Love's Legacy

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Chapter 31

Sabrina broke free from Mike staring at him with tears in her eyes after reliving what happened. She looked at the Mark crumbled on the floor crying out all the past emotions. She was more confused than ever turning away from them going to the open arms of Seth and Susan finding comfort with them.

“The lust for power cost mom all her children back then,” Seth was shaking with fear still seeing the evil in his father’s eyes.

“This is unbelievable. There is no way that is repeating again tonight,” Dave spoke breaking the silence willing all the memories away.

“Something is going to repeat. All of us remembering this isn’t just for the hell of it,” Sabrina shook slightly. “Something has to repeat so Kenneth’s spirit can stay.”

“He had two jobs that night to kill Marcus and Michael, maybe he has to try to do that again,” Seth started to think out loud.

“Seth, it’s not that, think of what you said about remembering when dad rushed into the room that it was Kenneth’s duty to get rid of mom,” Sabrina was starting to fear only her mother was in danger. She rushed past the others out the door up to Lucy’s room finding it empty.

“Where is mom?” Susan searched the room franticly.

“We have to find Kenneth,” Sabrina concentrated hard trying to hear his thoughts getting only silence. Mark cautiously walked up to her placing his hand on her shoulders.

“Sabrina, he is blocking us out. I bet your father knows where he is,” Mark said softly to her as Sabrina agreed with him hurrying back to the banquet finding her father sitting with William and Matthew drinking and having a good time.

“Dad, where is Kevin?” Sabrina asked staring into his eyes.

“I don’t know maybe taking care of a problem for me,” Greg laughed with an evil grin.

“I will find him and stop him again. He will not harm mom,” Sabrina pointed at her father trying to think where Kenneth would take her mom. It hit her suddenly as she ran out of the room with the others calling after her. She ran out into the dark night through the courtyard to the opening of the dungeons seeing a glowing light knowing he was there. She felt the powerful arms grab her around the waist as she tried to enter.

“Stop right there. You’re not getting yourself killed again,” Mark held her tightly. “Calm down, you have to keep control or he will win.”

“That is our mom we have to,” Susan was cut off by Dave giving her a look.

“You all have to listen to Mark and stay calm,” Dave said as Seth started to bounce around looking like a caged animal. Mike stayed in the shadows willing to help but still in shock from the memories.

“Sabrina, come with me,” Mark took her hand as he guided her through the dungeon till they came to Kenneth sitting on a chair staring at Lucy sleeping in another chair.

“It’s about time you two got here,” Kenneth looked at them. “Did you remember everything?”

“Yes, we now know why we are all bonded,” Sabrina spoke up. “You had the wizard do that stupid spell and you didn’t realize that my blood was also mixing with Marcus’s from the wound you gave him. Instead of bonding just us, you have connected Mark and me forever.”

“A small price to pay,” Kenneth smiled looking at Lucy. “She gets to pay the price this lifetime all the rest of us are safe. It’s only her.”

“Kenneth, you can’t do this,” Sabrina pleaded with him. “You will spend your life in jail for taking her life. You will have a body but what good will it do you there.”
”Jail, it’s like dungeons right?” Kenneth pointed to the empty tombs without bars.

“Yes,” Mark spoke up. “It’s a nasty place to go and you will not be able to hide from the law no matter what Greg tells you.”

“I must do what it is my destiny to do,” Kenneth stood up picking up a sword approaching Lucy. Sabrina rushed towards Kenneth getting in front of him placing her hands on his chest.

“Please stop don’t do this. Don’t take my mom,” Sabrina got tears in her eyes pleading with him.

“Do not beg me,” Kenneth tried to push her aside.

“I will beg. I will do anything to stop you. I will even give you my life in her place,” Sabrina stared into his eyes.

“You will give up your life setting your soul free to roam this castle again with me for possible centuries again,” Kenneth said giving her an amused look. “You would do all that for your mom?”

“Yes because I love her,” Sabrina saw something soften in his eyes.

“Kenneth, you can stop this madness just walk away,” Mark spoke up getting worried about Sabrina. Kenneth thought for a few moments looking at Sabrina.

“Take your mother out of here,” he said softly turning away from Sabrina. “Do it quickly before I change my mind.” Mark quickly gathered Lucy up carrying her out to Seth leaving Sabrina with Kenneth.

“Thank you for doing that,” Sabrina touched his arm.

“My thirst for blood and revenge is not as strong as it used to be,” Kenneth said throwing his head back feeling a shiver through his body.

“Maybe the years have finally taught you that bloodlust brings you nothing but misery,” Sabrina finally felt no fear of him.

“Centuries of sorrow,” Kenneth sighed. “Leave now it will not be long till I have to leave this body and return to the many nights of wandering this place endlessly.”

“I remember the wandering,” Sabrina said softly. “It was like floating through the years seeing lifetimes pass in the castles in what seemed like only minutes.”

“It only passed that fast when I had you to bother,” Kenneth grinned at her. “I’m sorry about the spell I had the wizard do I just wanted to be with you. I wished so many nights I could be Marcus or Michael. You absolutely hated me and having Christopher do the spell also was payback to Michael and Marcus. I would have you for eternity not them. I never knew about Marcus’s blood and I never thought your love for Michael was that powerful. What is the matter you are still not happy? I have spared your mother. In a few hours, I will no longer be human. You know all of the past you are now free to be Mike. What more could you possible need for your happiness?”

“Peace of mind that Mike was my true love,” Sabrina said softly walking out of the dungeon into the night. Sabrina quietly strolled past her family to the cliffs looking out into the sea feeling relief that her mom was safe and endless confusion about Mark and Mike.

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