut fur. As I look at my surroundings I see the large emerald pine trees. I see birds soaring in the sky. Oh but the sky, it is beautiful. Its mixed with different shades of blue, pink, and yellow showing that it is dawn. I stop in my tracks for a second, close my eyes and focus on what I can hear. I hear the flowing creek that is about a mile away. I can hear a pair of hatchlings calling for their mother. A group of squirrels running after another. In this time, I'm filled with peaceful ecstasy. But that is all ruined when I hear him coming towards me. He gets closer by the second and I prepare myself in a subtle defensive stance ready for his attack. I hear him jump at me, but before he can get his hands on me, I have him on his back lying defenseless.

Fuck! Come on sis, really? Caleb, my older brother asks me through the midlink.

Ya know, I dont know why you keep trying to sneak up on me. It never works. I link him back with a chuckle.

Ugh! You're no fair. He replies and I can sense him rolling his eyes at me.

Caleb, stop acting childish. What do you want? I ask, with a hint of annoyance in my voice.

Ouch sis. Dad just told me to remind you that training starts soon and to go to his office after you get cleaned up. He says while getting out of my hold and shaking his fur out.

Okay. Well just give me a few minutes and I'll see you at the training fields. I reply, and after that he nods and runs back from where he came from.

I stand there for a few minutes just to think, and before I go let me inroduce myself. My name is Alice Clara Blackwood, I am the daughter of Alpha Emmett and Luna Isobel Blackwood, the leaders of the most powerful pack in the world, the Cresent Moon pack, after the Royal Pack of course. And unfortunately the younger sister by five years of Caleb Natheniel Blackwood, the next Alpha. I love him, I really do, but sometimes he can be a pain in the ass. Anyways... I'm 21 years old with a Bachealors degree in Business. You may ask how, well lets just say that I skipped all of highschool and went straight to college. One thing I don't really like about myself is my height, I'm five foot three for Christs sake! Altough it does come in handy when me and other warriors of our pack spar during training. It increases my mobility and speed. I love music, training, cooking and baking, reading, and I think thats about it.

Are you sure you aren't missing something. A voice rings in my head

Oh yes! My wolf Anya, how could I forget about her.

You better fucking love me bitch. She exclaims.

Of course I love you Anya, stop being so moody. I respond and can feel her walk away towards the back of my mind.

Continuing... I play the piano and the cello, my mom taught me how to play the piano when I was the age of five. Then four years later I started to teach myself how to play the cello with a bunch of books and youtube videos. As for training, Ha! I may be small, but don't underestimate me. I put up a real good fight. I was trained by the best of the best. Ezekiel was the head warrior from the Royal Pack until he was sent to us for a fresh start. Ezekiel lost his mate from a rogue attack. She was near the border bringing the warriors some lunch using a abandoned short cut, but a rogue attacked her and killed her before she got within a hearing distance. I don't know how he is handling it so well, I could never imagine having to lose my mate and live with the thought that I could never save them. Finding my mate would be a dream come true, for werewolves, you can find your mate once you turn 16. Most will find their mate right away, but not me. Hell, even Caleb found his mate Fiona at 19 and they are expecting a fourth pup in three months.

Ever since I was ten years old Ezekiel has taught me everything he knows. From all types of hand to hand combat to shooting guns, archery, and throwing knives. The more I progressed the harder training got. When I was 15 he started blindfolding me so that I could stregnthen my human senses and I could be just as alert as Anya. There wasn't much training for when I was in my wolf form, Anya was already strong and stealthy. I just simply blame it on the Alpha blood running through my veins.

Ever since I gratuated from college I've been helping my mother with her Luna duties. So for the past three years after training I go visit the pack's hospital, nursing home, and check on the many businesses our pack members own with her. Even though I'm not going the be the next Alpha my parents still thought that I should get the same training as Caleb and I was happy to do so.

I get up from the ground, shake out my fur and start running home to get ready. When I get home and noticed that everyone has gone to work, I rush up the stairs and into my room to pull out my clothes from my closet. I end up picking a pair of charcoal colored high waisted leggings, a light grey seamless sports bra, and a white tie up tank top with some black running shoes. I put everything on and tie my hair into a tight high ponytail. Once I finished that, I head out through the back door and towards the training fields.

Hey guys! Thank you so much for reading the first chapter of The Alpha's Princess. This is my first book I have ever written and I'm a inexperienced teenage highschooler. So please don't yell at me for not posting fast enough. I am going to try to post a chapter per week. Maybe every Friday. Anyways hope you enjoyed the chapter and please leave any feedback or positive comments!

-inexperienced teenager
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