Love's Legacy

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Chapter 32

Sabrina wrapped her arms around herself watching the waves reflecting on everything she had remembered. She heard the heavy footsteps approaching about to turn when she felt the strong hand grasp her shoulder.

“You can’t say something like that then just walk away. I have spent centuries believing Michael was the love you mourned for. You were right I was only trying to cause problems with the things I said in the garden to Mark and you,” Kenneth moved in front of her staring down into her eyes.

“This is really none of your concern,” Sabrina looked away from him. “I have already thanked you for sparing my mom.”

“Stop the tough act,” Kenneth frowned at her. “I broke down and gave into you. Now it’s your turn.”

“Did you know Michael would try to kill Marcus?” Sabrina had so many questions going through her mind maybe Kenneth could give her some answers.

“No why?” Kenneth’s face filled with puzzlement. “I offered him a deal but he refused.”

“I know about the deal. I’m confused how did you know to have the wizard there for your spell?” Sabrina asked not caring about ruining her gown sitting down on the grass before her legs gave out from the weakness she was feeling.

“It was luck I ordered Christopher to follow me the whole evening in case I got the chance to try his spell on you. The plan was to get rid of Marcus and Michael then find you. I wasn’t planning to hurt you just nick you slightly so our blood could be mixed bonding us forever. I guess in my soul I felt I was doomed that night,” Kenneth deeply sighed sitting next to her. “When I saw Michael attack Marcus I was surprised behind belief. I thought Michael would always stay loyal to Marcus. They truly acted like brothers that is why I’m not surprised at all that fate has made them brothers in this lifetime.”

“I don’t understand it either,” Sabrina felt the night breeze caress her skin comforting her slightly. “I don’t understand anything anymore.”

“Maybe it’s not so much understanding but what you feel in your heart,” Kenneth leaned back on his hands stretching his long legs.

“I’ve been following my heart but have I been following it like I did in the past,” Sabrina looked back at the castle feeling the Mark’s presence but not seeing him.

“I’m afraid I don’t understand,” Kenneth felt comfortable talking to her without them being at odds wishing he had done this ages ago try to be her friend instead of lover.

“This is weird talking to you like this. This is a night of strange things happening,” Sabrina echoed his feelings making him smile. “In the past I overlooked the love I shared with Marcus. I didn’t realize till I was dying in his arms how strong our love was. I just always assumed I was meant to be with Michael.”

“But you did have feelings for Marcus right? If Michael never came back you would have been happy spending your life with him?” Kenneth said feeling like they were being watched closely.

“Yes to both. I would have been happy. I was happy with Marcus and our children,” Sabrina got tears in her eyes. “This is all a mess. This is another lifetime and the feelings I have are all confusing.”

“Forget about them for a little while,” Kenneth surprised her with his comment. “Take a break from pondering over them.”

“That is a good idea. Thank you,” Sabrina smiled at him.

“You know we are not alone right now,” Kenneth leaned close whispering in her ear.

“Yes, Mark is close,” Sabrina scanned the castle again not seeing him but feeling him. She was about to turn around when she saw her father coming out of the castle carrying something heading towards the sea.

“What the hell is he up to now?” Sabrina said making Kenneth look in that direction.

“I don’t know but we better find out,” Kenneth stood helping her up. “Let’s hurry this isn’t good at all.”

Kenneth pointed out to her Christopher, William, and Matthew hurrying after Greg laughing. They were about to head towards them when Susan’s scream echoed in the night making them run in that direction.

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