Love's Legacy

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Chapter 29

Mark watched as Sabrina unwrap Sir Michael’s sword. She shuddered slightly running her fingers along the hilt. He moved behind her mesmerized by the sword for a minute.

“What do you feel?” Mark placed his hand over hers.

“A fear of it,” Sabrina looked over her shoulder into his eyes. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yes, especially if it will help you,” Mark slowly slid his fingers over her hand touching the hilt lightly. He felt a great fear pulling her close against his body hoping together they could face this fear.

“Relax Mark, just close your eyes,” she whispered as he gripped the sword. The vision flashed quickly in his mind as he closed his eyes seeing himself holding her the same way he felt something warm on his shirt looking down seeing blood feeling her body going limp in his arms. He looked up seeing Sir Michael staring at him with cold eyes pressing the sword into Sabrina. He heard Kenneth yelling for the wizard to start now. He started to shake screaming her name making the vision go away.

“Mark, its ok,” Sabrina turned in his arms caressing his face. “Open your eyes please.”

“Oh God Sabrina,” he opened his eyes staring at her with tears running down his cheeks. “You were dying I couldn’t do anything to help you.”

“Mark, all I could feel is fear. Please tell me what happened?” Sabrina wiped his tears away. Mark looked her over making sure she was alright running his fingers along her face.

“There isn’t much to tell the image only stayed for a moment. You were bleeding you were dying in my arms and that bastard just stood there letting you die!” Mark eyes filled with anger.

“Who?” Sabrina softly said not recalling anything familiar about what he was saying. “Sir Michael, he had stabbed you with his sword,” Mark said seeing Sabrina shake her head not sure what to believe. “Sir Kenneth and the wizard were there too but I have no clue what they were up to.” He deeply sighed wishing he could remember more as a commotion came from the courtyard drawing their attention.

Mike and Dave were finishing up with the swords when Kevin, William, and Matthew joined them sitting on the walls to watch.

“I see you’re still quite a swordsman Michael, sorry I mean Mike,” Kevin spoke up making Dave and Mike stop.

“Call me whatever you like, as long as you pick up a sword,” Mike growled at Kevin making Matthew and William urge Kevin on.

“Come on, show him you’re still the man,” Matthew said patting Kevin’s arm.

“Maybe later,” Kevin neared Mike moving slowly behind him. “Isn’t this all familiar my old friend? Are you working off your temper after a confrontation with the lovely lady we both so admire?”

“Leave Sabrina out of this. She is none of your concern,” Mike growled as Dave stared down William and Matthew.

“Oh she is more than my concern,” Kevin moved in front of Mike. “I can clearly see when we have done this before. For me it was a triumphant moment, it was the morning I put doubts into your mind about the fair enchanting Queen Sabrina.”

“You son of a bitch,” Mike stared him down suddenly feeling a fear fill his body as he flashed back to the moment Kevin was talking about.

Sir Michael and Sir David had just finished a practice duel. Sir Michael finally had his temper cooled after dealing with Queen Sabrina’s refusal to leave the castle for her protection after he pleaded with her to go. It was the first time her loyalty to King Marcus had upset him so. He couldn’t believe she would put herself at risk for the man who had torn them apart. He was lost in thoughts when Sir Kenneth, Sir William, and Sir Matthew came through the courtyard returning from a morning ride. Kenneth immediately came to him with a broad smile.

“Sir Michael, I was sorry to hear of your problems with our lovely queen,” Sir Kenneth said as his men distracted Sir David with chatter about the last tournament. “Her love for King Marcus is undeniable. I fear it’s not love she feels for you only lust.”

“My relationship with the queen is none of your concern,” Sir Michael growled putting his sword back into its holder.

“I’m only trying to be a friend,” Kenneth sneered lowering his voice. “I have a proposition for you that will make us both get what we want.”

“I’m not interested in any deal with a snake like you,” Michael raised his voice getting David’s attention.

