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The Irish's Sanity.

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Chapter 2


I looked at the screen not even a little focused on it. There was alot going through my mind. I looked around at the mansion I called a home. Even though my sister wasn't here, it still felt like home. I remember us fighting over the dark big curtain across me I preffered a lighter shade but of course she won she was so stubborn. I missed her, I bet she would know exactly what to tell me to make me feel better. She always knew best, and she was always right.

No matter how much I would tell myself I did nothing wrong I still felt bad. I couldn't help but feel bad. I finally decided to pick up Chris' call. I could literally hear the sadness in his voice, he was such a nice guy. I didn't like hurting people in anyway especially emotionally because being emotionally hurt was painful. I have experienced it multiple of times before with my family who basically abondaned us. It wasn't such a nice feeling.

I would like to think I did the right thing, I at least stopped everything before it was too late. I couldn't help but feel I led him on for nothing.
I needed someone to talk to. I hated that I did but I really did. Serenity made sure to teach me, more like drill into me the importance of talking to someone about how you feel instead of bottling up everything. It's one of the reasons why we were so close, I told her everything. Even though Anele is my best friend she didn't know everything about me, some tales are just not to be told.

Even so I still spoke to her and the fact that she wasn't here right now made things slow down. I didn't even get to tell her about the man that could have been the future father of my children. She left early this morning to pick up Sam, her cousin, our secret weapon. I knew she would take a while because Sam lived with her grandmother and her grandmother was quite chatty. I could imagine that right now she was probably making her eat and tell her all about her travels.

Sam was also my friend but she was the kind of distant friend that one had. We didn't talk at all through the phone that much, when it came to the phone we became acquaintances but when in person we were more ourselves. That's why I consider Anele my only friend. Sam when visiting Anele and her family, would tag along to my house, that's actually how we met. It's been a while since we've spoke or seen each other especially with Anele now in Ireland because of some weather, yeah right must be one hell of a weather.

Sam's life story was kind of like mine but different, way different. She lost both her parents at a young age, she says she barely remembers what they look like aside from the pictures. She was raised by her grandmother. I say different because her family still wants her and loves her plus she was filthy rich. Her uncle, Anele's father took care of his family. Not a single person in his family struggled.

We hung out at times, even though she was a year older than us she acted way older. She was very protective of us you would swear she was our mother. She looked out for us on more occasions than one even though we didn't hang out that much. Of the two time's I went to Anele's house she was there and she made me feel more than welcomed.

My bond with her wasn't the same bond I had with Anele she was like friend/acquaintance-ish/sister. She wasn't always there and we didn't talk much but she was still very close to my heart. She has helped Anele get through some very tough times and for that I would forever adore her and be grateful to her for it. Of all Anele's cousins she was the one Anele was closest too and one of the few that I knew of, others I've only seen through pictures.

I say Sam is our secret weapon because I believe that she can get Serenity to say yes. Unlike Anele she was responsible, well from my sisters point of view. She liked Sam I think it was mostly because they shared similar qualities for example the stubborness. The moment we included her into our plans there seemed to be light at the end of the tunnel. Things looked really promising.


I looked at my friend sitting across the couch from me as I chewed on some lickerish. I felt a whole lot better now with her here, I thought she would never return because she sure did take her time getting Samantha. I felt relaxed and excited at the same time, I was just recently telling her about the mysterious man I saw yesterday. I've told her everything but yet she still looked like she needed more details.

I even forgot that I was nervous because of her antics. Her eyes were popped out and her mouth was slightly open. She looked so innocent at this time but I knew better. Sam was in the other room on the important call we have been meaning to make. At first we couldn't even speak because of our nerves but then when I started talking about the immaculate man everything went out the window.

I should be concerned by the amount of time they were speaking but I wasn't, not really concerned but a little nervous even though I shouldn't be. Samantha was the closest thing Anele had to a big sister and she was just like Serenity which is why they got along so well.

When my sister is away for her job we don't usually call each other, unless it was important or I really missed her. On some trips I usually call once and on some others I don't I patiently wait for her to return. I don't mind the amount of time we spend apart that much because I knew the situation and when she does come back I know she makes up for it. We usually don't sleep for three if not four days straight talking, eating, training and catching up on movie marathons.

She also usually takes me to the carnival because I was a crack head when it came to carnivals even though there were a lot of people there. And just going to them with her was everything for it reminded me when our mom used to take us together when we were young. My mom was a sucka for candy just like me and on the other hand my sister didn't really like candy that much just like my dad.

I spoke to her today before Sam. My whole body had just relaxed at the sound of her voice. We spoke for a while but even though I was okay with everything I couldn't help the dread that filled my stomach when she told me she would be a little longer this time, I could hear the sadness in her voice even though she was trying to cover it up. She couldn't hide anything from me I knew her well just like she knew me. At least when it came to her emotions.

We spoke a little while longer before I gave the phone to Sam. Wondering how a little longer would be because the last time, long was six months. I wasn't worried though I knew she would come back. I looked at Anele's face of pure interest and excitement before giggling at her and throwing a pillow her way.

"Anele I've basically told you everything." I said chuckling at the brightness of her eyes.

"You guys are basically married." I chuckled looking at her as I munched down some licorice that she brought back.

"I wouldn't say that but-"

"He basically proposed with his eyes, I mean he-"

"Anele -"

"Scratch that you guys have a whole family toge-"

"You are impossible." I said laughing at her.

"All I can say is that he is beautiful scratch that he is godly." I said thinking back to his breathtaking eyes, that literally took my breath away.

"-And if you weren't drunk I could have showed you." I said looking at her.

"I brought you tons of candy I thought I was forgiven." she said looking at the licorice in my hand before standing up and sitting next to me. I could tell that she felt really guilty about yesterday but she knew she was already forgiven. I wasn't the type to be mad over something for too long.

