Love's Legacy

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Chapter 18

Mike heard the banging on the door. He laid on the bed trying to ignore it not wanting to talk to anyone. He heard the door slowly open and felt someone sit on his bed. He didn’t want to open his eyes and he didn’t need to the minute he felt her touch on his arm he knew it was Sabrina.

“Hey you feel like some company,” she softly said hoping he wouldn’t push her away.

“Not right now. Please leave me alone,” Mike didn’t open his eyes he didn’t want to see the disappointment in her eyes.

“Ok Mike, I’m sorry I bothered you,” Sabrina slowly stood up going towards the door.

“Wait Sabrina,” Mike opened his eyes sitting up. “I’m sorry I don’t want to hurt your feelings.”

“You are hurting me by running away and hiding,” Sabrina stared into his eyes going towards him. “What freaked you out about the sword?”

“I don’t know the feeling I got. The damn thing is evil,” Mike ran his fingers through his hair. “Or I did something evil with it. I don’t know it’s all so blurry. I just feel like I hurt you with it.”

“What?” Sabrina sat down next to him touching his hands.

“I think the bad feeling I get is because I did something to you with that sword,” Mike sighed seeing the confusion in her eyes.

“Mike, listen to me it’s the past. We have to find out what happened so it doesn’t repeat itself. There is a reason we have all come here again together,” Sabrina pleaded with him.

“Damn it Sabrina, I don’t want to remember,” Mike didn’t mean to yell at her. “I had enough. I’m going home first thing tomorrow.”

“You can’t just walk out like that,” Sabrina stared deep into his eyes.

“Watch me,” Mike knew he was hurting her but he couldn’t help it. Sabrina sat quietly watching him get off the bed and start packing.

“I can’t believe this. We find one another again and now you’re leaving me,” Sabrina was trying hard not to cry. “Mike, you can’t be that cold.”

“I’m a monster I can be as cold as I like,” his words made her heart almost break.

“Stop the monster shit. I’m tired of hearing it. You’re using it as an excuse to leave me,” Sabrina went towards the door. “Fine, leave me again. Go be the monster you love so much because you obviously don’t love me.” Sabrina ran out the room slamming the door. Mike threw his head back not believing he had hurt her. He threw his clothes to the floor going to the door to go after her coming face to face with Mark.

“What the hell did you do to her now?” Mark stared at his little brother.

“I told her I’m going home,” Mike didn’t break the stare.

“You mean you’re running away,” Mark paused for a minute listening to the crying of Sabrina from her room. “You like hearing that?”

“It’s ripping my heart out,” Mike sighed not wanting to cause her pain.

“What are you afraid of?” Mark felt his brother’s fear.

“I think I did something terrible to her in the past,” Mike said watching Mark’s eyes fill with emotions.

“You felt it when you touched the sword,” Mark said remembering his fear of that sword. “That sword gave me the creeps too. We have to find out why. You’ll never have peace if you leave now.”

“I guess you’re right,” Mike looked over at Sabrina’s door. “I’m staying away from her till I know what I did.”

“Are you an idiot?” Mark blurted his thoughts out. “You’re going to punish her for the past. She needs you now.”

“I have to think about all of this. I’ll be back,” Mike brushed passed his brother.

“You better be or I’m going to hunt you down,” Mark smirked knowing Mike would come back to Sabrina.

Sabrina sat near the window trying to stop her tears from falling. She was torn apart by Mike deciding he was leaving her. She thought she hadn’t gotten through to him and he loved her but she guessed she was wrong. If he loved me, he wouldn’t be leaving or he would have at least asked me to go with him, Sabrina thought seeing movement below.

She looked down seeing Mike. Her heart slowly painfully ached watching him pace in a circle. Sabrina was happy to see he was still there. She put her fingers against the glass silently pushing the window open. She rested on her chin on her hand watching him kick some of the stones cursing.

“What in the hell is wrong with me?” Mike’s voice echoed. Sabrina realized he was regretting what had happened between them a few minutes ago. She noticed the way his body tensed as he continued pacing. He was tormenting himself and she couldn’t bear to watch it.

“Why am I afraid of a stupid sword?” Mike kept talking to himself as Sabrina thought what to do. When he started cursing again, she shut the window deciding to go try to talk to him. She figured the worst he could do is tell her to go away.

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