Love's Legacy

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Chapter 3

Sabrina returned to her cottage pulling her journal from her bag. She slowly opened it scanning the words she had been writing for five years. The whole journal was full of what she remembered of the dreams. Sabrina changed into her nightshirt crawling into her bed reading the entries looking for the clue she needed. It read so far like a fairytale missing a few pieces. She shuffled the pages finding the entry about the garden hoping to have that piece of the dream tonight. She closed her eyes thinking of the garden smelling the roses blooming hearing the sounds of the night as she fell asleep.

Her dream immediately took her over as she looked around realizing she was in the garden. The sounds of a banquet going on in the great hall echoed through the castle walls. Sabrina sat on stone edge looking into the water at her reflection. Her long dark blonde hair was pulled back into a braid with flowers entwined into it. Her dark blue gown shimmered in the moonlight. She ran her hand lightly along the water blurring her reflection for a moment. The water became calm again revealing his brown eyes staring at her reflection. He smiled as their eyes met.

“Good eve fair mistress. I’m Sir Michael, one of King Marcus’s knights. I hope my presence didn’t startle you,” his deep husky voice made her turn to face him. She was taken away by how ruggedly handsome he looked with his brown hair hanging loosely. His shirt hung open giving a glimpse of his muscular chest.

“Good eve good sir. I’m Princess Sabrina,” she blushed as he kissed her hand. Her heart was captivated by him at that moment.

“It’s an honor to meet King Gregory’s lovely daughter. I crave your pardon for disturbing you,” he let her hand her go.

“No pardon is needed,” she tried to ignore the nervousness creeping through her stomach.

“I thank thee, how one does enjoy being in thy presence. I could not take my eyes off of you this eve as you dined with your family,” he moved closer to her. “My heart hopes to see you at the tournaments. Lady luck has not been on my side. I fear I am on a losing streak.”

“I shall be there tomorrow,” she watched as he took her hand placing it on his broad chest over his heart.

“You have made my heart beat again,” he stared into her pretty eyes. “My lady is more beautiful than all the flowers in this garden.”

“I thank thee for the kind words,” she pulled back her hand.

“I mean every word my pretty maiden,” he leaned over kissing her cheek. “Why is her ladyship out here alone instead of enjoying the banquet with her family?”

“I don’t belong there I crave the silence of eve and peace of the night,” she looked up dreamily at the stars. “This is my haven from the power lust of my father.”

“I’m honored you allow me to share this paradise with thee,” he stared into her greenish blue eyes feeling more captivated with her. They suddenly heard someone calling Sabrina back to the banquet.

“I must go Sir Michael,” she stood up to leave as he grabbed her arm towering over her searching her eyes with a nervous grin.

“Would my lady be kind enough to bestow a kiss of luck on me?”

Sabrina stared into his mesmerizing brown eyes for a moment. He leaned down brushing her lips with his. The feel of his lips were intoxicating as she softly kissed him.

“When I am victorious tomorrow will my lady met me here in paradise under the stars to celebrate?” he whispered against her lips feeling their heats beating in time together.

“Even if you lose I shall come,” she kissed him again before returning to the banquet. She turned at the entrance of the hall to look back at her sweet knight watching her with tender eyes. She was already falling in love with him and she hoped he felt the same as she gave him a wave goodbye.

Sabrina was smiling in her sleep loving the dream. “I will always love you please come find me,” she whispered in her sleep. Across the oceans many miles away her love lay asleep having the same dream. He heard her sweet voice saying she would always love him. His brown eyes shot open looking around the room for her realizing once again he was dreaming. He touched his lips feeling her warm kiss on them. He never thought dreams could feel so real but for years he had dreamed of her. The dreams were always strongest when he slept in the afternoon those were the moments he truly felt her like she was right there in his arms. He always woke up searching for her.

“I wish I could find you,” he said out loud running a hand through his shoulder length wavy brown hair.

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