“Calm down and listen. King Marcus is an obstacle for both of us. If you aid me in getting rid of him the fair queen shall be free from him. The poor fragile woman will need comforting after such an ordeal,” Kenneth almost whispered making Michael’s eyes go wide at his words.

“I shall not betray my king,” Sir Michael firmly said as Matthew led David away to look at the horses.

“Your king, the king who caused all your sorrow? The man had children with the love of your life while you were away fighting for his kingdom. The man who sleeps with her every night feels her warm body against his. The man who …” Kenneth stopped when Michael drew his sword putting the tip under his chin.

“Enough I will not listen to this,” Michael pressed the tip drawing a few drops of blood.

“Fine think about what I say,” Kenneth pushed the sword away. “Also think about your lady love and her true devotion to Marcus. Are you sure she thinks of you as her true love? Maybe Marcus is her true love. I shall leave you with your thoughts.”

Sir Michael watched Kenneth walk away with his men not able to control the visions racing through his mind of the many times he had witnessed Sabrina’s happiness with Marcus. His thoughts were consumed with the doubts of her love.

Mike snapped back into the present seeing Kevin’s smiling face. An intense anger consumed him as he grabbed Kevin around the throat making the other men start to yell at him.

Sabrina and Mark came outside seeing Mike holding Kevin a few feet off the ground by the throat as Matthew, Dave, and William tried to get him to break his hold.

“Mike, stop it now,” Mark pushed the other men away grabbing his brother firmly. Mike let go of Kevin. Kevin fell to the ground laughing rubbing his neck as William helped him up.

“What is so funny? He could have killed you,” Sabrina stared at Kevin.

“I’m not in fear of my life,” Kevin smiled at her.

“What is wrong with you Mike?” Mark tried to get Mike to look at him.

“Nothing,” Mike ignored the others looking at Sabrina putting his hand to her. “We need to talk now.”

“Ok Mike,” she took his hand letting him lead her through the castle to the cliffs overlooking the shore. “Please talk to me.”

“Do you doubt our love now?” Mike stared into her eyes.

“Why do you?” Sabrina searched his troubled eyes.

“I remembered a confrontation with Kenneth where I started to doubt our love because you refused to leave Marcus and go into hiding with your children,” Mike said watching tears come to her eyes knowing she was remembering them arguing as he pleaded with her to leave the castle with her children before the banquet. “Kenneth made me an offer to help get rid of Marcus so you would be all alone but I was no fool. I knew you wouldn’t be mine. I knew Kenneth would marry you immediately leaving me as your secret lover again.”

“The doubts are back in your mind?” Sabrina quietly asked feeling a chill run through her body.

“Honestly yes. Damn it Sabrina I’m confused this whole situation is overwhelming. I’m slowly losing my grip on reality. I feel like I’m living two lives one as Mike and one as Sir Michael. I do love you but I wonder do you really love me or is it really lust like Kenneth says,” Mike rested his hands on his hips staring at her.

“It was more than lust I surely know that,” Sabrina touched his arm wishing she could take his confusion away. “Mike, I don’t know what to do right now. I’m scared beyond belief with everything. Mark remembered me dying in his arms and …” She couldn’t tell him the words wouldn’t leave her tongue.

“And what? Tell me now don’t hesitate I need to know,” Mike gently grabbed her chin.

“You stabbed me with your sword,” Sabrina’s voice broke up as the tears ran down her cheeks. Mike was shocked only able to embrace her and hold her tightly not believing he would harm her no matter how angry he was.

“Oh sweetheart, I’m so sorry how could I possibly have hurt you,” Mike held her tightly hoping she was wrong.

“Mike, I’m scared I don’t know what will happen tonight,” Sabrina kept crying clinging to him.

“Don’t even think you will die again tonight. I will not let that happen please trust me when I say nothing will happen to you,” Mike kissed her forehead swearing he would not let her get hurt. He held her for what seemed like hours in silence neither one of them knowing what to say until Mark and Dave came looking for them telling them it was time to get ready for the banquet.

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