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He's hot and popular everyone thinks he's a player but... He somehow wins the heart of a girl both I know how is it a spell? Maybe even a curse? Find out the more you read. Sorry for the change of book cover. I'm to lazy to edit so sorry for any grammar mistakes. There will be more than one book of this 🤗 Please enjoy my work I'm actually enjoying writing this I actually like something I've done for once and I hope you like it to 🥺. Started: 15/10/20 Finished:23/12/20 -course language -sexual content -mature content There may be triggers

Romance / Action
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Chapter one

Here's my shitty first story I kinda suggest you read my other books cause this one it's so cringe and bad.

{follow me if you haven't!}

"I can not go back to my old school it was torture your torture as well" I say trying to negotiate with the principal

"You've been expelled to many times here I can't have you attending this school anymore" principal Jeffery says

"Elizabeth, excuse my daughter she's quite the pain" my mother says trying to sound nice,for once

"Elizabeth whether you like it or not your going back to your old school you were better behaved there" mum says

"Ahem Mrs Bailey can you just sign here to un enrol the student Elizabeth Bailey"


Sitting on the couch I was glued to my phone surprised my mother hasn't taken it off of me

"Betty wasn't the friend of yours Kyle having a party" my mother asks

"And you'd want me to go you always go off at me about party's" I can't help but question her about it

"Well you haven't gone out in a while I just thought" she looks down in a curious way

"Mum is what's his name David coming over is that why your trying to get rid of me" I say

"Yes he is you guys never get along because you start shit with him now go get dressed and go to that damn party" I can't help but laugh

I get my sloth ass up and walk up the creaky stairs to my bedroom Kyle's house is completely different to mine I live in the ordinary family house.

While he lives in the big streets aka the rich kids neighbourhood my house is two bedroom one bathroom.

The only reason I have to want to go back to my old school is to see Kyle he's a close friend.

But trust me when I say his body is fine wine it is almost every girl drools over him,

him with his light emerald eyes thick muscular biceps his toned abs his soft brown hair along with that amazing smile,

Well at least that's how the girls from everywhere describe him I just see him as an idiot a clingy idiot he's like a giant teddybear around me,

But when he's around people he's a flirt like overly flirty flirts with everything/girl in his sight including me but I know when he flirts with me he's actually just joking around

There's no way NO WAY someone like him could like me

I'm the 'bad girl' who's 5'3 with a smart ass bitchy attitude can't complain though I keep bullies away besides one person

His name is Caleb Stevenson he's an asshole absolute dip shit but he's the 'popular hot guy' and one of his close friends happen to be Kyle Caleb doesn't bully me around Kyle he know a he would go off his ass


Scavenging through my closet not one single piece of clothing fit enough for a party I search deeper into my closet and find a

Red shirt dress I put in on "wow do you look hot" oh god I know that voice "Kyle I thought you were hosting a party" I ask while putting on some black heels

"Just wanted to check if my favourite guest was coming" he says leaning on the door frame huge smirk took over his face

"What Stephanie she's a dumb slut you know that" I say trying to hold back my laugh

"Excuse me one Stephanie and I will never happen she wishes two you knew I was gonna say you but why did you say Stephanie" Kyle says

"I'm just a tease are we going or you gonna keep drooling about Stephanie" I joke

"Stop with the Stephanie stuff" his cheeks are getting all puffy

"Come on baby boy let's get going" I say brushing past him

He gives me a smack on the ass on my way last "hey no touching"

"But your ass looks so good" he says

"Stop being a flirt I'd believe what you say if you didn't flirt with every girl"I say

"Would you believe me if I said I'd smash" he says

"Omg shut up and just drive me to the party already"I say

I walk out with Kyle waving my mum goodbye we get into his flash Audi "this is a new car haven't seen you drive this one" I say

"Yeah got it for my birthday remember you were there" he says

I was I had forgotten "ohh I remember"

He starts the engine and starts driving off starting to grope my thigh "Kyle after the party than you can have all your fun" I say

"Your no fun" I'm starting to think he's partly drunk "how much have you had to drink tonight" I ask

"I've had two shots and I think two beers that's it I swear" he says "you shouldn't be driving Kyle and why did you start having fun without me" I say turning to him with a pouty face

"No baby cakes I'm only getting started" he says moving his hand up my thigh


"Well well well isn't it Elizabeth Bailey" oh no not him "well isn't it Caleb Stevenson" my bitchy attitude is soon to kick in

"Oh come on you know you love me" he's starting to be cocky I know he's wasted "no it's you who's obsessed with me" he places his hands on my waist "Caleb get your hands off of me"

To be honest no I don't want his hands off of me well if I'm being completely honest I wish he'd just bend me over and fuck me while I scream his name.

He doesn't take his hands off of me "come on you like the feeling of my big hands around your tiny waist" Caleb says

"Since when do you want me mister 'hottest' guy in the school" I say trying to sound sarcastic but my voice box disagreed

"Ooo so you do want me Betty" he grips my waist tighter his breath smells of alcohol I know mine does too he leans close to my ear to whisper "why don't you join me upstairs"

I want to I really do I know I must be embarrassingly wet by now "come on Betty just one time please" is he gonna beg does he want me that bad

What if it happens but it's just some prank to be a dick to me "wow what a joke Caleb you that desperate you want me" I jokingly laugh "I've always wanted you isn't it obvious" he says

"No not really bullying me doesn't show your liking towards me" I say "well can I prove how much I want you" his low voice near my ear sends hot shocks through my body

I've been thrown over his shoulder he starts walking upstairs he seems to know where he's going he reaches a room "it's a guest room I stay here a lot of the time" he puts me down our eyes lock with each other's

Is he about to kiss me he wouldn't would he

He leans in softly touching my lips I stand in shock for a tad second than kiss him back his lips feel great there so soft

I open my mouth a bit giving his tongue access through my mouth He pulls me closer by my waist with his right hand

His left hand undoing my dress my right hand is messing up his hair while my left hand is resting on his chest is this it am I about to have sex with Caleb Stevenson?.
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