The Stripper

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I work at a club,a strippers club. The club I work at holds its secrets will I be able to figure them all out? My fingers play with his stubble one of my arms is over his shoulder. One of his hands on my back the other stroking my thigh.his hand moves up my back to my head he moves me closer leaning me into a kiss. I kiss him back I'll never get over how soft his lips are. Started:28/1/21 Finished:on going

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He’s kinda hot

{follow me if you haven't!}

I started gymnastics when I was two so my body is quite flexible.

I quit doing gymnastics when I was thirteen so I could focus on high school.

Funny I'm pretty sure I was the nerdy always handing in her work on time girl.

Now look at me quit collage to become a stripper parents would be proud but their not here.

I'm the highest voted stripper at my work bosses favourite a people pleaser.

I'm always on the stage if I'm not on stage I'm in a room giving a guy his private lap dance I've given a few girls one too.

At the end of every week the girl with the most votes gets to spend some quality time with the boss.

Mostly me and Bridget sometimes he has us both.Bridget has tanned skin she's darker than me I wouldn't say I'm pale though.

Bridget has brown eyes black hair her body slim but she's an hourglass girl she has big boobs and a nice ass.

I have an hourglass body as well just smaller boobs and a rounder butt.

My blond hair blue eyes always does the charm.

No the boss doesn't exactly fuck us he plays with us never his dick.

Except me.

Whenever it's Bridget and I he makes us eat each other out and scissor.make out.

All the things.

He said I'm the only one that can make him feel good with my mouth.

Funny I'm only eighteen but I've been active since i was fourteen he's gotta be at least thirty if not mid thirties I'd be surprising if he said he was like twenty or something.

He does look young he's hot buff as fuck could rip me in half with his dick.

My name is Jamie but no one knows that everyone calls me...

"Precious your on in five."Amanda aka babydoll knocks on my dressing room door to tell me.

"Yeah just getting my eyeliner done."I say.

The top two strippers get their own dressing room that's Bridget and I.

The rest share a dressing room.

My door opens "hey! I'll- sorry sir"my boss walked in.

"best do good out there tonight I'm not doubting you your my best you don't have the number one on your door for nothing."he pats my ass with his big hands.

"Yes sir I won't let you down I try my best."I birthday is so close I can't wait that's means I've been here for twelve months.

No guy is aloud to touch us but our boss if a guy lays a hand on us they are instantly thrown out or warned not to do it again.

"See you out there you know I'm always watching you when it's your turn."he kisses my neck just a peck.

Never the lips when it's work time.

I turn around "this outfit good?"I ask "doesn't matter what you wear precious you make it look sexy"he says.

I'm in the smallest piece of lingerie set I could find it's a different colour to what I would wear it's a black.

I'm usually in colours black I rarely wear.

My hairs done I made it lightly wavy curse my straight hair I did winged liner and a bold red lip.

My skin smooth I'm always clean my thoughts stay dirty.a summery smelling moisturiser keeps me smooth.

Now that I think of it how old is my boss.

"How old are you sir?"I blurt out but keeping my tone sweet like I usually do.

"Does it matter just know I'm under thirty."he smacks my ass than walks out.

That does he own a strippers club?

Now there's two big red hand prints on my ass.I like the stinging feeling.

I slip on black stilettos and start walking out.they introduce me to new comers.

I never go on stage alone always got other girls.

The crowd cheers they usually do.

Bridgets on stage with me aka princess and some other girls don't know their names don't plan on it.

Dirty-Christina Aguilera.

plays as we dance.I give it my all I usually do I'm sweating I lift my legs high wrapping them around the pole I let myself drop my legs supporting me keeping me on the pole.

My back arched my boobs almost out of my bra.

Money getting throw all over the place.


We're counting the money we've just's a pretty good night so far.

Someone's paid a hundred just now for a lap dance.

So I get ready they can suggest whether they want us in the lingerie or if they want us to strip for them or we can go in with no top at all panties stay on.

He wants me topless.

I walk out of the room after fixing my make up.

I walk into the room that has a bunch of booth like rooms for each person that's getting a lap dance curtains closed while doing the dance.

Security isn't aloud to open the curtains unless distress is heard.

Such as not wanting the guy to touch you if they hear you say don't touch me they'll kick them out.

But our customers aren't aloud to touch us so they'd get kicked out anyways.

I enter the booth closing the curtain behind me it's just him and I.

"So your the one everyone's been talking about."this guy sounds smug he looks real young as well.

He's kinda hot.

"Don't like."I pout using my sweet voice that makes a dick jump.

"I like.if you do a good job you can work for me at my club we give our girls special treatment."he says.

Trust me I get the treatment I want from my boss.

His hands move to on my hips "excuse me no touching aloud."I say still sweetly.

"Don't wanna get don't like me touching you?"he asks like I'm offending him.

"I like it very much I'm sure you wanna keep me in here but touching me is gonna get you kicked out."I say.

