My Colors Are You

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Rory Torres had a plan. She wanted to get her English Degree, enjoy her college years, and find love. Everything on paper looked so simple until m the passing of a loved one. Now, she struggling to find her old self and be normal again. That is until she meets Harley, a young man who seems to challenge her and her ways of thinking. Through heartache, anger, trust, and love, Rory discovers life and all its beautiful and complicated colors.

Romance / Humor
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From the Author

I hope this finds you well. You have no idea how anxious I am to be publishing this. I first remember coming up with the ideas for this story last year. Usually when I write it's for myself. I jot it down on my phone for my own entertainment and move on from it. This time, however, it was different. I became so invested into these characters I created that my urge to share it became almost too much to ignore.

This is a story I feel committed to and I hope to share with whoever finds it.

I must warn you, the characters will annoy you. But isn't that just apart of growth? Even I rolled my eyes a couple of times at the characters. Sorry Harley (you're still my baby though).

I do hope that somehow this story finds a way to resonate with you. It is very difficult being young these days. There are many pressures and expectations and new challenges for young people. My hopes is that this story does at at least a little to entertain you and distract you from real life. Even if it's just for a few moments.

My publishing schedule is going to be sundays and Thursdays.

Also, I overuse commas. That being said I hope you find a way to still enjoy this story.

trigger warnings: mentions of passing. Swear words. (Will update warning as it progress)


The author.
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