Love's Legacy

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Chapter 30

Mike sat quietly on the bed watching Sabrina brush her damp hair after her shower. She was trying to be strong but he could see she was on the verge of tears. She stood heading back towards the bathroom when he put his arm out catching her. He pulled her towards him onto the bed.

“I don’t like the silence between us,” Mike ran a finger along her cheek. “Sweetheart, I’ve been thinking. We can’t doubt our love we need that to get through the night. I love you endlessly I know that in my heart.”

“I love you too,” her eyes filled with tears as he leaned down kissing her softly. He kissed her deeper running his fingers through her hair. “Let’s just leave this place the hell with the past.”

“Sabrina, you can’t give up now. We will never feel right if we leave here,” Mike kissed her forehead. “All we can do is stop doubting our love and letting Kevin play these games with us. Let’s get dressed and go face the past together. I’ll even touch that damn sword to help.”

“You don’t have to do that I don’t want to force you,” Sabrina said seeing a smile form on his lips.

“I want to for you. I was stupid earlier for refusing. The memories can’t hurt me only losing you can hurt me,” Mike ran his fingers slowly along her face. “Let’s finish getting ready. She nodded in agreement kissing him softly.

Mike was finishing getting dressed in his tuxedo when he caught a glimpse of Sabrina in the mirror coming out of the bathroom. He was stunned silent by how beautiful she looked in the light blue off the shoulder flowing gown with her hair hanging loosely in curls down her back. He whistled at her making her blush.

“You look very handsome,” she said checking him out loving the way he looked in the black tuxedo.

“I feel foolish dressing so fancy for dinner,” Mike said making her laugh.

“Hon, I’m not happy either about this but Susan insisted we all dress up for the banquet. If she had her way we would have been dressing like back then,” Sabrina kissed his cheek.

“Well my lady shall we,” he put his hand out to her making her smile. They headed downstairs joining the others already in the great hall. The band that Susan had hired was all setup playing soft music while dinner was being served. Mike pulled out Sabrina chair waiting for her to sit. The dinner went well with no problems. Susan and Dave got up to dance during the break between dinner and dessert. Sabrina noticed how happy they looked cuddling close swaying in time with the music. Mike tapped her shoulder leading her to dance floor. He held her close making her forget about everything except them. They danced a few songs until she felt Mike tense up. She looked up into his loving eyes seeing turmoil.

“It’s time. Come with me for a minute sweetheart,” Mike led her into the hall to the chapel. “I said I would touch that sword and I meant it.”

“I hope you guys don’t mind if we come along. Randy and Seth are keeping an eye on things,” Mark joined them followed by Dave and Susan.

“We are all in this together and time is running out,” Susan hugged her sister as Mark took Sir Michael’s sword out.

“I’m proud of you Mike,” Mark said hugging his little brother. “We are all here for you.”

“Thanks,” Mike stared at the sword feeling Sabrina hug him. He held her close kissing her softly before picking up the sword. Sabrina felt his arm tighten around her as his body trembled. “Close your eyes sweetheart, time to remember.” Mike whispered in her ear as the both closed their eyes letting the past overtake them.

The castle was filled with the sounds of the banquet as Sabrina and Marcus made their way down to the banquet. They stopped just outside the doors waiting for Sir David and Sir Michael to join them.

“My Lord, we have done what you asked. Your children are safely miles away from here,” Sir David spoke adjusting his sword.

“Sir Kenneth?” King Marcus asked holding onto his wife’s hand.

“He and his men are at the banquet. Our men will be keeping close watch on them. Any sudden movement and we will be notified,” Sir Michael said trying to keep his eyes off the dazzling queen looking radiant in the blue gown laced tight showing off her curvy figure.

“Excellent, did you post a guard at Queen Lucinda’s door,” Marcus rested his hand on his wife’s back.

“Yes my Lord,” Sir David answered hearing footsteps approaching happy to see Princess Susan coming down the hall looking irresistible in her deep red gown. “My Lady you look ravishing this eve.”

“Thank you sir,” Susan smiled at him.

“Where is your husband?” Marcus asked her hoping to talk to Sir Randal.

“He was feeling under the weather. He has decided to rest in our chamber for the eve,” Susan gave Sir David a wink letting him know she was all his for the night. “Sir David, will you be my escort for the banquet?”

“It would be my pleasure,” Sir David extended his arm to her.

