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He pulls me to the middle of the dance floor."dance with me." He says he pulls me close putting his hands on my waist my arms comply and go around his neck, I guess number five is he knows how to dance. ------------------------------ Carla has the most miserable life she gets harmed lost so many people she loved but than something unexpected happened and changed her life completely. ------------------------------ -sexual content -mild abusive content -course language ----------------- Started: 14/10/20 Finished: 10/1/21q

Romance / Mystery
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{yeah I know the first two parts of this story is shit but just bare with me it gets good actually probably my best writing๐Ÿฅณ}

{follow me if you haven't!}
Walking home from my night shift the dank smells coming from the alleyways I pass dark clouds filled the sky as rain started to pour.


I say to myself forgetting an umbrella before going to work not knowing it was gonna rain today I woke up this morning it was sunny clear skies wouldn't of suspected a thing but no wanted to make my day even worse,

I put my purse over my head trying to at least avoid some of the water dripping on my face.

it didn't work my bag completely failed me the rain began to become heavier cars driving by colliding with massive puddles of water drenching me,


I was cold,freezing I didn't have a car failed to get my drivers license multiple times I didn't take trains or taxis I walked to work which was an exercise two hours to walk there and back five days a week.

I was bummed getting yelled at by customers because I 'apparently' made there coffee wrong when it was my co-worker always getting me in trouble by an asshole I call my boss,

And it all comes down to Marcus he started becoming abusive when I started saying the word no but I know he loves me he can be nice until I disagree with something even if it's something little.

Marcus is my boyfriend I met him at the start of collage so I've known him for six months he's tall muscular build black slick hair green eyes his attractiveness over loads his abusive side making me give in and forgive him,

I started to run after seeing outside of a television store on the news that there will be a flash flood I am not getting stuck in some low life's store because of water,

After forty five minutes of jogging I reach the collage grounds Panting heavy,

"Hey Carly".

I search around wondering who it was,it was Cameron he was the 'nerd' of my art and humanities class he was actually quite good looking but the him being terribly annoying made him dislikable,

"It's Carla how many times do I have to tell you that" I sound irritated which I was.

"Ah s-sorry Carla um here you n-need this" he stutters handing me an umbrella.

"It's a bit late for one look at me I'm completely dry" I jokingly say.

"But your drenched" he looks at me confused.

"For a smart guy you are dumb" I walk off into the dorms building.

"Hey wait up Carla I need to ask you something" Cameron comes running over to me nearly running into the door of the building.

"What now" I turn around giving him a glare with my hazel eyes.

"Y-you wanna g-go out for lunch tomorrow since it's Saturday" he seems nervous.

"You know Marcus will kill you and you know I'm taken so don't bother asking again" I storm off while searching in my bag for my dorm key.

"Where is it, no did it drop when I put the bag over my head" I feel myself starting to sulk.

I'm such a failure,I feel a tap on the shoulder "WHAT!" All my emotions kicked in to the one word.


"S-sorry baby I lost my key again" I say feeling myself shake wondering what he's gonna do to me.

"Move out of the way" he says shoving me to the side unlocking my door with a key.

"Where did you get a key to my door from" I ask.

"The only thing you need to know is to not question me"in a low growl tone.

He pushes me through the door "get on the bed" he growls.

I look around my roommate isn't here I get on to my bed "why are you late" he ask.

"It started raining and-and plus my stupid boss was being an ass blaming everything on me" I answered.

"Really than why we're you with That nerd on the path out front" he asks while giving me a glare.

"He was just giving me an umbrella" I say.

"For being late and talking to another guy your getting a punishment" he smirks at me he enjoys torturing me.

"No no please I promise I won't be late again" I beg.

He doesn't give in he locks my door "by the way your roommate isn't coming" he says grabbing the whip and cuffs he had placed under my bed.

"What did you do to her" I say.

"You'll soon find out and WHAT DID! I say about questioning me" he's fuming.

He wraps his arm around my waist pulling at me flipping me over on my stomach "you don't need these" he says stripping me from my clothes he puts me back onto my stomach lifting my ass up,he grabs my arms hand cuffing the together behind my back,

If I'm being honest I quite enjoy when he's dominant towards me taking control the pain of my punishments go away when he goes ahead and shoves himself in me,

"Now how many times did you break a rule of mine" he ask.

"Two" I say.

"And how many whips do you get each rule you break".

"Five" I say flinching at the thought.

"That means ten whips" he says sounding excited.

"Now I want you to count can you do that for me Carla" he says.

"Yes sir" I say.

"Good girl I thought I was gonna have to add another five whips" he says.

He slaps the whip across my ass.

"O-one" I wince.

He does it again and again over and over.




"Five please stop it hurts".

each time he whipped me it was more painful,

"Come on only one more" he grits his teeth as he goes to whip me one last time.

"T-ten" I feel tear rushing out of my eyes.

"Now be a good girl and never disobey me again and come suck daddy's cock if you do a good job I'll reward you" he plainly says.

I'm actually excited pleasuring is my skill,I get off the bed I kneel onto the floor in front of him I rub his clothed erection before toying with the belt buckle I remove his belt undo the buttons of his black jeans unzipping his fly,

*hour later*

"Hey Carla " My best friend Stacy called me out of my day dreaming.

"Hm" i hum.

"You okay" she asks.

"Yeah why wouldn't I be" I force smile at her.

"My throat just hurts" I say he could of gone a bit easy with my throat.

"Oh okay" she says.

Were both sitting at the small 'cafeteria' that's at the back of the 'school' grounds eating a sandwich that I bought from the canteen,

"Shoot I'm gonna be late for class" Stacy says getting up "oh bye my class starts in ten" I say waving at her.

After finishing my sandwich and the organic fruit smoothie I get up and start to walk to my next class,

Walking along I wave to friends I see in my way there, I enter my classroom, Mrs Campbell already yelling at Charles he's always getting into trouble straight away so no surprise from anyone just a couple of "Ughs" and "oh shut up and just sit down Charles" from most of the class,

I sit in my assigned seat which is next to Chelsea she's like a cute nerd her ash brown hair always in Dutch braids her big brown eyes beaming out of her glasses she's always got a new book in her hands she's nice unless you interrupt her from her studies,


"God I hate work" I say not caring who hears me

"What was that"my boss says

"It was just a joke to see your reaction" I say doing the finger guns thing

"Your fired" he yells

"What why"I question

"Your always mucking around leave" he says

"Okay but plea-"I say

"No out Carla" he says

I take my name tag off hand it to him and walk out

"Piece of shit" I say

Guess I'm walking back early today I wonder what Marcus is gonna think.
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