Love's Legacy

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Chapter 34

Three months had passed since the incidents at the castle. After Mike’s funeral and burial on the castle grounds, they all returned to the states trying to get back to their normal everyday lives. Sabrina turned over the castle renovations to Seth surprising him. Seth split his time between the states and being at the castle checking on the progress. With Greg in jail for Mike’s murder, Susan had taken over running Andrews Entertainment making her very happy. She and Dave were still together and very much in love. Lucy helped Susan out when she could but was spending most of her time with Sabrina overseeing the building of the replica of the castle in . Sabrina rarely left Maine in the three months turning away invitations to visit Susan. Sabrina had kept in touch with Mark over the three months while he was busy with work. Their relationship remained a friendship as Mark respected that Sabrina needed time to figure things out. He needed time on his own too to deal with losing his little brother. He concentrated on his career trying to ignore all the turmoil in his soul. No matter how he tried he couldn’t escape his love for Sabrina.

Mark was missing her like crazy and was planning to call her after he finished work that night to see if he could come visit her in Maine. He had already made arrangements with Susan to use one of the planes to go see Sabrina. He finished packing up his things and went out into the hallway to head to Andrews Entertainment headquarters to drop off a thank you gift for Susan. When he arrived at the office, he suddenly stopped feeling like Sabrina was around.

“Damn it you miss that woman so much you’re starting to feel like she is here,” Mark cursed himself shaking his head forcing the feeling of her being close out of his mind.

Sabrina made her way through the halls of Andrews Entertainment hoping to talk to Susan before she headed over to Mark’s to see him. She really needed to talk to him. Sabrina was coming around a corner when she heard a familiar voice.

“Hello there pretty lady,” Kevin’s voice came from behind her. “Looking for me?”

“Hi Kevin, sorry no. I’m looking for Susan then going to see Mark,” Sabrina smiled at him.

“Lucky man, I think Susan is in a meeting. Have a minute to chat?” Kevin leaned against a nearby wall crossing his arms.

“Sure, what about?” Sabrina looked up into his eyes.

“You know my spirit got to stay in this body, right?” Kevin asked as she nodded yes. “Do you know why that happened?”

“I don’t know maybe because you changed your evil ways. I think you were given a second chance. So many weird unusual things happened at that castle there is no way of explaining all of them,” Sabrina closed her eyes for a minute still haunted by the memories of Mike anytime she thought back.

“I’m sorry didn’t mean to upset you. I’m still in shock with everything that has happened and getting a second chance is something I never expected. I was a pretty evil bastard,” Kevin grinned at her.

“You definitely had your moments. You better use your second chance well and behave yourself,” Sabrina tapped his chest. “I will see you around.”

“See you later beautiful,” Kenneth watched her walk away happy that had worked out their differences.

Mark noticed Susan’s office door was slightly opened. He knocked making it open more.

“Susan isn’t here right now. She’s in a meeting,” Sabrina’s voice made him freeze for a moment as he shook his head not believing she was there. He slowly turned seeing her sitting in one of the office chairs. He felt his heart beat out of control at how beautiful she looked in the lilac tank top and matching short skirt showing off her attractive long legs. “Mark?” she said very surprised to see him.

“Sabrina,” he slowly said her name going towards her picking her up giving her a big hug squeezing her tight to make sure she was real. “I was just about to call you. I can’t believe you are here.”

“I was going to come see you after I left here,” she said as he slowly put her down not really wanting to let her go.

“I’m happy to hear that. It’s time we had a long talk about all that has happened,” Mark deeply sighed. “I have missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too,” Sabrina said thinking of how much she had missed him the last three months. So many times she had wanted to come see him like this but always stopped herself not wanting to hurt him while she was still dealing with everything that had happened.

“Your distance has hurt me some,” Mark said not meaning to hear her thoughts but couldn’t help it.

“Sorry I forgot you can hear my thoughts. I figured that would go away when we left the castle,” Sabrina couldn’t help smiling. She felt good being around him again.

