Love's Legacy

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Chapter 2

Susan kept running her fingers through long dark brown wavy hair staring at the phone wondering if she should try calling Sabrina. Susan clumsily pulled out the piece of paper from her purse with Sabrina’s number. She slowly dialed the cell phone number almost hanging up when the ringing started.

“Hello Sabrina Andrews here,” Sabrina’s voice brought tears to Susan’s eyes as she tried to blink them away. “Hello is someone there?”

“Sabrina, its Susan,” Susan’s voice was barely a whisper. “I’m sorry to bother you.”

“Susie, it’s so good to finally hear your voice,” Sabrina was truly happy to hear her little sister. “How are you doing?”

“I’m ok, how about you?” Susan sat down in her leather chair slowly spinning to look out the window.

“I am the same crazy sister,” Sabrina laughed relaxing the tense moment. “Susie, I know you’re not calling to chat. What do you want?”

“The same thing I asked in the email,” Susan hesitated afraid of making her sister mad. “Sabrina, you need to come home now the family needs you.”

“I can’t do that right now. I just talked to mom last night. She didn’t say anything is wrong. Is this about Andrews Entertainment?” Sabrina looked out the door of her cottage at the dark castle walls illuminated by the moonlight not wanting to leave till she found the secrets those walls contained.

“Yes, dad is destroying it. The company is losing tons of money every day,” Susan huffed into the phone. “Can’t you just take a break and come home for a few weeks?”

“Susan, please try to understand this. I can’t leave here till I find what I need to live my life in peace. Do you know what it’s like to be haunted by dreams every night?” Sabrina said knowing it was pointless to reason with Susan.

“Yes, I do. I have nightmares every night of dad losing our legacy. We have all worked so hard to build this company,” Susan was trying hard not to raise her voice.

“Susan, I’m sure you and Seth can handle it. I’m working on part of our legacy too whether you believe me or not this castle is part of our history. It’s not just some crazy dream…”

“Enough Sabrina, its all bullshit! You had a few dreams about a past life as a princess in the medieval times what is the big deal it’s just dreams. It’s not worth throwing away your life and family here for,” Susan cut Sabrina off unable to control her temper. “You need to stop living in a childish fantasy and come home. Isn’t my problem important to you at all?”

“Other people have problems too not just you. I’ll tell you what Susan you want me to come home so bad then come here for a week that’s all I ask,” Sabrina listened to the silence on the end.

“Fine, I’ll catch a flight tonight or tomorrow morning at the latest,” Susan breathed a sigh of relief.

“Susan, thank you. I hope while you’re here we can become close again. You won’t understand why I’m doing this till you come here and feel the magic this place holds,” Sabrina sighed hating fighting with Susan.

“I feel the same way I really do miss you. I was thinking about all the great shopping trips we used to go on,” Susan laughed.

“You come over here and I will take you on one hell of a shopping trip,” Sabrina smiled. “It also is nice to finally meet my brother in law.”

“Eric and I separated recently. We are in the middle of getting a divorce I thought mom would have told you,” Susan said into the phone.

“I’m sorry to hear that,” Sabrina felt sad for her sister. She remembered when Susan called her with the news she had married Eric after only dating for two weeks.

“If you don’t mind, I’ll bring my new boyfriend with me,” Susan smiled thinking of a week with her new man at a romantic castle.

“You can bring whoever you want. I have plenty of room. Most of the bedrooms in the castle are restored just working on the great hall right now hopefully will be done by the time you get here,” Sabrina looked over at the castle again watching the moonlight gleam off the stained glass windows of the great hall.

“I’ll see you soon sis and I’ll try to come with an open mind. I hope you’re still keeping a journal of your dreams I would love to read them. Maybe it will help me understand more what is driving you to stay there,” Susan twisted a strand of her hair around her finger nervously.

“Still keeping one, you’re more than welcome to read it. Bye Sis.” Sabrina hung up the phone wondering if Susan really would have an open mind. Only Seth and her mom truly believed what she said. Especially her mom believed after coming to the site and walking through the parts of the castle that was safe. Lucy couldn’t stop telling her daughter how she felt she had been there been before. Sabrina was amazed when her mom found her way to chapel without anyone telling her. She had tears in her eyes telling Sabrina she felt like she had spent many hours there. Seth was the same way once he explored the grounds he knew he had been there before roaming the countryside on horseback. Sabrina promised him the next time he came the stable would be restored and she would have horses for him to ride. Her father was like Susan refusing to believe it was possible to remember a past life and believe that ruins of the medieval castle was once theirs even after Sabrina found an old sign in the rubble that said Andrews.

“It’s our family castle now,” Sabrina said out loud pulling her sweater around her deciding to go to her favorite place on the castle grounds. Sabrina with the help of Lucy had brought the castle from the local town that was more than happy to get rid of it. The townspeople considered it an eye sore. It took Sabrina a year of traveling around looking at many castles till she finally found it not far from . She thought it was beautiful from the minute she saw it. Most of the outer walls and buildings had crumbled. The castle walls and interior were in good shape only the great hall and kitchen were in ruins. Sabrina over the last four years had slowly been making it a beauty again trying her best to restore it properly with some modern comforts. She had decided to build a smaller replica of the castle in so she wouldn’t have to be away from her family so much. Sabrina raised the money for her two projects by opening two hotels and a restaurant in the nearby town. Her father hated the fact that Sabrina had found a way to make money without his help. The money she got from her share of the family’s company she let sit untouched in her bank accounts.

Sabrina walked out into the chilly night air loving the peaceful feeling she felt being there. The gentle winds blew her blonde hair away from her face as she wrapped her arms around herself. Sabrina would never be truly be at peace till she found the key to her heart the treasure that she buried in a past life that she believed would help her find her true love once again. She found her way to the garden of the castle. The one place she had restored immediately with rows of flower beds and ivy just like in her dreams. She had the fountain in the middle of garden with cupid restored adding lights in the bottom to illuminate it at night. Sabrina found the button turning on the light happily smiling as she sat on the edge staring at her reflection wishing like in her dream she would see his handsome face behind her. She closed her eyes seeing the way his wavy brown hair flowed to his shoulder. Sabrina let out a sigh wondering if her father and Susan were right maybe she was crazy doing this all because of dreams.

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