Love's Legacy

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Chapter 17

Susan had dozed off next to Dave. He watched her sleep thinking how peaceful she looked. Suddenly her eyes opened wide as she looked around in terror. She sat up quickly running away.

“Hey Susan! Stop!” he called after her. “Shit I hate running.” He cursed running after her as she went down the path to the horses. He caught her just in time as she went to climb on the horse almost falling.

“Susan, stop what’s wrong?” he held her tightly around the waist as she violently shook against him.

“Dad is going to kill Sabrina’s husband. Didn’t you hear my father and Sir Kenneth talking?” her eyes were wide with fear as she stared at him. “Dave, we have to tell Sabrina before it’s too late.”

“Susie, listen to me it’s Dave,” he cupped her face gently. “Snap out of it Susie. Your father isn’t even here.” Susan pushed away from shaking her head looking around flaring her arms wildly. “Susan, everything is ok.” He watched her tremble trying to figure out what to do. An idea popped into his head and he instantly acted on it. He grabbed her kissing her. She froze in his arms for a second before kissing him back. She stopped trembling clinging to him while they kissed.

“Susan, tell me what is wrong?” he broke the kiss looking deep into her eyes.

“I don’t know what happened. I was lying next to you in the grass watching you sleep. I was running my fingers through your hair when I heard horses. Suddenly I heard the raised voices of my father and Sir Kenneth. They were arguing about King Marcus and his decision to not send his knights to battle with dad’s knights. My father was furious ordering Kenneth to kill Marcus immediately. With Marcus out of the way, Sabrina would have the power till their son was old enough to rule leaving the perfect opportunity for Kenneth to step in marrying Sabrina. My father promised Kenneth that he would have Sabrina in return for killing Marcus. Kenneth told my father Marcus would die not by the sword but by his food. I listened to the two of them laughing and enjoying their plot to poison Marcus. I woke you immediately telling you I had to get to Sabrina. You looked at me just you’re looking at me now with that bewildered look,” Susan started to cry. “Please take me back to Sabrina. I need my sister.”

“Ok Susie, come on I have you back to her in no time,” Dave kissed Susan’s forehead listening to her cry hoping she would be alright.

Sabrina and Mike entered the castle hearing silence as they looked around. Mike went to the window laughing.

“Look at this,” Mike pointed to Mark and Randy using poles as swords. Mark maneuvered like a pro hitting Randy every few minutes. Seth and Rob sat on chair nearby watching in awe.

“Mark was an excellent swordsman. I was no match for him,” Mike softly said remembering the past. He looked over at Sabrina watching her lightly shiver. “Sabrina, did I say something wrong?”

“No, I just don’t like swords for some reason. They give me the chills,” she wrapped her arms around herself.

“Sweetheart, its ok,” Mike hated seeing her upset. He embraced her hoping to calm her fears. Sabrina happily sighed feeling safe in his arms. She ran her fingers along his strong arms making sure once again he was real and holding her. “Stop worrying I’m real,” he laughed knowing what she was thinking.

“I think I need more proof,” she seductively smiled running her fingers along his chest.

“What kind of proof?”

“I think we can start with this,” she pulled him close kissing him passionately.

“What comes next?” he whispered against her lips. She didn’t say a word just smiled running her fingers down his chest to his belt. She kissed him again deeply. He caressed her back keeping her close to him.

“I think we better go upstairs,” she spoke quietly running her fingertips along his lips. Mike picked her up cradling her in his arms heading upstairs.

“Sabrina! Sabrina where are you!” Susan’s frantic scream echoed throughout the castle. Mike groaned putting Sabrina down as Susan found them running to her sister embracing her.

“Susan, what’s wrong?” Sabrina had never seen her little sister so upset.

“I’m remembering and it’s terrible. Dad wanted to kill King Marcus, your husband. I heard the whole plan while I was with Sir David during one of her secret afternoons.” Susan held onto Sabrina as they both trembled letting the past carry them away as Dave and Mike watched helpless.

Sabrina was bathing her daughter when Susan burst through the door looking frantic and out of breath.

“Sister, what is the trouble?” Sabrina wrapped her daughter staring at her sister.

“Father plans to murder your husband,” Susan had trouble getting the words out.

“What? Are you fooling?” Sabrina was turning white as she tried to think where Marcus was.

“Father has demanded Sir Kenneth carry out the deed. Sir Kenneth is evil he will do it,” Susan paused afraid to tell her sister the rest.

“The rest of father’s demand speak what is it?” Sabrina laid her daughter down in the bed.

“His plan for you to wed Kenneth after Marcus’s death,” Susan had tears streaming down her face as she watched her sister shake. “Sabrina, they plan to poison Marcus.” Sabrina’s heart stopped hearing about the poison realizing Marcus was dining with her father at that moment. Sabrina rushed into the adjoining room telling her ladies in waiting to tend to her children. She grabbed Susan’s hand rushing out the door quickly.