“It’s not a bad thing will always be able to tell what’s on your mind,” Mark kept staring at her not believing she was there. “We should go somewhere else to talk.”

“Ok, I agree with you. Can’t move on till we resolve things between us,” Sabrina said reaching out touching his arm sending amazing sensations through her body. He felt the warm feelings too smiling hoping she was planning to stay around for a while.

“I’ll be right back,” Mark caressed her hand before going out to talk to Susan’s secretary. He left the thank you gift for Susan with her and picked up the envelope with all the details for his trip to go see Sabrina. Sabrina couldn’t stop smiling when he returned to her. “I’m all yours, where would you like to go? The secretary will let Susan know we were here and will touch base with her later.”

“Anywhere we can talk,” Sabrina didn’t care where she just had questions for him that she hoped he could answer. “Do you have any objections to my hotel room and room service for dinner?”

“That’s fine with me,” Mark smiled. He couldn’t stop looking at her not believing she was there with him. He could actually touch her if he wanted to and he definitely wanted to but didn’t want to scare her off.

“Let’s go,” Sabrina said feeling like he was as troubled as her at the moment. She hoped tonight they could finally put to rest all that was haunting them.

Mark opened the door to her suite moving to the side letting her pass. He turned on the lights as she sat down on the sofa nervously rubbing her hands together.

“Mark, do you mind if I ask you some questions?” Sabrina said as he sat down across from her on a chair.

“Go for it,” Mark leaned back in the chair getting comfortable preparing himself for her questions.

“Do you remember your past completely?” Sabrina asked him softly not wanting to upset him.

“If you mean do I remember the years without you, raising our children with the help of your mother. Yes I do every lonely moment,” Mark got tears in his eyes looking away from her. “The many nights I sat telling our son and daughter about their mother. I told them endless stories about how you were watching them from heaven. Our daughter grew up calling you her angel. She would spend hours in the garden talking to you. Our son was strong and stubborn like me but he looked so much like you. He was a fair and wise prince knowing all the ins and outs of running the kingdom. I was so proud of our children watching them grow from young children to smart adults. I treasured my every moment with them because it was like having a piece of you with me. I wept every night wanting you in my arms. I was never the same after your death. Our children were the only reason I kept living. Once they were old enough and our daughter was married to a kind man. I gave up on life dying shortly after her wedding.” Mark stopped resting his head in his hands wiping the tears away. He heard her moving not expecting for her to come to him. He felt her gentle touch on his skin comforting him.

“No more tears it’s the past,” Sabrina wiped his tears away. “I’m sorry to make you relive that I just needed to know our children had a happy lives. Can I ask you one more question?”

“They had the best lives they could have without their mother. Sure baby girl,” Mark said as she kneeled down in front of him on the floor.

“How could you love me so truly knowing all those years my heart was never truly yours?” Sabrina searched his eyes.

“How could I not love you? You claimed my heart the first time I saw you. You were not only beautiful but you had an inner beauty that made you even more attractive to me. After you had our son, I knew I would never be able to get my heart back from you. It didn’t matter to me that you loved Michael because when we were together you made me feel like I was the only one in your heart,” Mark reached out caressing her cheek. “My love for you blinded me to your unfaithful ways. I knew you were spending nights with Michael I just choose to not dwell on it because he had you for a few nights but you were my wife. We had the bond through our children. I knew you loved me when you saved my life twice.”

“I don’t know what to say. You have every right to hate me even now I fell for Mike instantly not even giving you a chance,” Sabrina got tears in her eyes.

“You fell for Mike because you didn’t remember his betrayal. You blocked that from your memories,” Mark deeply sighed seeing the tears pooling in her eyes. “Sabrina, we can’t change what happened in the past or even a few months ago. We just have to move on. The question I have for you now is what the true reasons you came here tonight are. You could have asked me these questions over the phone.”

Sabrina nervously swallowed trying to find the words for what she wanted to tell him.

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