Love's Legacy

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Chapter 26

Sabrina rushed through the castle with the others following the horrid sound of her mom screaming. She ran up the stairs it sounded like it was coming from the walls. Sabrina was stunned when she saw the opening in the wall with the stairs behind it. She didn’t think just rushed up it finding her mom in the middle of a room covered with cobwebs and dust screaming.

“Mom, what’s wrong?” Sabrina kneeled near her mom.

“He is going to kill all of us and I can’t stop him,” Lucy mumbled as Sabrina tilted her chin realizing her eyes were closed.

“Mom, come on snap out of it,” Seth kneeled on her other side while Susan buried her face in Dave’s chest afraid to watch her mom like that.

“Lucy, what is wrong with you?” Greg moved in front of her.

“Stay the hell away from me,” Lucy’s eyes shot open as she pointed at Greg. “I know exactly what you’re up to. You’re not fooling me.”

“Mom, calm down,” Sabrina said knowing her mom was still stuck in a dream or something from the faraway look in her eyes.

“Slap her that will snap her out of it,” Greg coldly said.

“If you don’t want to deal with this just leave,” Seth yelled at his father as Lucy trembled.

“You will not win my dear husband,” Lucy uttered before passing out.

“Mom!” Sabrina screamed as Seth caught their mother.

“She is ok she just fainted,” Mark said helping Seth lay Lucy down.

“Damn it I’ll get a doctor here,” Greg cursed walking towards the stairs to make a call. As he passed Kevin they shared an evil smile. “It’s the past repeating.” Greg said quietly to Kevin brushing past him.

“What did you just say to him?” Sabrina went towards her father looking up into his cold dark eyes.

“Nothing,” Greg tried to turn away as she grabbed his arm.

“Don’t lie to me,” Sabrina stared at her father.

“He said past repeating,” Dave said holding Susan tighter.

“Dad, tell me why you said that. How did mom find this room?” Sabrina tried not to look at Kevin obviously enjoying this moment.

“Later Sabrina, I have to get a doctor here,” Greg walked away leaving Sabrina almost in a fit.

“Kevin, I want you to tell me now why he said that to you. You know what happened in this room,” Sabrina ignored the others staring at her as she grabbed Kevin’s chin making him look at her.

“You shouldn’t be touching me your boyfriend might get jealous,” Kevin brushed her hand away looking up at Mike with a smile. “I’m going to go check on Greg. See you all later.”

”Kevin, don’t walk away from me,” Sabrina tried to go after him as Mike grabbed her around the waist almost picking her up off the floor to stop her.

“Let him go, your mother needs you,” Mike spoke firmly to her as she turned seeing a hint of jealousy in his eyes.

“I’m sorry Mike,” she wrapped her arms around Mike’s waist.

“Sabrina, I’m not mad,” Mike ran his fingers through her hair as she looked at Seth and Mark trying to revive her mother. She started to cry burying her face in Mike’s chest hoping her mom was ok.

“The doctor is on his way. I’m going to go wait for him,” Greg popped his head in not seeming concerned at all about his wife on the floor.

“How can he be so cold,” Susan spoke up leaving Dave’s arms to kneeling near her mom.

“Who knows what I would like to know is what she relived in this room. What is this place?” Mark looked around at the broken shelves feeling something he just couldn’t put his finger on.

“This place is eerie,” Seth spoke up. “I have been seeing her in my dreams like this crying in this room. She was in hysterics.”

“I’ve had that dream too I thought it was the chapel she was in but now I know it was this room,” Susan looked up at Sabrina.

“We have to find out what happened in here,” Sabrina said looking at her mom hoping she would be alright. “Susie, do you remember anything else?”

“I wish I did all remember is her crying. She was worried about something happening at the banquet,” Susan tried her best to recall anything as Seth listened intently. Seth suddenly remembered snapping his fingers getting everyone’s attention.

“We found her the night before the banquet in this room Susan and I. We were heading to our chambers when we heard her screams. We came down the hall as Christopher, dad’s wizard, was opening the door to his room. Her screams came from there as we pushed him aside rushing up the stairs. We found her on the floor screaming we couldn’t get her to stop. King Marcus came to our aid. He tried to talk to her and she passed out just like this.”

“That’s when I walked in,” Sabrina was seeing it all playing in front of her eyes as she clung to Mike. “We couldn’t get her to come to. We tired questioning the wizard but he just ran away. Marcus carried mom to her room while I…” Sabrina was trying to remember it was going blurry.

“This is hopeless the memories keeping fading in and out,” Seth said in frustration.

“Tomorrow night will answer all our questions,” Mark said as the doctor came through the door followed by Greg.

“Tomorrow night might be too late,” Sabrina said watching the doctor check her mom out knowing she had to do something to figure all of this out soon.

Sabrina sat by her mom’s bedside holding her hand. Lucy looked like she was in a deep peaceful sleep. Sabrina felt the warm strong hand grasp her shoulder.

“Hey baby girl, you need to get some sleep,” Mark whispered not wanting to disturb Mike sleeping on the chair next to Sabrina.

“What happened to her in that room to terrify her that much?” Sabrina ignored her tiredness caressing her mom’s hand looking for answers she knew she wouldn’t find.

“Losing sleep isn’t going to help you any. You need to be rested for tomorrow,” Mark massaged her shoulder.

“I know I’m afraid to leave her,” Sabrina felt foolish for saying it but she felt her mom was in danger.

“She will be fine,” Mark leaned down closer to her ear. “Trust me.”

“You’re right,” Sabrina slowly stood up letting her mom’s hand go. She turned looking at Mark with sad sleepy eyes. “I’m really afraid of what will happen tomorrow.”

“Don’t be afraid,” Mark embraced her pulling her close. “I would never let harm come to you.”

“I know you wouldn’t I know that in my heart,” Sabrina pulled back from him. “You always protected me.”

“I always will protect you even with my life if I have to,” Mark caressed her cheek.

“You won’t ever have to do that,” Sabrina was touched by his caring.

“You are still my weakness even in this lifetime,” Mark was lost staring into her eyes until he heard Mike snore lightly. “I can’t do this I have to learn you’re not mine any more than again you never were truly mine.”

“I’m sorry Mark. I hate hurting you like this,” Sabrina couldn’t help getting tears in her eyes.

“Baby girl, I had one lifetime with you and that was heaven for me. Just to know you again and be near you right now is enough for me,” Mark slowly let her go. “We better wake him so you can both get some sleep.”

“Thank you Mark,” Sabrina kissed his cheek making him hug her close again. He hoped he could protect her from whatever would happen tomorrow at the banquet. He ran his hand through her hair knowing what he had to do after he was sure she was safe with Mike for the night.

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