Love's Legacy

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Chapter 27

Sabrina was trying her best to fall asleep. She lay quietly listening to Mike’s breathing caressing his muscular arm protectively around her waist. She tried closing her eyes again feeling nothing but restlessness. Why do I feel like Mark is up to something, she thought turning on her side. She sighed slowly moving Mike’s arm from around her deciding to take a walk hoping the night air would calm her nerves. She wrapped the navy blue satin robe over the matching long nightgown heading out into the quiet empty hall. She stopped for a minute looking at the door that used to be Mike’s room. She couldn’t believe she had agreed to her father’s request to let William and Kevin stay in that room and for Michael and Chris to stay in Dave’s room for the night. An eerie feeling ran through her body as she felt like she was being watched. She shrugged it off hurrying towards the garden. She felt immediate peace when she entered her safe haven seeing the moonlight illuminating the stone bench near the pond. She was about to sit down when she heard noises behind her.

“What are you doing up it’s almost ?” Mark’s voice filled the night air as she turned seeing him a few feet behind her sitting on one of the stone walls.

“I couldn’t sleep,” she softly said going towards him sitting on the wall next to him. “What are you still doing up?”

“Same as you can’t doze off,” Mark looked at her seeing the worry in her eyes as she glanced at him.

“Mark, I can’t shake the feeling your planning to do something to hurt Mike again,” Sabrina had problems getting the words out not wanting to upset Mark. Mark was caught completely off guard by her comment. Damn had did she know that, he thought staring into her eyes.

“Your feeling is right,” he looked down at the ground. “I’m planning to have him touch that sword again first thing tomorrow morning whether he likes it or not even if I have to trick him.”

“You can’t do that to him. You can’t force him to do things,” Sabrina shook her head not believing Mark would break Mike’s trust.

“I don’t want to do it. Damn baby girl don’t you understand that sword could unlock the last key we need to stop what ever in the hell will happen at the banquet,” Mark stood up staring at her. “It took me forever to regain Mike’s trust do you think I want to break it again.”

“Then don’t do it,” Sabrina raised her voice feeling protective of Mike. “Mark, I’m begging you don’t force him to remember. Let me talk to him maybe I can get him to agree to touch the sword again.” Sabrina rested her hand on Mark’s arm feeling the tension running through his body. He turned slowly looking down into her eyes feeling the familiar weakness for her.

“Fine Sabrina, we will try it your way,” Mark knew he couldn’t deny her but if she doesn’t convince Mike I will convince him the hard way he thought to himself.

“Thank you and you won’t have to do it the hard way,” she sat back down on the wall feeling slightly more relaxed.

“Damn it this is eerie. I can’t keep anything for you not even my thoughts,” Mark smirked at her making her smile.

“Sorry I don’t mean to hear your thoughts when we are together like this it’s so easy just happens,” Sabrina looked up at the stars. “When we are apart all I have is feelings or sensations about what is going on with you. You’re right it’s eerie.”

“Why is this happening between us?” Mark rested his hands on each side of her drawing her attention back to his piercing green eyes.

“I don’t….” Sabrina was cut off by laughter from behind them.

“Why?” Kevin joined them laughing wickedly. “Oh Sabrina wouldn’t it be devastating to find out that Mark not Mike is your true love?”

“I know Mike is my true love,” Sabrina immediately went on the defensive.

“Kevin, why don’t you go bug someone else. I’m sure William or Matthew would love your charming company,” Mark protectively put his arm around Sabrina’s shoulders.

“I rather stay here with the lovely lady,” Kevin grinned at Sabrina making her stomach churn. “Don’t get all upset by my presence I’m only trying to point something out maybe Mike isn’t the one.”

“Just take your stupid bullshit and go away,” Sabrina refused to let Kevin get to her.

“Is it bullshit? Let’s think about this you and Mark have a powerful connection. You feel him and can hear his thoughts. You loved him in the past as King Marcus,” Kevin rubbed his chin. “Should I continue?”

“I can hear your thoughts. Does that mean we are in love too?” Mark smirked making Kevin laugh.

“I know why you can hear my thoughts. It was a stupid careless mistake by an idiot who is even stupider today. Hopefully his blunder will be fixed by this time tomorrow,” Kevin seemed lost in his thoughts for a minute. “I’m not just talking about the thoughts it’s the feeling for one another that intrigues me. You dreamed of both men, how can you be sure it just isn’t lust between you and Mike reborn. You two on the other hand had children together a powerful bond.”

“Kevin, I know what you’re up to. You want to cause chaos between Mark and Mike. You want to cause doubts between Mike and I. Any weakness so we don’t stop whatever is going to happen tomorrow so you can finish your deed and leave this castle,” Sabrina yelled at Kevin as Mark caressed her neck trying to calm her down.

“What is the deed anyway, to kill me?” Mark sneered at Kevin as Sabrina inhaled deeply starting to tremble at thought of Mark being harmed.

“I wish it was,” Kevin ran a hand through his hair. “That would be pleasure because in my eyes you are still King Marcus my arch enemy. No my deed is sacred only I know and it will stay that way.”

“No, I will find it out,” Mark got in Kevin’s face staring him down. Trust me I will Mark thought letting Kevin hear it.

“Try your best I like the challenge,” Kevin backed away from Mark shifting his gaze to Sabrina. “My dear, think about what I said tonight but don’t forget it really doesn’t matter because in the end you will spend the rest of your life with me.”

“Never,” Sabrina said feeling Mark wrapping his arms around her.

“Don’t waste your time,” Mark whispered in her ear as Kevin laughed again.

“Good night, I look forward to seeing you two tomorrow,” Kevin gave them one last menacing look before strolling away.

“Damn him, why does he have …” Sabrina stopped when Mark put his finger to her lips.

“Remember he isn’t worth it,” Mark let his finger linger along her chin.

“I better get back to Mike,” Sabrina stuttered not able to get what Kevin said out of her mind for some reason about Mike not being the one.

“Good night baby girl,” Mark slowly leaned down lightly kissing her cheek.

“Good night Mark,” she went to step away from him feeling his arms tighten.

“Stop worrying about what Kevin said just follow your heart,” Mark whispered close to her lips running his fingers lightly over them. She felt her heart quicken under his touch causing her to pull away.

“Good night,” she said breaking free from his embrace rushing back to her room. She stopped outside the door running her fingers over her lips still feeling Mark’s touch.

“Are you starting to doubt beautiful,” Kevin came down the hall stopping near her staring down into her eyes. “Who is you true love Mike or Mark? Poor Sabrina, are you having some doubts.”

“Go to hell!” Sabrina ignored his laughter going into her room. She looked at Mike still sound asleep on his side. She slowly sat on the bed running her fingers along Mike’s cheek hating herself for letting the confusion set in. She laid down snuggling into Mike’s chest trying her best to fall asleep and forget about what Kevin said.

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