“I really don’t want to go in there,” Sabrina spoke up holding onto Marcus tightly.

“My love, you have nothing to fear I am here,” Marcus hugged her as she looked over his shoulder meeting Sir Michael’s eyes. He mouthed to her I love you and she could see in his eyes not to worry he would protect her.

“Let’s get this over and done with,” Marcus kissed her cheek as he held her hand tightly making their entrance into the banquet. They were instantly announced as they entered the room. Sabrina immediately felt Kenneth’s stare making her feel uneasy. Marcus picked up on it instantly giving Kenneth a cold hard stare. Sir Michael followed Marcus and Sabrina to the table sitting next to Sabrina. When Marcus turned to talk to King Gregory, Michael rested his hand on her knee under the table lightly squeezing it letting her know it was alright.

“Marcus, I’m happy you joined us this eve. Would you mind coming with me for a few moments we have an urgent matter to speak of,” Gregory asked making Sabrina immediately get upset.

“Father, not this eve. I wish to have my husband by my side,” Sabrina spoke up making her father turn red in the face.

“I will return him shortly. This is a pressing matter that must be dealt with,” Gregory stared at his daughter.

“Sabrina, I shall return quickly. Sir Michael please look after the queen for me,” King Marcus leaned close to Sabrina whispering in her ear. “Do not fear my love I shall be fine.”

“While you are gone, I will go check on my mother,” Sabrina stood making Sir Michael rise with her.

“I shall accompany her, my Lord,” Sir Michael looked at King Marcus as they went their way and King Marcus went with King Gregory. Princess Susan saw her sister leaving tapping Sir David for them to follow.

“Something is wrong I can feel it,” Sabrina said as soon as they were out the door staring into Michael’s eyes.

“Sabrina, you must keep your temper under control,” Sir Michael touched her cheek lightly. “No harm shall come to my Lord.”

“I wish to go see my mother now,” Sabrina said feeling like she had to see her mom immediately.

“We are coming with you,” Susan appeared with Sir David by her side.

“Good,” Sabrina hugged her sister. “I feel mother needs us.”

They hurried to Queen Lucinda’s chamber finding her stirring slightly with Seth sitting by her side. Sabrina went close to her taking her hand.

“She has been upset all eve tossing and turning,” Seth informed his sisters.

“Susan, Seth and I are here Mother open your eyes,” Sabrina spoke softly as the other watched. Lucinda started to toss more slowly opening her blue eyes.

“My children I love you all,” Lucinda spoke softly trying to keep her eyes open. “Listen to me you must stop your father. He plans to do away with Sir Randal, King Marcus, Sir Michael, and me.”

“What?” Susan said loudly.

“I heard them in the wizard’s room planning our demise. He promised Sir Kenneth that he would have Sabrina as a wife for disposing of King Marcus and Sir Michael. He promised Sir Matthew that Susan would be his bride for getting rid of Sir Randal. Sir William and the wizard are getting land for their help,” Lucinda was starting to fall asleep again squeezing Sabrina’s hand. “This eve all this shall happen unless you stop ….” Lucinda collapsed to the pillows again. The room was filled with a silence after what they all heard.

“I have to find Marcus now,” Sabrina rose determined to save her husband.

“Wait, you’re not going alone,” Sir Michael grabbed her arm. “Sir David, go with Susan and check on Sir Randal.”

“You cannot come with me, they will kill you too,” Sabrina pleaded with Michael. “I cannot bear losing you this eve. Please stay here with my mother.”

“No my duty is to protect my king and queen. If I die it will be doing that not being a coward,” Michael raised his voice startling her. She refused to argue with him.

“I will stay here with mother. No one will harm her without taking my life first,” Seth held his mother’s hand protectively. “Go save the others.”

They all hurried in different directions. Sabrina was frantic feeling in her heart Marcus was alright but for how much longer. Sir Michael was silent watching her emotions seeing she was consumed with fear. She ran through the halls holding her gown tightly to prevent falling. She suddenly stopped hearing the crashing sounds. She went running towards her father’s library finding Sir Kenneth and Sir Marcus in the middle of a heated sword fight while the wizard watched quietly from the shadows.

“Sabrina, stay back,” Sir Michael gently pushed her aside going after Sir Kenneth. Sir Kenneth knocked Marcus over a table slashing him deeply in the arm drawing blood.

“Enough Kenneth, stop this,” Sabrina yelled getting his attention.