“Marcus is with father now. He shall not die,” Sabrina raced through the halls with Susan closely behind her. They burst through the dining hall doors seeing dinner was just being served. Sabrina’s eyes went to her husband seeing him reaching for his goblet.

“No!” Sabrina screamed making everyone stared. She rushed to Marcus knocking the goblet from his hand. Marcus watched his wife in stunned silence as she threw his food to the floor in a rage.

“My lady, what in the heavens are you doing?” Marcus grabbed his wife around the waist as the other guests looked at her in absolute shock.

“Saving your life,” she spoke meeting Kenneth’s cold eyes. “You! You shall not take my husband from me. I will not be yours!” She pointed at Kenneth as Marcus fought to restrain her flaring body.

“My daughter has gone mad,” King Gregory spoke staring at Sabrina. Sabrina returned his stare wishing she had a dagger to cut his cold heart out.

“You are behind this. I will not let you kill my husband and try to use me to get his power,” Sabrina broke free from Marcus trying to reach her father as Kenneth grabbed her tightly around the waist.

“Feisty, I will tame you wild one once I dispose of your dear husband. You will not stop me again,” Kenneth whispered in her ear as she struggled in his powerful arms.

“Let her go,” the deep voice echoed through the hall as the point of the sharp sword rested on Kenneth’s back. Kenneth let her go as she turned seeing Sir Michael standing behind him.

“Enough of this,” King Gregory roared. “Sir Michael, put down your arms now. King Marcus, remove your crazy wife from my court now. I will deal with her in the morning.”

“I’m not mad. You will not win father I will stop you every step of the way. You will not bring harm to my family,” Sabrina stood in the middle of the room yelling at her father.

“Do not threaten me daughter,” King Gregory wickedly stared at her. “I’m Lord and Master here you will respect me.”

“Leave her alone,” Queen Lucinda spoke up going to her daughter. “You will leave our daughter and her family alone.”

“How dare you speak to me like that,” King Gregory was in a rage.

“Return to your chambers. You will not win against him this way,” Lucinda whispered in Sabrina’s ear as she hugged her. “Go with your husband now.”

“I shall go mother,” she kissed her mother’s cheek as Marcus wrapped his arm around his wife leading her out of the hall.

Susan let out a loud cry bringing them back to the present as Dave and Mike watched them in silence. Mike felt Sabrina’s pain as she held onto Susan. The door shutting caught their attention as Mark entered the room.

“What the hell is going on in here?” Mark looked at the tears streaming down the girls’ faces as Dave and Mike looked on with sad hopeless faces.

“Mike, please tell him,” Sabrina spoke up breaking free from Susan. “We will meet you guys in the hall in about ten minutes. We have to go get something.”

“Ok sweetheart,” Mike couldn’t resist he had to hold her. She melted in his arms burying her face against his chest for a minute. Dave looked over at Susan seeing her sad expression as she watched Mike comforting Sabrina. Dave sighed taking Susan into his arms stroking her hair. Susan clung to him for a moment feeling safe in his strong arms.

“Come on Susan, let’s go get the surprise,” Sabrina stepped away from Mike as Susan followed her out of the room leaving Mark staring at Dave and Mike looking for answers.

Chapter 16

Sabrina and Susan returned both carrying items wrapped in velvet clothes.

“What did you two find?” Dave’s curiosity was out of control

“This is yours,” Susan handed him the item wrapped in a velvet cloth while Sabrina handed Mark and Mike that same thing. “I’ll leave the one for Randy here till he comes in. Open it.” Susan was excited watching Dave.

“Baby girl, where did you two find this? This is the real thing not like the replicas hanging on the wall,” Mark opened the cloth seeing his sword with the golden handle etched with his coat of arms.

“This is unbelievable,” Dave ran his fingers along the sword like it were fragile.

“When Susan and I remembered just now, we also remembered these swords being wrapped and put in the chapel after battles. You guys used different swords when around the castle,” Sabrina smiled until she heard the thud behind her. She turned seeing Mike had dropped the sword shaking.

“Mike, what’s wrong?” Sabrina went to his side touching his shaking hand.

“Get rid of that thing please,” Mike turned away from her.

“Hey Mike, its ok calm down,” Dave picked the sword up putting it on the table.

“Mike, talk to me,” Sabrina caressed his arm lovingly.

“I need to be alone,” Mike didn’t look at her just walked away up the stairs.

“Mike!” Sabrina started going after him as Mark grabbed her around the waist.

“Sabrina, let him go,” Mark whispered knowing when Mike went off he needed time to calm down. “Just give him a few minutes.”

“What upset him so much,” she walked back to the table running her fingers over the sword tracing the etchings.

“In this place who in the hell knows.” Mark sighed staring at Mike’s sword afraid to touch it too for some reason he didn’t understand. Sabrina’s phone started ringing making him look away from the sword. She answered still in shock Mike stormed off on her.

“Hello Sabrina, how is my daughter today?” Greg’s voice bellowed in her ear.