Even when serenity and I would fight within the next ten minutes I would be okay and speaking with her unless if it was really bad, because if it was really bad it would approximately be an hour. But then again this was all over petty things.

"Of course you are, I could never say no to candy." I said sighing and laying on her lap.

"I can't wait to see your mansions in Ireland."

"I can't wait to take you to all my favorite spots."

We both we on alert as we watched Sam walk into the room. Her face not giving away anything. I felt my heart drop, she couldn't possibly say no we already had made too many plans.

"She said you can go but if anything happens to you it's my throat." she said laughing the threat off suspiciously. I took no mind to it as Anele squeaked jumping up and down and onto my body.

I felt excitement flushing all over my body. A part of me actually didn't believe it, I mean we went on trips but this was different. Way too different. It felt too easy, this was my sister that we were talking about. She has protected me from everything my whole life even though I could protect myself. I remember this one time in school, a girl said some nasty things about me and it wasn't like I let her get away with it or anything because I did defend myself, but to my sister it wasn't enough.

After I told her about the whole thing because I tell her everything the girl went through serious consequences. I remember telling her it wasn't a big deal and that it was just a stupid argument but she didn't care neither did I win when it came to her. She has always protected me from everything even boys, when I tell her about my new love interests her opinion really matters to me. If she said there was just something not right about a guy, I lost interest.

I wasn't ashamed to say if I was in any kind of trouble my sister would be there to help me. No matter what. She has never let anything harm me in anyway, Anele claims she's wonder woman and that she babies me a lot but I disagree. I mean she is wonder woman but she doesn't baby me, if Anele knew what we went through than maybe she would understand.

There was a time when my sister couldn't protect me. All of those times she vowed to me that she would never let anything like that happen ever again. And she has kept her word.

"Before you guys get too excited she also said you can only leave after a month. And she told me to tell you to take care of both of you guys." she said looking at me, making us slightly calm down. I didn't understand why we had to wait a month but it was something I was wiling to accept if it meant I would be going on this trip with my friend.

Before month end came by, Anele and I visited all our favorite spots and favorites food spots before leaving because we knew it would be a while before we were would return, plus it wouldn't be the same being in another country. Anele told me home was a quite missable place, I whole heartedly understood after all there was no place like home.

I was so excited about the trip I could barely sleep as the days went on neither did my mind stop thinking about the man. His eyes haunted my thoughts. That and the very handsome amount that my sister sent me, even Anele was left breathless and she was more than used to money. I didn't know what to do with it, I wasn't really the type who knew how to spend money. Anele insisted she would teach me.

I couldn't wait. We counted the days as they slowly went by. Sam didn't leave in the span of weeks we had to wait and we got to spend a lot of time together, our bond only getting stronger. She reminded me so much of my sister. Along the days Anele wouldn't shut up about the places she wanted to show me and I honestly didn't want her to, everything sounded so amazing. When the day to leave finally came we were more than ready.


The month was finally over, aside from never shutting up about our trip Anele insisted we go shopping and I couldn't say no. I now had a whole wardrobe of new clothes and shoes, I think this was more than enough but Anele says we will have to just buy another one for when I return home because we and I coat 'Needed to buy more clothes in Ireland. ʼ I didn't argue with her, I learnt not to argue with her when it came to clothes. A survival skill I might say.

I held the slim long champagne glass in my hand, moving the contents in it slowly around imitating the movies I've seen before. Now I understood why they did it. I took a small gulp at the Non-alcoholic champagne as my eyes trailed to the very expensive bottle of wine that sat next to Anele, only half full. She had drank it alone I had my own bottle. As I looked at her we seemed to be alone on this flight, my mind had completely blocked out every one else in first class. It felt amazing.

I avoided and made Anele avoid using her family's private jet at all times. It was bad for the environment and I just didn't see the need. When I made us take the plane today she wanted to cry. I had to literally drag her into the plane, it was kind of fun seeing as not long ago she was dragging me into some stores. She insisted she needed to fill my wardrobe up with clothes of her taste and clothes for my body.

I didn't quite understand. She ended up taking a lot of skin tight dresses and more dresses claiming I needed to be more comfortable with my curvy fugure. I was sort of comfortable with my body we all had our days but I also wore everything according to my mood. If I felt like baggy clothes today which was the majority, baggy clothes it was. Everything went according to my mood and how comfortable I was in something. I had my pretty days and my bum days. I really loved the bum days.

The month has went on yet the man is this as fresh as yesterday on my mind. I can remember everything about him from that night, not in a creepy way but in a way where my brain wanted to store and retain the night where I saw what looked like a God. I looked out the window, the blue sky surrounding us, I wondered what Ireland had for me. I wondered if I would like it there or not- wondered if I would want to quickly return home or stay a little while longer.

Above all that I was still excited. I was snapped back to reality when I heard Anele coughing next to me. Her hand was against her chest as her rough coughs turned soft, I think she choked on her wine. She finally stopped glaring at me, the look of distain and anger still on her now red face. She was quite adorable when she was mad. She was still mad that we were taking a plane.

"If you stop being mad I will let you dress me for the next five days." I said not bothering to look at her knowing how much she would enjoy that, more than I.

"Two weeks." she must clearly be drunk.

"Five days."

"A week."

"Five days."

"A week."

"Three days." I said raising a brow at her.

"Five days it is." she said smiling and holding out her hand. I gently took it knowing I was going to strongly regret this.

At this moment everything just felt right. I was on a plane with my best friend to another country where we would make tons of memories and tell them of course with added spice to our grandchild when we grow old together and make our grandchildren be best friends too because it's only logically that they continue the great friendship between our two families. I chuckled at my thoughts laying back. I couldn't wait to land.

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