Love's Legacy

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Chapter 20

After dinner, everyone went their separate ways except for Mike and Sabrina. Sabrina wanted to go upstairs a lay down feeling tired from the day. Mike decided to accompany her. When they got to her room, Mike felt his heart racing. She opened the door motioning for him to come in.

“Make yourself comfortable and put on anything you like I’ll be right back,” Sabrina kissed his cheek handing him the remote for the TV. Mike looked around for a minute not sure what to do. He slowly went to her bed sitting down taking his shoes off before stretching out. He flipped through the channels till he found a random movie starting. When he heard the bathroom door open, he got even more nervous. His heart went wild when he saw Sabrina dressed in a red short night shirt.

“Wow, you look amazing,” he said as she smiled.

“Thank you,” she laid down next to him resting her head on his chest. Sabrina was very nervous too as she cuddled close to him feeling butterflies in her stomach.

“Comfortable,” he whispered running his fingers along her back.

“Yes, I hope you’re not planning on going anywhere tonight,” she softly said hoping he was going to spend the night with her.

“I think I’m staying here all night. There is only one problem we have to deal with,” he kissed her forehead as she looked up at him.

“What?” she asked.

“We have to keep our desires under control. I cannot make love to you till we find out why I keep having these awful feelings that I harmed you. I want everything to feel right when I make love to you,” Mike caressed her face.

“Mike, I understand,” Sabrina ran her fingers through his hair. “I just want to spend the night in your arms.”

“Darling, I’m here and I’ll be holding you till the sun rises,” Mike smiled kissing her softly. She rested her head against his chest running her fingers over his chest. His soft caress on her back felt good as she slowly fell asleep. Mike lay awake watching her not able to shake the feelings of dread coursing through his body. He could feel something wicked was about to happen he just didn’t know what and he was powerless to stop it.

Susan was sitting in the garden thinking about her desire for Dave. Every moment she closed her eyes, she saw his handsome face. She thought she loved Rob but now she wasn’t sure. Her connection to Dave was mind blowing. Susan heard a rustling coming from nearby. She decided to investigate quietly walking towards it till she saw something gleam in the moonlight through the bushes. She pushed some branches aside seeing the man who had been haunting her thoughts all day. Dave was shirtless swinging his sword around like he was in a trance. Susan’s desire for him went crazy as she watched him slice the night air like it was opponent. God he looks so damn sexy, Susan thought as he stopped for a minute stretching his muscular arms making her want him even more. She moved a little closer accidentally breaking a branch, Dave immediately turned in her direction.

“Who is there?” Dave looked towards the bush. “Come on out I won’t bite.” Susan slowly came around the bush as his eyes filled with surprise.

“Susie, why are you spying on me?”

“I wasn’t spying I heard a noise and went to see what it was. What are you doing out here?” Susan took a deep breathe trying to calm herself.

“I was just having some fun. I was trying to tire myself out so I can fall asleep,” Dave said nearing her. “What are you up to?”

“I decided to take a walk before bed,” she stuttered as he reached out running his fingers through her brown hair.

“Do I make you nervous Susie?” Dave stared down into her eyes.

“No, why would you think that,” she looked away from him. Dave smiled broadly leaning down claiming her lips with his. She fought him at first then kissed him back.

“Does that make you nervous?” Dave whispered against her lips.

“Yes,” she softly said.

“Sorry Susie, but I can’t resist doing it,” Dave kissed her again wrapping his arms around her. Susan couldn’t believe how amazing his kiss and touch felt. She ran her fingers along his bare chest.

“I don’t want you to resist,” she broke their kiss staring up into his eyes. “I want to spend the night with you Dave.”

“Are you sure? What about Rob?” he leaned down kissing her neck driving her even crazier.

“Yes, take me to your room now,” she firmly said.

“Your wish is my command beautiful,” Dave picked her up carrying her back towards the castle looking forward to spending the night making love to her.

The next morning Mark kept staring at Dave humming happily eating his pancakes.

“What has got you so cheery this morning,” Mark asked as Dave looked at him shrugging his shoulders.

“I guess the weather. It is a beautiful day,” Dave smiled.

“The weather? Try again boy? You had some fun with Susan last night, didn’t you?” Mark smiled.

“A gentleman never tells,” Dave winked a Mark as Susan came into the room. She felt the two men stare at her.

“What?” she said.

“You sure have a radiant glow this morning,” Mark teased her as she stared at him.

“Thanks I think,” she sat down at the table next to Dave smiling at him.

“Aw, you two look so cute together,” Mark kept teasing them.

“Hey we aren’t together,” Dave pointed at Mark.

“Yes, we are,” Susan surprised Dave by grabbing his arm. “I’m getting rid of Rob when we go back home.”

“You are?” Dave couldn’t help smiling.

“Yes, unless you don’t want me,” Susan gave him a pouting look.

“I want you darling,” Dave put his arm around her kissing her forehead.

“You want Susan,” Randy laughed coming into the room. “Man, you’re asking for trouble.”

“Just shut up Randy,” Susan snapped at him.

“I’m just joking,” Randy put up his hands sitting down next to Mark. Mark’s eyes were suddenly drawn to Sabrina entering the room with Mike close behind.

“What is going on in here?” Sabrina asked looking at Susan cuddling with Dave.

“More rekindled love, Dave and Susan are now a couple,” Mark smiled.

“What about Rob?” Mike asked.

“I’ll deal with him when we get home,” Susan smiled at all of them.

“I’m happy for you Susie,” Sabrina said sitting down.

“Looks like you two also worked out your problems,” Mark met Mike’s eyes.

“Yes, we did. I’m staying here till Sabrina decides she wants to go back with me,” Mike said firmly.

“I’m glad you stopped being stubborn and realized what a good woman she is,” Mark smiled at his little brother.

“She is a wonderful woman,” Mike kissed Sabrina’s forehead making her blush.

“I hope all the happiness in the room last but I have feeling once Greg arrives it will be put to a big test,” Mark said as Dave nodded in agreement.

“That reminds we need to start getting ready for the banquet,” Sabrina didn’t want to dwell on her father coming. Susan right away started giving her ideas as they all listened. Mark, Mike, and Sabrina half listened as they all looked at one another knowing this banquet was going to a night they would all never forget hopefully unlocking the last keys to the past.

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