Love's Legacy

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Chapter 11

Michael didn’t come down for dinner he was still asleep when Mark checked on him. The others ate then headed into one of the gathering rooms to watch movies. Sabrina snuck away from all of them when she saw Mark doze off in a chair. She needed to be alone and she knew he would follow to see what was troubling her. Sabrina pulled on her long cloak heading outside into her garden. She felt a warm gust of wind blow through her hair as she looked up seeing a spring storm was on the way. Sabrina walked over to the newly built gazebo smiling when she saw her small stereo was still there with the song that had been playing through her mind all night. The soft music of My All by Mariah Carey filled the moonlit garden. She closed her eyes imagining her true love was there holding her tightly in his arms.

Sabrina slowly swayed to the music letting it consume her. She didn’t notice Michael staring down from his window watching her. Michael quietly opened the window letting the music in. She laid her cloak on the nearby bench. He sighed at how beautiful she looked in the moonlight wearing a white sundress. The winds blowing her blonde hair around making her look like an angel. He was captivated by her sweet voice singing along with the song filled his heart. Michael wanted to be near her.

Sabrina felt the wind grow stronger as the weird feeling she felt before in the hall outside her room returned. She shook her head trying to ignore it concentrating on the music closing her eyes tighter. She suddenly felt strong muscular arms go around her waist. She was about to open her eyes. “Don’t open them yet, sing for me, dance with me,” the deep voice of the man she loved whispered in her ear as tears came to her eyes. She did as he asked leaning back against his warm hard body moving with him to the music.

The music died down as she felt him slowly let her go. She opened her eyes turning to find no one behind her. The tears trailed down her cheeks as she crumbled to the ground feeling like she was going crazy.

“Were you really here or is it all just my imagination?” she yelled out into the night as the rain started to fall.

“I’m here my lovely princess but I’m a hideous monster now who doesn’t deserve the love of such a beautiful sweet woman,” Michael said softly hiding behind a wall of ivy watching her cry in agony breaking his heart. He should have never touched her. He knew he wouldn’t be able to face her. He was about to go to her when Mark came out of nowhere rushing to her side.

“Sabrina, what the hell are you trying to drown yourself?” he picked her up in his arms cradling her.

“He was here Sir Michael was here. I felt him. I heard his voice,” Sabrina cried. “Am I going crazy?” The torment in her cry was unbearable for Michael.

“Baby girl, you can’t stay out in this rain. You’re not crazy,” Mark carried into the house as Michael watched not caring about the thunder starting to crash above his head silently hoping it would strike him for once again causing his true love pain.

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