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"I'd love to see you duel me." I shivered at his words, his breath fanning over my wet lips. "Never knew you could duel? How many times have you duelled ?" I didn't even care about his answer. I just wanted our bare skin to collide, I wanted to feel him, to have him create an indentation in my body, in which only he could ever fit into. He smirked against my parted lips, left hand slowly running down my back, inching lower and I felt my whole body ignite with need I've never experienced before. My breath quickened when his lips touched my ear, whispering, "More times than I can count, love." "Harry-" - Contains smut, toxicity & drama. -This story contains sexual, violent and upsetting scenes. A.N; I own the characters; Isla Riddle, Deya Abarte, Ivanna Reed, Leonardo Gudgeon, Katherine and Jacob Cassini. I do not own any of the other characters or Harry Potter; all credit goes to J.K. ROWLING. This book is inspired by many books like;- 'Filthy' 'Possessive' and more

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Isla Riddle’s POV

I have been a nervous wreck all week. Today is the day that I will go to Hogwarts. Let me catch you up to speed...


The meeting took place during the last week of August at the Malfoy manor, the dark lord was going to discuss some important things with us. Death Eaters

I got into the room in which the gathering of the death eaters would be held, I opened the door and noticed that Draco Malfoy was watching every single movement of mine, I kind of felt uncomfortable until the Dark Lord began...

“Welcome Isla, we have saved you a seat come and join us “I nodded and sat down at the empty seat next to Draco Malfoy.

“Before you were here Isla we were discussing our plan, your mission is to attend Hogwarts, be our spy, be fake friends with this pathetic Potter boy, gain his trust and then trap him, while you do your mission, the Malfoy boy here will look after you, will take care of everything. You will go to Hogwarts with the Malfoy boy at the 1st of September, 11 A.M...I suggest you go pack your stuff now”

“My Lord I have a few plans in mind if you mind listening...” said a death eater I didn’t know.

“Well spit it out Bob, we are listening”

“One of the Bobs proposed use of a love potion so the Potter boy falls in love with you my lord and-”

The Dark Lord seemed pleased but Bob was promptly removed from the meeting by an Avada Kedavra curse from Bellatrix.

“Idiot” whispered Bellatrix

“Well Isla go back to your room, and take the Malfoy boy with you”


It’s 9:05 A.M in the morning i’m waiting for the Malfoys so we can go to this pathetic kingross or kingroot station, I’ve packed my things the day before, I was going to head outside to get some fresh air until Cilmy the house elf informed me that the Malfoys are done and they’re waiting for me downstairs. I headed down stairs and was greeted by Mr and Mrs Malfoy, and Draco as usual pretended I never existed. Draco and I hated each other since the day I was borned, we never got along even though everyone said that we have a similar personality.

“Narcissa and I are going first, Draco wait until we disappear and then you two come after us together, at the same time" ordered Lucius, Draco nodded and gave me a dirty look.

Draco started but with a question. While we were heading towards the Floo Network.“You said your wand was made of what again?”

“Phoenix feather core, red oak, 15 inches, somewhat flexible” I said. While examining the flower designs engraved into the wooden stick.“If I remember right, you told me that The Dark Lord had a phoenix feather core too. And you also told me that it was the rarest”I smirked.

“You are correct, you seem to know a lot more about Hogwarts than I would’ve guessed” I rolled my eyes at his statement,“Leo told me everything about Hogwarts, and he allowed me to look through his books, he borrows books from the restricted section” I said while giving him a not a sweet smile. “Oh Leo, Leo as Leonardo Gudgeon?“I nodded in response.

“You are still with that pathetic excuse of your boyfriend,ha I thought you could do better Riddle“Draco said.

“And why do you care if I was with him or not?it was just a one night hookup and nothing more besides Who are you anyways to judge him you pathetic ferret”I said trying to control my temper.

“Aww is baby Riddle mad, or because your handsome boyfriend fucked Hannah Abott after he fucked you?“at this point I was kind of loosing my temper...

“I don’t care if he had a business with her or not besides he ain’t my boyfriend, plus mind your own business Malfoy or shall I call you the new Mr.Parkinson” I smirked, I could see his ears turning to a deep shade of red.

“Parkinson ain’t my girlfriend Riddle, let’s just go to this pathetic station”“Yeah yeah move”

To be honest I was kind of excited about going to Hogwarts and stuff even after what I said to Draco. I usually feel bad but this time he was a real bitch, I don’t like someone mentioning my one night hookup with Leonardo, I smiled at the thought of going to Hogwarts, I walked alongside Draco until we reached the Network.

“So we will be getting to the station through this, we’ll find ourselves in front of the train. The rest of your things will be transported to ur house after you are sorted. I believe you know about the sorting and the houses?”

“Yes, Draco, I read all about them and their founders. My father were sorted into slytherin, I hope i’ll be sorted there too.” I said while looking at the fire that glowed green.

“It’s up to the sorting hat, but i’m sure you will be put in a house where u belong too,” Draco said kindly!?

“Your arm” Draco said,I gave him my arm, he grabbed it and stepped closer to the green fire while holding a glittery; silver powder, which I knew was Floo Powder. Draco threw the Floo into the and stated in a clear voice.

‘King cross station, platform nine and three quarters’

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