“Hi Dad, I’m ok I think,” she shook her head trying to concentrate. “Is something wrong?”

“No, I’m calling to ask you a favor,” Greg paused. “I’m traveling with some crew for the next movie we are filming. We are scouting a location in England tomorrow then I was thinking of stopping to see you. Is that ok?”

“Sure Dad,” Sabrina said. “Can you bring mom?”

“Yes, do you mind if I bring some of my staff?” Greg asked.

“I don’t have room for them here. They will have to stay in town but I will have a big dinner or something for them when you arrive,” Sabrina knew she had one more room open for her parents to stay in.

“Don’t go to too much trouble for us,” Greg smiled on the other end.

“It’s no trouble Dad, I’ll see you in a few days,” she hung up the phone meeting Susan’s eyes.

“Dad and Mom are coming in a few days,” Sabrina quietly said still thinking about Mike.

“Cool, we can have a banquet like in the old days,” Susan smiled seeing how distracted her sister was. “Are you going be ok?”

“Yes, I need to take a walk,” Sabrina said. “I’ll be back in a few minutes.” Sabrina rushed out of the room.

“I’m going after her,” Susan started to leave as Mark stopped her.

“I’ll go,” Mark let her go hurrying after Sabrina.

It took Mark a few minutes to find her. He finally saw her heading towards one of the cliffs. He watched as she stopped letting the sea air blow her hair back. He closed his eyes seeing her in a dark green gown with the wind whipping through her hair under a moonlit sky. His heart took him back to the past to the last time he remembered going after he on those cliffs.

King Marcus was furious for his wife’s public outburst. He was angered more when she ran from his arms the minute they left the hall. He went out into the dark night seeing her hair glistening in the moonlight as she stood watching the sea.

“Woman, what in the heavens has possessed you. You are a queen not a mad crazy woman. I shall not stand for my wife acting like that,” Marcus approached his wife grabbing her arms standing in front of her. She looked up at him with tear filled eyes.

“I saved thee from death. I shall not be sorry for that. My children shall not be fatherless and me the bride of that barbarian Kenneth,” Sabrina cried looking away from him. Marcus felt his heart ache more with every drop of her tears.

“Make me understand your madness my love,” Marcus moved behind her pulling her against him in a tight embrace whispering in her ear not able to stay mad at her.

“My sister heard my father planning your demise in the forest with Sir Kenneth. Father told Sir Kenneth to kill you. He planned to poison you at the banquet. Kenneth will try again. He swore I shall not stop him the next time,” Sabrina pulled her husband’s arms tighter around her not wanting to lose him.

“Your father wants me out the way so he can wage war when he feels fit to,” Marcus felt his wife trembling in his arms. “I shall take care of Sir Kenneth. Do not fear my love I shall not leave you. After I make sure you are safe in our chambers. I shall send for Sir Michael and Sir David to reveal our troubles. I swear on my honor and life your father will not take me from you,” Marcus hugged her closely finally understanding her outburst. “I’m sorry my love. I’m touched that you truly love me. I was under the illusion you only truly loved Sir Michael.”

“I love you both. You claimed a piece of my heart from the moment you spared Sir Michael’s life and treated me with kindness. Over the years, I’ve grown to love you more. I shall not let my father harm you my love, I promise thee on my life,” Sabrina stared into her husband’s gentle caring eyes.

“You are the only one that can harm me. I’m powerless against you. I’m only invincible with you by my side,” Marcus leaned down kissing her softly. “I love you more than my life.”

Sabrina kissed him overcome with emotion. She loved her husband dearly but she also loved Sir Michael in her own special way that Marcus would never understand. King Marcus picked up his wife carrying her back to the castle thinking of ways to make King Gregory pay dearly.

“Mark, are you ok?” her voice broke him from his thoughts as he looked down into her eyes.

“Yes, just remembering the past,” Mark looked out at the sea. “You promised to never let harm come to me on this spot.”

“You promised to never leave me,” Sabrina smiled at him as he embraced her.

“You really were torn between Michael and me,” Mark loved the feel of her warm body against his.

“Yes, I loved you both,” she frowned.

“I know your love was stronger for Michael,” Mark kissed her cheek.

“I feel a great sadness something happened tragic after that night maybe the next night I’m not sure,” Sabrina caressed his arms.

“Sabrina, don’t force the memories. They will come when the time is right,” Mark sighed deeply. “You should go check on Mike.”

“Why do you think he ran like that?”

“I have no clue, baby girl,” Mark felt her relax in his arms. “You trust me completely don’t you?”

“Yes, I know you would never harm me or do anything against my wishes.”

“If we don’t get away from this spot I might do something you’re not going to like,” Mark whispered in her ear.


“Kiss you,” Mark blushed.

“I wish I could give you what you wanted,” Sabrina kissed his cheek. “My heart belongs to your brother.”

“I know and I respect that,” Mark took her hand squeezing it tightly. “Come on let’s go find my brother.”

Sabrina followed Mark wishing she could find the last pieces of the mystery of their past.

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