Love's Legacy

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Chapter 13

Sabrina opened her eyes seeing light blue eyes filled with concern staring at her. She sat up quickly startled for a moment looking around seeing she was in her room lying on her bed with Mark on the other side of her. She saw the pain in Mark’s green eyes as the awkward silence was broken by his long sigh as Sabrina looked back at the other huge man. Her eyes were drawn back to his eyes filled with tears as she slowly got off the bed approaching him. Sabrina’s mind was racing as she reached out touching his arm running her fingers along the muscles feeling like she had touched this man a hundred times before.

“Who are you?” she softly said searching his eyes feeling him tense under her touch. He looked away from her suddenly.

“I’m Michael but most people call me Mike, Mark’s younger brother,” Michael was trying to control the amazing feelings coursing through his body as she ran the strands of his brown hair through her fingers. “Are you ok Sabrina?”

Sabrina trembled listening to his voice realizing it was the voice in her dreams, the voice that whispered in her ear down in the garden.

“I don’t know,” the tears ran down her cheek. Michael ran his fingers along her cheek wiping the tears from her face. She caught his hand holding it tightly. “It’s you. I know your gentle touch. I know who you were before.” Michael broke free from her going to the window not wanting her to see his tears. “It’s you Michael, my love don’t you remember me?” Her voice trembled as she touched his back making him wince in agony. Mark watched with silent pain waiting for the lovers’ reunion to happen.

“I’m not that Michael anymore,” Michael said refusing to turn and look at her. “I may look and sound like this man you once loved but believe me I’m not him. I am monster, someone you should fear and stay far away from. I have to go now!” Michael rushed past her pulling open the door.

“Please don’t go,” her voice echoed through the hall as she came after him. He went through his door slamming it shut sinking to the floor holding his head in his hands listening to her cry. “Please Michael. I need to talk to you.” He wanted to open the door and hold her tell her he remembered most of his past with her. His love for her had never changed he loved even more. He caught his reflection in the mirror running his hand to the scars knowing he was a monster not the man she loved.

“Sabrina, come on give him some time,” Mark picked her up from in front of Mike’s door. Sabrina was confused beyond belief she knew Michael was her past love. She felt it in her soul why wouldn’t he even talk to her. “Mike is just being Mike. He is a loner and doesn’t know how to open up to anyone not even me his own brother. Then again I can’t blame him for that I have done cruel things to him.”

“What have you done to him?” Sabrina looked into his green eyes seeing the glistening of few tears.

“I blamed him for losing our parents. When he was six years old he was playing with fireworks started a fire in our home that burnt his face and took away our family. I never let him forget what he did as they moved us from foster home to foster home,” Mark put her down on the bed pacing in front of her. “Years later I realized it was an accident. I tried to make up for the mean things I had said. I think all the nonsense I said over the years convinced him he is a monster. I try to be the best big brother I can but I can’t get through to him. He talks to me but not about what is going on inside of him.”

“It’s wrong for him to think he is a monster. I have to talk to him,” Sabrina got off the bed. Mark caught her with one arm around the waist as Dave came through the door looking like he rushed up the stairs.

“What is all the commotion up here for?” Dave ran a hand through his dark hair.

“It’s ok, little problem between Sabrina and Mike,” Mark said holding onto Sabrina.

“No problem is little with Mike,” Dave laughed noticing how upset Sabrina looked.

“Sabrina, you have to leave Mike alone for now. Please trust me and give him at least till tomorrow,” Mark felt her stop struggling against him.

“Ok Mark, I do trust you,” she started to tremble suddenly as a memory flashed in front of her eyes as she stared at Dave with wide eyes seeing him differently suddenly.

“Hey, what’s wrong,” Mark tilted her chin to look into her distant eyes seeing she was somewhere else. “Sabrina, tell me what are you seeing.”

“The knocking on the door the night our happiness started to change was Sir David telling you that Sir Michael had been brought to the castle wounded. I went to rush out the door to check on him when you caught me just like this around the waist telling me I couldn’t see him I needed to rest after having the baby. You tried to put me back in the bed but I wriggled out of your arms down to the room where the doctor was tending to Michael,” Sabrina looked at Dave again staring deep into his eyes. “David followed me while you called one of the ladies to watch our children. He tried to grab me before I entered the room but I was too fast for him. Michael was lying on the bed pale and shaking a deep wound to his shoulder.” Sabrina heard the door across the hall open meeting Mike’s eyes taking her right back to that moment.

“My Lady, you must wait for King Marcus,” Sir David pleaded with the queen as she neared the bed seeing her true love. She slowly kneeled by the bed brushing his hair away from his pale face.

“My love can you hear me?” she leaned down softly whispering in his ear.

“The voice of my angel calls me,” he murmured as she ran her fingernails over his bare chest glancing at the doctor putting an herbal mixture on Michael’s wound.

“Will he die?” Sabrina had tears in her eyes as she watched Michael shiver.

“My Queen, I have done all I can. The wound is deep and he lost quite a bit of blood. We must wait and see,” the doctor looked at her sadly before walking away.

“My Lady, Sir Michael is strong. He shall live,” David stood behind her resting his hand on her shoulder.

“I hope you are right,” she stood suddenly staring into David’s brown eyes. “I have a favor not a request to ask you.”

“I would do any deed for my lady,” David smiled running his hand through his dark hair.

“Watch over him. Let no harm come to him. I fear whoever did this will return to finish the deed,” Sabrina shivered slightly.

“As you wish my lady,” David tilted his head slightly as she looked down at Michael again. She saw the cross still hanging around his neck smiling.

“Sir David will protect you my love,” she kissed his forehead as she felt her husband’s strong hand grasp her shoulder.

“You shall return to your chamber now,” King Marcus said picking her up carrying her up the stairs as Sir David stayed behind with Michael.

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