Love's Legacy

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Chapter 16

Susan nervously paced waiting for Dave to appear. She looked out the window seeing Rob, Randy, and Seth setting up the archery range in the courtyard. She was happy Rob was getting along well with Seth. She was hypnotized by Rob stretching his muscular arms laughing when she felt a tap on her shoulder.

“You ready to go riding?” Dave stood behind her smiling.

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” Susan took one last look at Rob before following Dave to the stables. She felt her stomach flip flopping as they approached the horses.

“Relax Susie, do you want me to help you?”

“Yes please,” she almost screamed with surprise as he lifted her onto the horse. “You should have warned me before you did that.”

“What fun would that be,” he laughed as she got as comfortable as she could while he climbed on his horse. “Want to race Susie?”

“No,” she stuttered as he put his cap on.

“Come on princess catch me,” he pulled the horse’s rein galloping out of the stable leaving Susan behind stunned for a minute.

“Princess catch me,” she said the words slowly as she closed her eyes remembering sitting on a horse watching him leave her before as a bunch of knights watched her with wide smiles. “I’ll catch you Sir David,” the words rolled off her lips as her eyes opened wide with not a hint of fear in them. She took off after him urging her horse on till she caught up with him.

“Very good Susie,” he yelled at her as they slowed the horses. “Are you starting to remember our rides yet?”

“Yes, you were always challenging me like that,” she looked around at how beautiful the forest looked. “Can we ride through there without getting lost?”

“Of course, don’t you remember our spot?” he winked at her guiding his horse along the edge of the forest till he found the path. They slowly rode through the forest as Susan let memories fill her head of riding through here many times with him. Dave suddenly stopped climbing off his horse tying it to a nearby tree grabbing the blanket from his saddle bag. He grabbed Susan’s horse tying it too before helping her to the ground.

“Come on,” he led her on another path as she felt like she was walking back in time. Dave pushed some branches away revealing their spot. Susan remembered it instantly getting tears in her eyes seeing the small pond with the glass like surface. She kneeled near the water touching the surface feeling the cool water.

“We spent so many days here. In the warm weather we went swimming,” she closed her eyes seeing them lying in the grass near the pond. It hit her suddenly as she turned looking at Dave with shock. “We were secret lovers.”

“Yeah for years behind your family and Randy’s back,” he couldn’t help turning red.

“I could never marry you because you didn’t have enough power for my dad. Randy on the other hand his parents owned a manor providing my father with loads of money,” she sighed.

“I was a poor farm boy. Good enough to die for the king but not good enough for his daughter,” he smirked putting the blanket down on the ground.

“Oh Dave I’m so sorry,” she was sincere as she remembered how her father treated him badly.

“It wasn’t your fault,” he sat down throwing a few stones into the water. Susan kneeled next to him resting her hand on his knee.

“I’ve known you for all these years why didn’t we feel something before?” Susan couldn’t help feeling confused.

“It’s being back here at the castle. This place brings all the memories back. Let’s face it we weren’t soul mates like Sabrina and Mike are. Most of our relationship was based on lust and the forbidden moments,” Dave looked at the calm water remembering swimming with Susan before they made love for hours.

“I did get off on betraying my father,” Susan laughed patting Dave’s knee. “Do you mind if we stay here for a while?”

“We can stay as long as you like,” Dave caressed her hand as they sat silently enjoying the peacefulness.

Mike and Sabrina walked along the shore. Mike suddenly stopped pulling Sabrina against him.

“Do you remember anything special about this place?” he whispered in her ear as the stood not far from the cliffs.

“Help refresh my memory,” she smiled looking out over the sea.

“Think about after I was brought back to the castle. You spent weeks by my bedside nursing me back to health even though I never spoke to you. I slept most of the time sleeping while you held my hand cleaning my wounds,” he kissed her forehead. “Think about a time you went walking along the shore after taking care of me.”

Sabrina closed her eyes trying to remember when she finally did smiling.

“You came to see me here while I was walking. You took me by complete surprise when you came up behind me wrapping your arms tightly around me,” she smiled letting the memories take her away back to that moment.

Sabrina had spent the day by Michael’s side again. She was confused since he didn’t say much and always looked at her with a dazed stare. She silently prayed for his quick recovery.

“Queen Sabrina,” his voice made her get tears in her eyes as she turned staring up into Michael’s caring eyes. She embraced him relieved to see him walking. The coloring had returned to his handsome face.

“Sir Michael I have missed you endlessly,” she held on to him tightly.

“I have dreamed of you every eve,” Michael stroked her hair happy to have his true love back in his arms.

“I feared you died in battle,” Sabrina caressed his face.

“I tried to find my death many times but it wouldn’t come,” Michael caressed her back.

“You will stay with me right. You will not return to battle,” Sabrina searched his eyes.

“That is not my choice if my king orders it I must go,” Michael frowned.

“I will not let Marcus send you into battle,” Sabrina looked up the castle knowing her husband was meeting with her father at that moment.

“Do you love Marcus?” Michael asked the question that had been haunting his soul.

“I do love him. It is not like the love I have for you. My life is entwined with yours. Only you make my heart beat,” Sabrina caressed his chest. “I love you Sir Michael always forever my love is yours.”

“I love you,” Michael leaned down giving her a forbidden kiss. “We must be careful my love.”

“I shall be,” Sabrina smiled as they headed back towards the castle.

Mike kissed her softly bringing her back to the present. She smiled kissing him back with passion.

“You became mine again after our meeting here,” Mike ran his finger slowly along her cheeks. “I want to make love to you now.”

“Not here Mike,” she kissed his hand. Mike pulled her tightly against him running his lips along her neck. She melted in his embrace.

“Does my love want to go back to the castle?” he kissed right below her ear making her let out a sigh of pleasure.

“Definitely, take me to your room,” she softly said trying to keep her desire for him under control.

“Come on sweetheart,” Mike took her hand leading her along the shore as they both smiled knowing passion would consume them the minute they entered his room.

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