Love's Legacy

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Chapter 28

Greg and Chris sat by Lucy’s bedside watching her sleep. Greg was nervously watching the door.

“Chris, what is the hold up?” Greg was turning red with anger as Chris fumbled on the nightstand with a small bottle.

“Hey Greg, I’m rusty at this it’s been ages since I messed with medicines,” Chris said sticking the syringe through the top of the bottle. “Here this will make her sleep through the day probably a few days.”

“Good,” Greg pulled the blanket back from Lucy as Chris injected the sedatives into her arm. Lucy opened her blue eyes slightly staring at Greg with hatred. “Sleep tight Lucy dear, I’ll be back tonight to properly tuck you in.”

“You’re one sick cookie,” Chris said as he put the bottle back into his pocket as the door started to open. Greg motioned for Chris to be quiet as Sabrina came in.

“Good morning,” she looked at the two men. “How is mom?” She brushed past her father kissing her mom’s forehead.

“She looks better this morning but she still won’t wake up,” Greg said noticing how tired his daughter looked.

“You ok Sabrina?” Greg was genuinely concerned for her.

“Yes, didn’t sleep too well. I have to go check on the preparations,” she went to leave as Mark opened the door to check on Lucy. His eyes met Sabrina’s instantly causing a flashback. She started to shake slightly as Greg stood up touching her arm.

“Don’t touch me,” she pulled away as Mark pushed Greg aside grabbing Sabrina’s arms.

“Tell me what you’re seeing don’t be afraid I’m here,” Mark talked to her softly as she got tears in her eyes.

“I see them in the past sitting at mom’s bed just like this as I entered,” Sabrina stared into Mark’s eyes. “Something didn’t feel right like they were up to no good. You came in and felt the same thing. We checked mom out but she stayed in her deep sleep. It doesn’t feel right again.”

“Sabrina, you’re tired and your imagination is running rampant,” Greg didn’t like that his daughter might pick up on his scheme.

“Maybe you’re right,” Sabrina said letting Mark pull her close soothing her fears.

“I’m going to take her to Mike,” Mark said to Greg leading Sabrina out of the room.

“Mark, I know he is up to something,” Sabrina whispered as Mark led her to the dining hall.

“He is but we have to play things the right way. We have to get Mike to touch the sword,” Mark opened the door to the hall revealing Mike and Dave deep in conversation. Sabrina immediately went to Mike sitting on his lap.

“What happened?” Mike looked at Mark for answers.

“Lucy still hasn’t woken up. Greg and Chris are with her now. Sabrina remembered them being with her before and she thinks they are up to trouble,” Mark sat down watching Sabrina closely as she trembled in Mike’s arms.

“Mike, I need you to do me a favor?” Sabrina looked up into his eyes.

“What sweetheart?” Mike caressed her cheek wiping a lingering tear away.

“I need you to touch the sword,” Sabrina felt his body go rigid beneath her as he shook his head no.

“I can’t do that, it’s evil,” Mike gently pushed her off his lap standing up. “No Sabrina I won’t do that. I can’t do that.” He headed towards the door as Mark blocked his way.

“Turn around and look at her,” Mark stared into Mike’s eyes pointing at Sabrina. “Damn it Mike do it now.” Mark raised his voice making Mike turn looking at Sabrina staring at him with tear filled eyes. “Look what you’re doing to her before you runaway. That is the woman you are supposed to love more than your own life. How can you not do this simple thing for her? We are all here for you there is nothing to fear.”

“Mike, please do this for me,” Sabrina approached him resting her hand on his chest.

“No I can’t. I won’t relive what I did to you,” Mike stepped back from her pushing Mark to side storming out the door.

“Mike, stop being an ass don’t walk out of here,” Mark yelled at Mike.

“I thought you weren’t going to run away anymore,” Sabrina called after him as she felt Dave touch her shoulder.

“Sabrina, I’ll go talk to him,” Dave brushed past her giving Mark a look mouthing cheer her up. Mark nodded going towards Sabrina as she tried not to cry at Mike walking out on her again.

“This is going to be one hell of a day,” Sabrina said as Mark hugged her. She felt safe in his arms resting her face against his chest.

“Sabrina, we will get through today. We will stop whatever it is without Mike’s help. Come on let me try touching that sword and see what happens,” Mark held her hand tightly as the headed towards the chapel. On the way, Sabrina caught a glimpse of Dave trying to talk to Mike outside the front door.

“Mike, you need to face your fears,” Dave leaned against the doorway watching Mike pace in front of him. “Do you realize how much you could help Sabrina by just touching the sword even for a few minutes?”

“Or I could hurt her,” Mike said back as Dave sighed.

“I’ll be right back,” Dave went back into the castle into the dining hall taking the swords off the wall. He went back to Mike handing him one.

“What do you want me to do with this?” Mike stared at the sword in his hand as Dave smiled widely.

“Well this always helped clear your head in the good old days. Hopefully it will work now and you will realize the right thing to do is help your girlfriend,” Dave pointed the sword at Mike. “Let’s go.”

“Are you nuts?” Mike stared at Dave with shock till Dave hit Mike’s sword. Mike immediately responded crossing swords with Dave. As they clashed, Mike saw the visions of their many mocks battles in his head. He swung the sword over his head feeling a new found strength he had forgotten.

“No fear Mike, let it go become one with your former self again find that old no fear attitude,” Dave spoke firmly to Mike as they tapped swords. “Forget about the here only concentrate on the past and helping Sabrina.”

Mike listened letting his fears go with every clash of his sword.

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