“My fair queen, so nice of you to join us and bring me my next victim,” Sir Kenneth pointed his sword at Sir Michael.

“It shall be you dying by the sword tonight,” Sir Michael yelled attacking furiously. Sabrina cautiously made her way to Marcus still lying on the floor.

“Marcus, are you ok?” Sabrina listened to his deep breathing.

“Yes, you should not be here,” Marcus sat up looking at her wanting to get her out of the room as quickly as possible. As he rose to his feet picking up his sword, he motioned for her to get behind him as he watched Sir Michael expertly beating Kenneth swing by swing. Sir Michael moved back avoiding Kenneth’s blade inserting his own blade into Kenneth’s stomach. Kenneth slowly fell to his knees a few feet from King Marcus and Sabrina.

“You have done well Sir Michael,” Marcus congratulated his knight as Sabrina stepped away from him looking at the wizard in the corner about to ask him what he was doing there.

“Forgive me my Lord,” Sir Michael said getting tears in his eyes.

“Forgive you for …” King Marcus stopped mid-sentence as Sir Michael came at him with his sword drawn the sharp point glimmering in the torchlight.

“No!” Sabrina yelled moving in front of Marcus as the sword tore into her. She stared into Michael’s eyes seeing a coldness she never saw before. Time seemed to be standing still as she looked down at the sword feeling herself sinking hearing Marcus’s cry not able to take her eyes off Michael.

“Oh Sabrina, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I love you. I will always love you,” Sir Michael was babbling not believing what he had done. He had planned to dispose of Marcus blaming it on Kenneth so Sabrina and he could be together instead he had killed her.

“Christopher, start your magic,” Kenneth’s hoarse voice filled with pain echoed through the air as he crawled towards Sabrina. Marcus held his wife close feeling the life leaving her body. He looked at the man he had trusted for years with intense hatred drawing his sword he pierced Michael in the heart.

“I hope you go to hell for eternity never to feel the love of this woman again,” Marcus whispered watching Michael fall to his knees still staring at Sabrina not believing he hurt the woman he loved more than life itself. Michael’s last thought was of Sabrina giving her life for Marcus. King Marcus slowly sank to his knees holding his wife tightly against him watching the color leaving her face as she slowly opened her eyes.

“I love you. Please take care of our children,” Sabrina’s voice was weak as her eyes fluttered.

“I love you. My love for you is eternal I shall find you again even if it takes lifetimes,” Marcus’s tears dropped onto her cheeks as he held her tightly. He was so lost in his misery that he didn’t notice the wizard chanting a spell as Kenneth touched Sabrina’s blood mixing it with his blood from his wound.

“Let blood bond these souls for eternity. Even in rebirth these souls shall be joined finding one another in any lifetime. As I say is as it shall be by the powers I call to thee,” Christopher raised his arms finishing his spell as a wicked storm started outside. The heavens opened up letting the rain pour as the tears flowed from Marcus’s eyes as he kissed his wife for the last time feeling her last breathe against his lips. Sir Kenneth took his last breath with her smiling wickedly to himself that at least he would always be able find her in any lifetime eventually making her his.

At the same time, Sabrina was pierced by Michael’s sword two other tragedies happened in the castle.

Princess Susan ran to her bedchambers with Sir David closely behind her. When they got to her room, they found Sir William standing outside.

“My Lady, you are not allowed inside at the moment,” Sir William tried to stop her as Sir David drew his sword distracting William. Susan used the opportunity to go into her room finding Sir Randal doing his best to fight Sir Matthew off. Sir Randal was feeling dizzy from the potion the wizard had slipped in his drink earlier. He made a wrong move opening himself up for Matthew’s attack. Susan saw this dodging in front of Randal taking the blow for him ending her life instantly as the sharp blade pierced her heart. Sir David yelled in agony making quick work of Sir William running into the room to hold Susan’s lifeless body.

At the same time, Prince Seth was guarding his mother when King Gregory came in hysterically ranting.

“Kenneth is too occupied with Marcus and Michael to do his deed but I surely will do it for him,” Gregory looked at Queen Lucinda with hatred in his eyes ignoring Seth.

“Father, what are you doing?” Seth watched as Gregory rushed the bed with his sword drawn giving Seth just enough time to lunge taking the sword for his mother.

“Damn you!” Gregory yelled into the air as Seth’s body slumped over his mother as King Marcus’s knights stormed the room seizing Gregory before he tried to kill Lucinda again.

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