Love's Legacy

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Chapter 21

The next days passed quickly as they all prepared for the banquet. None of them remembered more of the past. Sabrina and Mike spent the time trying to come up with any clue that would lead to unlocking the final secret of their past. Mark, Randy, and Seth spent their days exploring the castle and the forests around it hoping to trigger more memories. Dave and Susan spent their time also exploring the forest going to their secret spot for hours.

Sabrina woke up early the day of her parents’ arrival to take care of some last minute things. She was talking to the cooks when she heard the ringing of the doorbell. Sabrina quickly rushed to the door thinking it was her parents arriving early. She threw open the door smiling till she saw the tall menacing man on the other side.

“Kenneth,” she slowly said his name.

“Well you kind of got my name right. I’m Kevin Wilks,” he smiled at her. “Who are you little lady?”

“Sabrina Andrews,” she stuttered as he put his hand out to her.

“It’s very nice to meet you,” he shook her hand holding it for a minute staring into her eyes. “We have definitely met before I just don’t know where. You seem so familiar.”

“Maybe we have,” she tried to stay calm as she motioned for him to come in.

“I guess I’m early. I got separated from Greg and the others at the hotel decided to head straight here. I hope you don’t mind,” he kept smiling at her making her get eerie chills.

“That’s ok. I guess you already checked in at the hotel in town?” Sabrina showed him to the hall.

“Yes, I hear it’s your hotel really nice place,” he sat down in a chair.

“Thank you. Breakfast will be served ….”

“Sabrina, there you are I was worried about you. I felt like you were in trouble,” Mike came rushing through the door interrupting her not noticing Kevin. Mike hugged her close feeling her tremble.

“Hey Mike,” Kevin said making Mike turn in his direction.

“Hi, sorry didn’t see you,” Mike understood while Sabrina was upset.

“Are you two a couple?” Kevin pointed to them.

“Yes, she is my girlfriend,” Mike held onto to Sabrina knowing she was afraid.

“Then I definitely will not be making any moves on you pretty lady,” Kevin smiled at her.

“I’m going to check on breakfast,” Sabrina pushed away from Mike going to the kitchen.

“I didn’t mean to startle her,” Kevin nodded after her. “This place is amazing and it feels so comfy like I’ve been here before.”

“Yeah, I know the feeling,” Mike stared at Kevin trying to see him in the present not the past.

“Good morning fellows,” Dave walked in with a broad smile. “How was your trip Kevin?”

“It was ok,” Kevin started talking to Dave.

“I’ll be right back I’m going to help Sabrina,” Mike excused himself rushing to the kitchen finding only the cook. “Where is Sabrina?” One of the cooks pointed to the pantry room. He went towards the room hearing her lightly sobbing finding her on the floor leaning against the wall crying.

“Sweetheart, its ok he isn’t going to hurt you. He doesn’t even remember the past,” Mike pulled her up into his arms holding her tightly.

“I know but it’s those eerie feelings I get when I’m around him,” Sabrina felt safe with Mike wanting to stay in his arms and not return to breakfast. She felt Mike’s heart racing under her cheek. “Mike, are you ok?”

“I got scared I woke up with the feeling like you needed me. I got even more worried when you weren’t in bed,” Mike caressed her face feeling better as every moment passed.

“I’m sorry I had to get up early to make sure everything was in order. I wanted to let you sleep in,” Sabrina kissed his cheek.

“Next time wake me up and let me make that choice,” Mike smiled at her. “As for Kevin, don’t worry about him and when you feel this upset again come right into my arms where you belong.”

“I will I promise. Can you hold me like this all day?” Sabrina looked up into his eyes.

“Sure, but it would be nicer to hold you in bed,” Mike whispered in her ear.

“Let’s go back to bed after breakfast,” Sabrina surprised him with a kiss.

“Let’s skip breakfast,” Mike picked her up against him carrying her out another door to the stairs leading to their bedroom.

Mark didn’t feel right when he woke up something was nagging him. He showered thinking the whole time about what was wrong with him. He was going to talk to Sabrina about his feelings till he heard her laughter mixed with Mike’s coming from her room. Mark headed downstairs not wanting to disturb them. He stopped right outside the doors to the hall listening to the voices inside. The feeling was getting worse as he slowly pushed the doors open. He eyes instantly went to Kevin sitting talking to Dave. Mark felt his pulse quicken as Kevin stared at him. The two men stared one another down ignoring Dave asking them what was wrong. Suddenly Kevin broke the stare resting his head in his hands for a minute. He slowly raised his head revealing a sinister smile staring directly at Mark.

“King Marcus, so we meet again,” Kevin said as Mark came forward resting his hands on the table.

“I see you remember the past,” Mark said as Kevin leaned back in his chair laughing.

“I remember trying to poison your ass and take your pretty wife,” Kenneth looked towards the door. “Your pretty wife looks exactly like Sabrina Andrews.”

“Leave her the hell alone,” Mark tensed up as Dave stood up.

“Did I say anything about bothering her?” Kevin wickedly smiled. “I’m just going to relax and have a good time waiting for King Gregory I mean Greg to join us.”

“Kevin, don’t try ….” Mark stopped mid-sentence when Kevin suddenly shook violently falling out of his chair.

“What the hell. Kevin, you ok?” Dave rushed to his side helping the big man up.

“Yeah I think so,” Kevin sat back in the chair looking at Mark. “Hey Mark, what’s up?”

“Don’t you remember just talking to me?” Mark felt a fear grip his soul.

“Last thing I remember is discussing football with Dave,” Kevin rubbed his forehead.

“What is going on here?” Dave was getting scared as Mark motioned for him to calm down.

“I don’t know but I’m damn well going to find out,” Mark rushed out the room heading up the stairs to talk to Mike and Sabrina when suddenly a strong icy wind came down the stairs.

“Run to her King Marcus while you can because soon she will be mine once again,” the voice of Sir Kenneth echoed in the stairway making Mark freeze to the spot. The wicked laughter echoed as the coldness went away. Mark leaned against the stair wall wondering what in the hell Kevin coming into this castle had awakened and how would they deal with it.

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