Love's Legacy

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Chapter 23

Mike kept a close eye on Sabrina through the morning as they hung around with the others in the garden. He could tell she was still upset about what had happened earlier even though she was trying to hide her fears. She was sitting on his lap listening to him and Mark talk about their schedule when they got back to the States. Sabrina looked over at Dave and Susan cuddling on one of the benches lost in their own world. She was happy to see Susan so happy. Seth and Randy were busy going over some drawings that had been made showing what the castle would look like completely restored with all the walls and surroundings buildings restored. Sabrina could see the passion in Seth’s eyes as he talked to Randy. He truly loved this castle as much as she did. Maybe I’ll let him take over the renovations when I return to the States with Mike, Sabrina thought as she leaned back against Mike. Mike kissed her forehead continuing his conversation with Mark.

“Hey doesn’t anyone answer a door around here?” Greg’s voice came from behind them as Sabrina turned smiling jumping off Mike’s lap to greet her parents.

“You guys are three hours early,” Sabrina hugged her dad then her mom.

“We’ve missed you so much,” Lucy held onto her oldest daughter tightly. Sabrina felt something was wrong with her mom when she looked down at her she could tell Lucy had been crying.

“Are you ok?” Sabrina whispered as Greg was hugging Susan and Seth.

“Yes, your dad and I just are going through a rough time nothing for you to worry about,” Lucy gave her a smile going to greet her other children. Seth glanced at Sabrina letting her know he sensed something was wrong too.

“This place is incredible feels almost like home,” Greg looked around at the castle feeling very comfortable for reasons he didn’t understand. “Dave, Mike, Mark, Randy, it’s good to see all of you. Come on Sabrina I want you to meet the staff I brought with me. They have been helping me scout new talent for the record label.” Greg took his daughter’s hand pulling her into the house. Sabrina was starting to feel overwhelmed when she saw the three men still outside unloading the cars.

“Sabrina, I would like you to meet William Bradley, Matthew Caruso, and Chris Jenkins,” Greg pointed to each man as they nodded hello.

“It’s nice to meet all of you. I’m sorry you all had to stay at the hotel but I hope to make it up to all of you at the banquet we have planned for tomorrow night,” Sabrina smiled as she heard footsteps behind them turning to see Kevin. He met her eyes for a moment putting her at ease as she realized he was still himself Sir Kenneth’s spirit hadn’t entered him.

“It’s about time you boys got here,” Kevin said looking at all of them. “You guys are going to enjoy this place it kicks ass. There are hidden passages and the dungeons are eerie as hell.”

“You went to the dungeons?” Sabrina asked him getting chills remembering how much Sir Kenneth loved spending hours in the dungeons watching people suffer.

“Yeah, I was curious I hope it’s alright that I’ve been exploring,” Kevin smiled at her.

“Yes, it’s fine,” Sabrina looked away from him happy to see Mike come out. Everyone said hello to him as he headed directly to Sabrina. Mike knew she needed him and he didn’t others were around. He embraced her in his arms as Greg’s and Lucy’s faces filled with surprise.

“Do you have something to tell us Sabrina?” Greg asked for both them as Sabrina turned in Mike’s arms to face them.

“I’m dating Mike,” Sabrina stared at her parents as Greg shook his head for a minute.

“That’s a surprise. Did this just happen?” Greg could see Mike and Sabrina weren’t just dating they were falling for one another. He could tell from the look in their eyes.

“Dad, I will explain everything later. Mike and I are meant to be together. We have just found one another again after a long time of being apart,” Sabrina caressed Mike’s arm as Greg didn’t know what to say or do.

“Oh Sabrina, you found your lost love,” Lucy was filled with excitement for her daughter.

“Yes, she did and she isn’t going to lose me again,” Mike spoke holding Sabrina tightly.

“Ok I’m really missing something here. Sabrina, I don’t remember you ever meeting Mike before,” Greg was trying to remember them meeting when he saw Susan come out holding Dave’s hand. “Now I’m really confused. Susie, I thought you were dating Rob.”

“Dad, I think you better sit down so we can tell you what is going on,” Susan held Dave’s tighter.

“That sounds good,” Greg looked again at the two couples not sure what to think. All he cared about was that his daughters were happy.

“Come on I’ll show you all around,” Sabrina took Mike’s hand motioning for the rest of them to follow. Sabrina started the tour feeling relaxed realizing maybe she was wrong about her father’s presence awaking even more evil in the castle.

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