Love's Legacy

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Chapter 19

Sabrina quietly went into the courtyard seeing Mike sitting on one of the benches his head in his hands. Mike was lost in his thoughts not hearing her approaching. Sabrina slowly ran her fingers through his hair.

“How can you stand to be around me?” Mike softly said not looking up at her. Sabrina ran her fingers under his chin gently making him look at her.

“Because I love you,” she said with tears in her eyes.

“How can you love someone like me? All I do is hurt you by either pushing you away or running away,” Mike sighed lightly caressing her hand.

“Mike, I know you’re afraid,” Sabrina stared into his eyes. “I’m afraid too but if we stay together we will get through this I know it. Do you realize what a gift we have been given? We have found one another again, our love survived the ages. Do you really want to throw that away?”

“No, I don’t,” Mike pulled her onto his lap wanting to feel her near. “I love you so much it scares me. The feeling is so overwhelming.”

“I love you too. I need you Mike. Please don’t go back to the States yet,” Sabrina caressed his face. “I promise you after we solve the mystery here I will go back with you. Just please don’t leave me here.” The tears running down her cheeks made his heart ache like never before.

“I’m sorry Sabrina for earlier. I swear I won’t leave you,” Mike wiped her tears away.

“Thank you Mike,” she nestled against his chest.

“You really will give all this up to come back to the States with me?” Mike ran his fingers along her back.

“Yes, I just want to be with you. We can always come back to this place when we want to feel its magic,” Sabrina smiled.

“Sabrina, do you feel like something terrible happened here?” Mike had to ask her to see if she was feeling the same thing as him.

“Yes, I feel it more and more as the memories come back,” she cuddled closer to him.

“Do you think I hurt you in our past life?” Mike felt her tense slightly in his arms.

“Mike, I don’t think so,” Sabrina looked up into his eyes. “No matter what we find out we will get through it together. No more running from me.”

“I don’t think I could run from you. My heart would pull me right back,” Mike leaned close kissing her softly. The warmth of his kiss set her heart at ease as she relaxed in his arms loving his kisses.

“Hey you two, save the smooching for later its dinner time,” Dave interrupted them.

“Maybe we are not hungry,” Mike stared at Dave as Sabrina started to laugh.

“Really what if I told you the cook made your favorite baked ham,” Dave smiled as Mike’s stomach started to growl. “Sounds like you’re hungry.”

“Come on sweetie, let’s have dinner than we will spend some time alone” Sabrina stood up taking Mike’s hand.

“Sounds like you’re going to have some fun tonight boy,” Dave patted Mike’s back as he passed them.

“Jealous?” Mike commented back with a smile.

“No, I think I might have some fun tonight to,” Dave blushed slightly.

“Who will you having this fun with?” Sabrina asked as they entered the dining hall. She got her answer when she saw Susan look up immediately when Dave walked giving him a big smile. “Susie, where’s Rob?”

“He had to fly back home his grandmother wasn’t feeling well,” Susan said not seeming upset about her boyfriend taking off suddenly. “I’ll see him when we get back home.”

“Sorry he had to leave,” Sabrina said sitting down as Mark and Randy joined them.

“Where have you boys been?” Susan asked as Randy smiled.

“We went exploring the dungeons,” Mark sat down. “Are they going to be restored too?”

“No, that will all become storage,” Sabrina rested her hand on Mike’s arm. “Find anything interesting down there? That is one part of the castle I don’t want to explore.”

“Nothing, just a dark eerie place,” Randy commented as Mark nodded in agreement.

“What is eerie?” Seth came in the room.

“The dungeons,” Randy answered him.

“Cool, I want to check it out tomorrow,” Seth started to eat right away. “What do you think Dad will say when he sees this place?”

“That it’s a waste of money,” Sabrina laughed.

“Maybe he’ll surprise us all and love it here,” Susan commented trying not to look at Dave.

“We will have to wait and see,” Sabrina hoped her father would like the castle but she had a feeling he wouldn’t.

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