Love's Legacy

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Chapter 25

During the time Sabrina was dealing with Kenneth returning, Lucy was wandering the halls of the castle remembering things from her past especially the time with her children there. She spent so many hours with her children watching them grow till they all became young adults. Her husband King Gregory never had time for the children unless it was for his own good. She cringed thinking of the time Seth was old enough to begin his training to become a knight. Greg pushed Seth so hard that Seth lost the desire to be a king like his father. Susan on the other hand loved the thought of having power. She loved it since she was a little girl bossing the servants around. Lucy sighed thinking how different Sabrina was from her siblings even in the past. They always shared a strong bond. Sabrina always talked openly to her mother about anything. Lucy was thinking back to the night Sabrina interrupted the King’s banquet to save Marcus. She was so proud of her daughter at the moment for standing up to her father and protecting her family. Lucy stopped at a window looking out at the sea remembering seeing Sabrina and Marcus on the cliff after the ordeal of the attempted poisoning. She remembered watching them for a while till a noise caught her attention. Lucy concentrated hard willing herself to go back to the past memories.

Queen Lucinda felt relief when she saw Sabrina and her husband embracing on the cliff. She knew Marcus was a good man and an excellent father to her grandchildren. She felt sympathy for her daughter knowing she loved Marcus but also cared for Sir Michael. She frowned knowing it was her husband Gregory’s fault that Sabrina had denied her love for Michael and married Marcus giving her father a powerful alliance that had destroyed most everything in its path. Lucinda agreed with Marcus that there was no one left to conquer it was time for some peace. Gregory on the other hand wanted to conquer everything in his sight. Lucinda sighed knowing that is why Gregory was trying to dispose of Marcus. A sudden noise startled Lucinda from her thoughts as she went towards it. She turned the corner seeing Sir Kenneth with Sir William heading down the hall suddenly stopping. Lucinda watched in awe as Kenneth felt the stones pushing on one till a passageway opened. She quickly hurried after them finding the right stone opening the door revealing a staircase leading up lit by torchlight. She heard their footsteps higher up slowly following till she heard them stop.

“Sir Kenneth, Sir William, it’s about time you joined us,” King Gregory’s voice echoed down to her as she frowned. “I believe you both know Sir Matthew and our claimed to be sorcerer Christopher.” Lucinda quietly went up the stairs till she could see slightly into the room. She was stunned to see the room filled with bottles of different liquids and books everywhere. It looked like someone had been living there for quite some time without her knowledge.

“I claim nothing my Lord I am a wizard,” the young man spoke putting down his hood revealing his long blonde hair. Lucinda recognized him immediately as the man she sometimes saw in the courtyard late at night with her husband.

“We shall see,” Sir Matthew spoke up making Sir Kenneth and Sir William grin.

“Would you like me to turn you into a rat to prove it,” Christopher opened his book making Matthew shake his head no.

“On another day, why have you summoned us all here?” Kenneth’s voice seemed filled with annoyance as he sat on a stool.

“It is apparent to me you won’t accomplish the deed at hand by yourself,” King Gregory stared at Kenneth. “At this moment, King Marcus is still breathing and your failure has caused more conflicts that must be dealt with swiftly.” King Gregory got a wicked look on his face rubbing his hands together. “All of you shall help in my plan.”

“I don’t need their help,” Kenneth shot back angrily.

“Indeed you do, I foresee Queen Sabrina shall be the thorn in your side so to say,” Christopher said looking up for a moment from his book.

“I can handle the fair queen,” Kenneth smiled for a moment thinking of the feeling of her warm sensual body against his.

“My daughter is not to be harmed,” King Gregory said. “She is not the problem King Marcus, Sir Michael, Sir David, and my lovely Queen Lucinda are the problems. They must be dealt with now.” Queen Lucinda almost gasped out loud when she heard her name uttered from his lips.

“Excuse me my Lord, I understand King Marcus by why the others especially your wife,” Sir William looked confused as King Gregory huffed.

“Sir Michael and Sir David are loyal to King Marcus. They are his most trusted men with them around Sir Kenneth shall never be able to dispose of King Marcus. Sir Michael will also prevent the marriage of Sabrina to Sir Kenneth after King Marcus’s demise,” King Gregory noticed how happy Kenneth looked at the thought of marrying Sabrina.

“Lucky bastard she is a treasure,” Sir Matthew spoke as Kenneth smiled even more.

“Soon to be my prize,” Sir Kenneth was glowing making Lucinda sick to her stomach as she tried to steady herself. She didn’t want to retreat till she heard their plan.

“I still don’t understand why Queen Lucinda,” Sir William was fond of Lucinda he didn’t understand why she was a threat to his King.

“She spoke against me this eve and that is enough of a reason for her to die with the others,” Gregory showed no remorse at his words making Lucinda slightly tremble. “I caution you all again my children and grandchildren shall not be harmed. Harm to them will mean a long agonizing death in the dungeons. Understood?”

They all nodded yes as they waited to hear their King’s plan. King Gregory told them his plan for the banquet. They all listened intently not believing the sheer evilness of it. Queen Lucinda was filled with terror not sure if should run or confront him on the spot. He gave them each their assignment as they all agreed eagerly. When he finished his plan and all his men agreed, Lucinda almost collapsed to the floor in fear for her life and the others.

“Your wish shall be done My Lord,” Sir Kenneth bowed his head. “Come we must all rest for the morrow it will be an eventful time.” The men started out making Lucinda push against the wall happy to find a place she could hide behind.

“Christopher, you should stay behind I need the potion by the morn,” King Gregory put his hand against Christopher’s chest as the Christopher got a wide smile.

“My Lord your wish is already fulfilled,” Christopher handed him a vial.

“Thank you,” Sir Gregory stared at vial with the cloudy potion happily smiling. “Good eve my men.” Sir Gregory led his men down the stairs never noticing Lucinda shaking behind the wall. She waited till she heard the door closed then went up the stairs looking around in stunned silence. Everything she heard kept echoing through her mind. She looked the window seeing Marcus carrying Sabrina back to the castle. She saw the sweet faces of her grandchildren in her mind as she shook violently. I can’t let my husband do this, she thought as she sunk to the floor crying in sorrow feeling helpless to stop him. She started to scream in agony not caring if her husband heard her.

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