Love's Legacy

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Chapter 22

Sabrina lay in Mike’s arms suddenly feeling a cold icy breeze on her neck. She shivered as it got colder.

“Mike, I thought you shut the windows,” Sabrina cuddled closer to him.

“All the windows are shut,” Mike opened his one eye checking the windows. “Are you cold?”

“Just my neck,” Sabrina felt silly saying that. Mike turned on his side softly kissing her neck making a strong wind fill the room almost blowing the covers off of them.

“Sabrina I’m waiting for you to come back to me,” the eerie deep voice echoed through the room terrifying Sabrina as Mike held her close not sure what was going on. The wind suddenly died down as a knock came from the door.

“Who is it?” Mike yelled out as Sabrina kept trembling against him.

“It’s me Mike, I need to talk to you and Sabrina,” Mark’s voice bellowed through the door.

“Hold on, I’ll be right there,” Mike yelled. “Are you ok?” He slowly let Sabrina go watching her look around with fear filled eyes. Mike couldn’t resist wrapping his arms around her hoping to stop her trembling.

“Mike, I’m ok and your brother is waiting,” Sabrina whispered loving the safety of his arms trying not to think about what just happened.

“I’ll get rid of him quickly,” Mike whispered in her ear before letting her go. Sabrina tried to smile at him as he opened the door.

Her smile turned to a frown when she saw Mark looking pale and upset.

“Mark, what’s wrong?” Mike could sense his brother was afraid of something.

“Did you two know Kevin Wilks is here?” Mark asked as he entered the room.

“Yes, he came early this morning,” Sabrina felt a chill run through her body just thinking of Kevin.

“I think his presence has awakened an evil in this castle,” Mark sat down in a chair staring at them.

“I believe it. Something weird just happened here a few minutes ago,” Mike filled Mark in on what happened as Sabrina looked around feeling like they were not alone.

“On the stairs on the way here same thing happened to me. Whatever it was it possessed Kevin for a few minutes because he was calling me King Marcus,” Mark glanced over a Sabrina watching her tremble in fear. “Sabrina, you’re safe Mike and I will make sure of that.”

“It’s going to get worse when my dad shows up,” Sabrina tried to stay strong as she felt the eerie cold breeze again. “Sir Kenneth is here again. What do you want Kenneth?”

“Queen Sabrina, you have escaped me for now but soon I shall have you again. You know you belong to me,” the wicked voice echoed from behind her making Mike pull Sabrina close as Mark looked around the room. “You two will not protect her from me. You couldn’t save her the last time and you won’t save her this time. Destiny shall make her mine again.”

“Leave her the hell alone,” Mike yelled into the air as the laughter got louder.

“Sir Michael, you’re always so protective. I’m going to enjoy facing you again,” the voice started to fade. “You have been warned King Marcus and Sir Michael soon I shall be flesh again and I will destroy both of you.” The curtains blew wildly for a moment then suddenly peace the only sound was Sabrina’s weeping. Mark and Mike felt their hearts racing not knowing what to do. They didn’t know how to fight something they couldn’t see only hear.

“When my father comes, the spirit of Sir Kenneth will enter the body of Kevin and will be able to stay there,” Sabrina whispered against Mike’s chest. “Unlike our spirits his spirit has been trapped here and he can only be set free by entering Kevin’s body. The only catch is he is bound to the castle grounds till he fulfills something he couldn’t do in the past.”

“How do you know that?” Mark stared at her in disbelief. “What does he have to fulfill?

“I don’t know how I know that. I wish I knew what he had to do. It’s not clear damn it why can’t it just all come back to me,” Sabrina was getting more and more upset trying to reason out what was going on what she was feeling.

“Sweetheart, calm down,” Mike ran his fingers through her hair. “Let’s go find the others and see if we can unlock anymore of the past.”

“That is a good idea,” Mark touched Sabrina’s shoulder lightly. “There is always strength in numbers. We have to make sure you are never alone.” She nodded in agreement holding onto Mike’s hand tightly. Sabrina could feel in her heart that by the end of the night Sir Kenneth would be back in the flesh up to his old games.

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