Love's Legacy

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Chapter 33

Sabrina and Kenneth were about to enter the great hall when Sabrina heard footsteps echoing through the halls.

“What the hell is going on now?” Mark’s voice put Sabrina at ease as she turned seeing him coming their way giving her a quick glance. “Stay back Sabrina.”

Mark and Kenneth pushed open the doors to the hall finding it in darkness till Sabrina hit the switch illuminating the room.

“Oh my God,” Sabrina gasped seeing Seth, Susan, Dave, and Randy tied to chairs with gags in their mouths. Sabrina quickly untied Susan who had worked the gag out of her mouth.

“Dad and those bastards did this,” Susan held onto Sabrina’s hand tightly. “He took mom and said that Kenneth once again had failed but this time he wouldn’t.”

“Untie the others, we will go after them,” Kenneth said to Susan before looking at Mark. “I’m on your side now that is if you want my help.”

“Any help is appreciated,” Mark motioned for Kenneth to follow as the started out the door. Mark stopped suddenly when Sabrina followed them. “No baby girl stay here. We will bring your mom back.”

“I’m going with you,” Sabrina shot past him as Kenneth shrugged following her. Mark cursed knowing there was no time to argue with her as they headed out into the night. He took the chance grabbing her hand at least getting some comfort in having her close.

“Please stay out of harm’s way,” Mark said to her as she nodded in agreement. They started on their way towards the sea when gunshots rang through the air making Sabrina freeze in terror. They ran towards the shots coming upon the beach seeing William, Matthew, and Christopher lying sprawled on the beach looking like they were all in pain. Sabrina eyes were drawn to Greg standing silent holding the gun to his side staring at something in front of him hidden by two large rocks. Kenneth went towards Greg grabbing the gun as Mark and Sabrina went around the rocks stunned at what they saw. Mike was lying motionless on top of Lucy. Mark ran towards his brother seeing the three gunshots wounds in his back. Sabrina trembled dropping to her knees as Mark rolled Mike off of Lucy.

“He saved me,” Lucy muttered fear still in her eyes. “Mike came out of the darkness attacking the others then covering me as Greg fired. Is he alright?” Sabrina held her mom’s hand as Mark saw Mike’s eyes open slowly.

“Did I save Sabrina’s mom? I followed them to the beach here,” Mike painfully said as Mark nodded yes speechless feeling his brother slipping away from them. “Tell Sabrina I’m sorry I never meant to hurt her now or in the past. I was selfish and wanted her for myself in the past. My selfishness cost her life. All I wanted to do was make it right. I hope saving Lucy makes it right. Take care of Sabrina, brother.”

Mark was speechless staring into Mike’s eyes.

“Mike,” Sabrina crawled towards him running her fingers through his hair. “Please hold on we will get you help.”

“Sabrina, it’s too late for me,” Mike touched her face. “I really do love you. I want you to be happy. I love …” Mike’s body slumped as blood ran down the edge of his mouth. His hand slid down her face making Sabrina go over the edge. She couldn’t take anymore.

“No!!!” Sabrina beat on his chest. “No Mike! Come back please come back!” Mark cradled his little brother letting the tears fall. Sabrina suddenly stood up going towards her father with rage.

“Dad! How could you do this?” Sabrina screamed at him as Greg stared at her.

“I wasn’t trying to kill him. I was trying to kill that bitch,” Greg shouted back at her. “Lucy is responsible for Mike’s death not me. Why can’t I kill her I couldn’t kill her in the past I can’t kill her now. I just want her out of my life. I want her out of my business. I’m tired of her having a mind of own and undermining my decisions behind my back. I want a wife who always says yes not argues with me every time.”

“So divorce her don’t kill her,” Kenneth spoke up looking at Lucy.

“Divorce won’t free me from her. Nothing will free me from your mother. I tried to dispose of her that night at the banquet and I lost all my children. I had to spend the rest of my life listening to her bitch me out for destroying out family. I mourned for my children as much as her. I loved you all,” Greg looked at Sabrina. “I never meant for you, Seth, and Susan to pay with your lives back then. I never thought you would all be stupid enough to sacrifice yourselves for the ones you loved.”

“It’s not stupid,” Sabrina lashed out at him. “It’s called love. You really thought Susan and I would stand by while you killed our husbands. You truly believed we would let you kill our mother without hating you for the rest of our lives. Power isn’t worth this much pain. It wasn’t worth it then and it sure isn’t worth it now.”

“Power is everything. I’m sorry you and Seth could never understand that like Susan and I do. Say goodbye to your mom,” Greg pulled another gun from his coat pocket pointing at his stunned wife as Sabrina went after her father struggling with him for the gun between them. Suddenly a gunshot went off as Kenneth rushed towards them as they fell to the ground. Mark stared in disbelief seeing Sabrina fall feeling his heart aching in pain.

“Sabrina!” Mark yelled moving Mike to the side pushing Kenneth aside to pull Greg off of Sabrina seeing fresh blood on her dress. “Oh God not again! I’m not losing you again.”

“Mark, I’m ok,” Sabrina opened her eyes shaking violently. “It’s my father’s blood. Did I kill him?”

“No, he is breathing and unconscious,” Kenneth spoke up kneeling over Greg.

Sabrina didn’t say another word just collapsed in Mark’s arms crying her heart out till she passed out. Mark refused to let anyone else touch her picking her up carrying her back to the castle.

Sabrina woke up screaming feeling the strong arms embrace her.

“Sabrina, calm down,” Mark ran his fingers through her hair.

“Mike?” Sabrina stuttered over his name hoping she only had a bad dream.

“He is gone,” Mark held her tighter as the fresh tears started.

“My dad? My mom?” Sabrina asked softly.

“He is going to be ok. The bullet missed all his vital organs. Your mom is at the hospital for observation. The doctor wants to make sure she if ok after the drug Greg gave her,” Mark felt her trembling. “Everyone else is fine. They are all downstairs if you want to go down.”

“No, I want to stay here,” Sabrina lay back down in her bed pulling the covers around her.

“Ok, if you need me I’ll be across the hall,” Mark went to stand up feeling her grab his hand.

“Please stay,” she softly said squeezing his hand.

“Ok Sabrina,” he laid down next to her as she turned to look at him.

“I’m sorry about Mike,” her voice trembled as she spoke.

“Baby girl, it isn’t your fault. He made the choice to go after them not you,” Mark lightly pushed her hair back from her tear stained face.

“I can’t help feeling responsible. I pushed him away in the chapel after remembering the past,” Sabrina wiped her tears away.

“It is a confusing time. Please stop blaming yourself,” Mark kissed her forehead.

“I want to leave this place as soon as possible,” Sabrina stared deep into his eyes. “This is no longer a happy place for me.”

“Ok, as soon as we take care of the arrangements for Mike I can take you back to the states,” Mark hoped he wasn’t overstepping his boundaries with her.

“I don’t want to trouble you,” Sabrina stretch still feeling like her body had been through a war.

“It’s no trouble,” Mark smiled at her. “Are you sure you don’t want to go downstairs and be with Seth and Susan?”

“Not yet,” her voice sounded sleepy as he looked down seeing her eyes starting to shut. He ran his fingers lightly down her back along her sides till he saw she was back to sleep. He rested his head on his hand watching her sleep hoping she would be alright. He sighed silently saying a prayer for Mike before closing his eyes joining her in sleep.

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