"Only if they hear the lady in distress."he says he pulls me closer I place myself onto his lap my legs either side of him.

"What's your name?"I ask him "frank. Frank Winston."he says.

I know that name it's a big name with stripper clubs.I dance on him as I ask questions his hands stay wondering.

"You should come work for me the girls at my club earn four thousand each night with you around you'll earn much are precious"he says his hands moving up my hips.

"Give me a few days than I'll give you my answer"I gasp his hand grabs my left tit.

Only gently I don't know why I gasped.

His hand moves down my stomach.his hand moves leaving a trail of tingles where ever his hand leaves.

I close my eyes.I'll lose my job if the curtains open seeing me being okay with him touching me will have me lose my job I don't want that.

I love my job.

But I'm also loving the way these big hands of his move on my body.

My breathing is heavy but I'm completely relaxed.

"I pick my girls from the way they react to my touch...I always pick the ones that practically melt your the best one yet...Charles sure is a lucky guy to have you work for him"

Charles that's his name.that's the name of my boss.

"Would you feel lucky if I was one of yours."I pant I don't know why or how I'm panting but I'm panting.

"Very."he says."a few days is all I need and I'll give you my answer."I say.

"These perfect breasts of your are begging for me to put my mouth on them I hope that decision you make comes quicker than a few days."he says.

"Don't know how long I can wait"he says.I quickly get off of him and pretend I'm dancing.

I heard footsteps I'm just being cautious.

He pulls me back this time my back is against his chest "let them see."he says.

He wants me to get fired he knows I'd go to him.

No wonder he's got everyone to like him he can melt a girl with one touch of a finger.

His nose grazes my neck.the only person that is aloud to touch one of the strippers like this at work is the boss he isn't the boss.

I'm gonna be in so much trouble if my boss finds out.

He starts kissing my neck one of his hands on my hips the other discovering my body.

"It's been ten minutes it's curtain open time."I pant."here's my card my address is on the back stop by anytime."he says as I get off.

I open the curtain I'm probably leaving him with a hurting hard dick but I'll deal with that soon.

I rush to the bosses office."sir Frank Winston was here I gave him a lap dance he offered me to work for him."I say.

I don't wanna leave how ever much that guy just made me feel.

He kinda looks upset."what did you say?you leaving us precious."he says.

"No I told him I'm staying I love it here you make me feel special."I say walking towards him.

"It's the end of the week so you know what that means I just checked scores your at the top again this time I just want it to be you."he says.

No Bridget?

"And why is that?"i ask my eyes searching his face for an answer.

"I wanna show you how much you mean to me how precious you are."he says.

I look away from him.damn butterflies."what else did he say?"he asks.

"He didn't say much he gave me his card he said to visit him anytime he said he gives his girls special treatment..."I say.

"After tonight can you do me a favour?"he asks.


I'm still in his office I'm sitting on his desk while he does some work.

"Precious shouldn't you be on the stage?"a man walks in "no-""you don't say what she should be doing that's my job."Charles says.

The man rolls his eyes he clearly doesn't work here he's just trying to get rid of me so he can talk to my boss.

"I need to talk to you in private Charles."he says."anything you want to say you can say in front of precious."Charles says.

His hand on my thigh like it has been for the past twenty minutes.

The only difference is I have my bra back on.

"Well I'm offering you again are you gonna sell the club I can give you millions."he sounds desperate but quite businessy.

"And I'll say again no I love this club and I love my girls if I sell the club I lose some of my girls to some other club."he says.

I lay down on his desk I don't think he minds me covering up his work and I don't think my boss would like the guy in front of us seeing what he's been writing down.

The guy starts blabbing about how good it would be and that new girls would come to the new club if he sold this one.

"You're really annoying."I say."what she said"Charles says.the man huffs I learnt his name it's Mike.

"I told you I'm not selling the club and there's nothing-"

"Precious won't be one of the girls leaving."mike says. "That still won't change my mind I want all my girls you almost got me with that one though."he says.

"I have another girl well trying to get another girl to come work for me but she's not eighteen yet"Charles says.

Who is she?

I hope she's not prettier than me.

"Is she prettier than me."I pout to him "no one is"he says. "Now get out"Charles tells Mike.

Mike walks out slamming the door.

"What's her name?"I ask "Riley you know the school I work at in the day time she's just like you except I got you from your collage."he says.

"Ohh so you've had sex with her?"i ask "you lured me in too you naughty man."I pull his tie.

He lets out a low chuckle.

"I told Riley this the other day...I always get what I want."he says.

"And I wanted you so bad once I got you I felt like the luckiest guy alive."he says.

"Where's Tina?"I ask "that slag is working for Frank Winton now yeah she finally agreed on the divorce finally got rid of her the amount of guys beds I've caught her in"he says.

I sit up and push his chair back to sit on his lap.


Thoughts on Jamie I meant precious?

Charles ya know you know.where that dude from?I wonder 🤔

Who's Riley don't know her 😂

Read my book .the deal.

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