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The Don's Illicit Desire

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Vincenzo DeMarco II, Detested the Mafia life that his dad and grandad and great grand dad, rest his soul in peace, had built. To him, business in a 'legal' was more approachable rather then dealing in drugs and guns. And besides the family had his younger brother for it. So Vincent was ready to settle down with the women he loves. His fiance, Daniella Roberts an American women with the most normal life. To Vincent, Daniella, or Dani, was just made for him. Just moments before he was sipping his chilled liquor beside his fiancé, he loved so much, inside his extravagant San Francisco house, an the dreaded phone call arrives. When a sudden incident calls him home to New York and everything he loves and cares for are at the epitome of risk, Vincent's world flips. And when he sees the girl his mother 'adopted' he looses all his shit. The inner 'DeMarco' surfaces and all the equilibrium that he likes and cherishes in his life, runs to hell for the sake of all that is true.

Romance / Erotica
November O'Riley
4.2 11 reviews
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Vincenzo's POV

Sometimes I don't understand why Dani acts like she does. Like an unhinged person that is.

Nevertheless I love her.

Yes. I do.

So I just let these small things aside. Maybe she is in her period or maybe she's had a bad day at the office.


I don't bother her with that.

I turn off the light to our bedroom AF lay down on my side of the bed instantly welcomed by my fiancé's soft body being wrapped around mine.

"I am so sorry baby." She snuggles to me.

"It's alright." I say and hug her back, rubbing circles around her shoulder. "You too have your days."

She hums. "It was a weird day all over and I am so sorry for yelling at you..." She smiles up looking at me.

"You're cute." I smile back down at her.

She giggles adoringly and rubs her cute face on my chest. "Tell me something in Italian." She says.

I don't know why. Being the eldest child of a couple hailing from that nationality Italian was my first language and all that.

Brought up in one of the the oldest estate of America belonging to my family, I have always heard them talking in English so I had to learn Italian academically.

If that even make sense.

That doesn't.

"Sei carino." I said.

(You're cute)

"It's so sexy, that accent of yours." She giggles.

I always have loved how Dani's giggle sounded. Like music.

"Adoro quando ridi." I say.

(I love it when you laugh.)

She doesn't understand Italian. She can barely make out one pe two word.

But after staying two years with one person you do pick some traits aftermath them, that anything but natural.

Not Dani.

She's... Not trait picking.

"I don't deserve you at all..." She signs all of a sudden.


"That's what I have been thinking all through today, that I don't deserve you at all."

"What are you on about?"

She sighs, resting her head on my chest. "Look at you, you're so handsome, so successful, so smart and intelligent...damn you're rich at the age of twenty eight and I am at twenty seven a mere receptionist..." She sighs. "You sgoyls be dating models not me."

I sigh and roll my eyes.

At least once a day sge would remind me my bank balance. And met worth.

Sometimes I think she my worth than I do my self. Maybe more than the guy who Handel's my finance.

It creeps me out.

Spmwtimwa I wonder if she is secretly keeping tabs on me.

And tgab there is her self esteem and respect.

It makes me want to dig up a hole and die.

Dani has absolute zero of both.

"I have a thousand times told you not to talk shit." I said holding her close.

"Come on." She wines. "Did you not see that girl sitting next to our table at the restaurant?" She asked.

What girl?

"What girl?"

"That girl in a red fitting dress? She looked totally into you and kept glancing at our direction..."


"I didn't notice." I sighed.

"Of course you did." She said almost accusing me. "How can you not?"

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"She was practically offering herself on a plate for you."

I sighed.

Talk about being insecure and weird.

"And how do you know that?" I asked.

"She was constantly looking at you, checking you our and all that. Doing those flirty gestures..."

"Baby..." I sigh. "It's been a long day and I am sort of tired AF I have to get up early tomorrow for a breakfast meeting." I say.

"I'd like to sleep." I said with finality.

"Oh?" She sounds disappointed. "Breakfast meeting?"


"With who?"

Oh Lord, have mercy.

"Some clients." I say truthfully.

"Oh." She nods. "Okay."

At first stages when she was jealous over these things it was cute.

It's not so cute anymore.

Sometimes it's just annoying.

"But I thought we are supposed to have breakfast tpgther." She says after a beat.

"I told you, I have a meeting with some of my clients." I said again.

Fucking hell.

She knows I hate to repeat.

"Okay." She says. "But I hope they are just clients."

I sigh putting out most of my anger.

Sometimes, I am just going to burst and she can't find an edge crying for all her life.

I fell asleep a lot of after Sand old stupid useless banter, as a result I was almost late to my meeting.


But as I managed to get there barely on time, I felt every pair of eyes on me as I walked in through the door of the private suite of the restaurant.

My assistant gulped and stated the meeting vaguly telling all about the outline of the deal and all that.

Half way through my phone buzzed.

I was aodure it was Dani, that I ignored it without looking at it.

The meeting was important and if it goes all well, I will be the proud owner of another hotel by the California beach.

I grined in mh head.


If it keeps on going like this, it will be soon before a number of hotels ans casinos are mine.

After meeting the resturamt serves us breakfast consisting of scuffle pancakes with butter blueberry and espressos syrup.

My phone buzzed again.

Jesus, this girl!

Annoyed I picked up the phone.

Luciano's name flashed on the screen.


He never calls me.

Other than my mama sometimes, anybody barely calls me.

"Hello?" I answer the phone.

A lot of commotion comes to my ear before Luciano's actual voice.

"Hello, Vince?" He asked panicked.

"Yeah." I said putting a forkful of food in my mouth. "What reminded you had a older brother?"

"Dude..." He sighs. "Mama...she got hurt." He said.


"She was driving the hill road the other day...last night, sorry. Last night and she crashed..."

"What!" I asrd frowning. "Why would she be driving at night through the hill road?"

"Does the reason matter?" He hissed. "She wants to see you, that is if you can and want to come by."

"Lucien..." I sigh. "I don't know why would she go down the gill road at night, was she alone?"

"...yeah." He sighs. "If you want to come by or can, do pay her a visit. She's hurt and she is asking for you, dad would kill mW if he knew I called you and told you about ma getting hurt. He doesn't want you to know..."

"...of course, why would he?"

"Don't act like he is at fault." He said.

"If course not, Lucien. How can Dominico DeMarco the great be ever at fault..."

"You're making this about you." Lucian sad annoyed. "If you want to come over jue do even for a day or if you don't, just don't." The call ended.

I stared at the screen for a minute before returning to my breakfast.

The reason why I didn't like to visit was aolely my father and his activities.

I didn't like the business he ran.

There was a constant worry if he would even come back home every night.

Guns, war, killing, blood, it didn't apeal me as much as it appealed to dad and Lucien.

I stepped away from that life as soon as I could.

So at twenty I took a fat amount of loan from my father and started my own company.

And since I moved out, I seldom visited. But never for more than a day.

And it has been five years since I have seen my mother or father or brother live.

It was on video call most of the time since again, only my mother is the person to call me.

I sigh and get up from my chair.

My assistant fellows and everyone gets up. I nod to acknowledge them a before walking out.

"I'll be leaving for a couple g days, Stacy." I say as I walk to my car that was psrked on the drivway. "Book me two tickets to new York as soon as possible."

"Yes, sir." She nodded.

"And get me some really good candy. A lot of them." I said when I was finally inde the car and seated. "Made sure you get those hand made ones along with others."

"Yes, sir." She replied.

I leaned head back and closed my eyes sighing.

I really do not plan on staying at the esate.

I hope I don't have to.
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