Love's Legacy

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Chapter 12

Sabrina shivered on her bed watching Mark igniting the fire in the small fireplace in her room. He turned staring into her eyes seeing all the confusion and pain.

“Sabrina, you need to put dry clothes on,” he touched her rain drenched hair as the thunder roared outside making her jump. Mark immediately took her into his arms stroking her hair trying to comfort her as she started to cry again.

“I don’t understand how could I feel and hear him without him being there,” Sabrina whispered against Mark’s chest.

“The mind plays tricks sometimes when the heart desires something so much,” Mark sighed knowing it was no mind trick Michael had held her then let his fears scare him away. “Please change into warmer clothes,” Mark felt her shiver even more as the thunder got louder. She didn’t say a word just moved away from him going into the bathroom to change. Mark took off his soaked shirt putting it near the fire to dry. He went to her door slowly opening it looking across the hall hearing nothing but silence from Mike’s room.

“I will be paying you a visit later little brother after I fix the damage you did,” Mark whispered through the door knowing Michael was in there lying in the dark tormenting himself for what he did. Mark went back in Sabrina’s room just as she came out of the bathroom dressed in a long black satin nightgown. Mark being shirtless caught her by surprise as she couldn’t deny how sexy he looked. She felt his eyes checking out her body as she slowly climbed into bed pulling up the warm covers.

“Do you mind if I join you in that warm bed?” he grinned at her.

“I don’t mind as long as you behave,” she smiled as more thunder echoed making her tremble.

“Behave? I never behave,” he climbed in next to her laying back against the pillows as she put her head on his chest.

“Do you think I’m crazy?” she whispered as he felt tears on his chest.

“Baby girl you’re not crazy stop thinking like that,” Mark ran his fingers through her hair. He knew he should tell her about Michael but he didn’t want to lose her. His soul felt at peace with her in his arms. She ran her fingers along his chest while he caressed her back listening to the storm raging outside. Mark smiled when she fell asleep. He waited a few minutes till he was sure she was in a deep sleep. He slowly laid her back on the pillows kissing her forehead getting out of bed.

Michael sat on a chair near the window watching the lightning dance across the sky feeling terrible for what he did. He just should have left her alone. She was sad before but now he had made her completely miserable by touching her then disappearing. He heard his door open knowing immediately who it was.

“What the hell is wrong with you? Why would you torment her like that?” Mark grabbed Michael by the collar of his shirt pushing him against the wall. “Thanks to your shit, she thinks she’s crazy now.”

“I’m sorry Mark. I didn’t think I was watching her from the window feeling her pain and I just wanted to hold her for a moment like I did before,” Michael stared into his brother’s eyes. “She is my princess. The one I dream of every night.”

“No shit!” Mark let his brother go. “Do you know who I once was?”

“Yes King Marcus, the son of bitch who took her away from me in the first place,” Michael felt his anger start to fill his blood. “You sent me away then married her and had kids with her while I cried for her every night. Now you’re doing it all again.”

“I’m following my heart and not being a coward,” Mark was getting upset. “I’m not stupid enough to think I can change fate. That woman over there loves you. She loved you in that lifetime, this lifetime, and the next lifetime. I’m just the fool who is happy to have one moment with her.”

“Say it however you want. Bottom line you want to sleep with her,” Michael turned away from his brother.

“Be a man and stop me than. Let her see you.”

“Let her see this,” Mike pushed back his long brown hair from his face revealing the scars near his eye and running down his cheek from a fire that he had barely survived at his childhood home. “Let her see the monster I’ve become!”

The door to the room suddenly opened making Mark and Michael jump. Michael turned staring into her eyes as she trembled pointing at him.

“It’s you, you’re alive and here,” she softly spoke before fainting as two men rushed to her side.

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