Love's Legacy

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Chapter 35

Sabrina stood going to the window trying to get her nerves under control. She felt him come up behind her resting his hands lightly on her arms.

“Please stop tormenting yourself just tell me,” Mark whispered in her ear.

“This isn’t easy for me,” Sabrina turned facing him.

“You’re making it even harder. You can tell me anything,” Mark looked into her blue eyes resisting the urge to pull her close.

“I’ve spent the last few months reliving every moment at that castle over and over trying to give myself peace,” Sabrina swallowed trying not to shake. “I have dealt with my feelings towards almost every piece of this except for my feelings towards you. You have not left my mind since we said our goodbyes at the airport. It wasn’t just Mike I was dreaming of all these years I also dreamed of you. I just right away latched on to the idea that Mike was my true love. It was just a confusing time don’t get me wrong I did share a love with him. Once I had all the pieces to my past and time to think everything out I realized the love you and I shared was more powerful. I realized that the dreams I had and what really happened where in perfect sync except the part of who was telling me our love was eternal. I know now it was you that said you would find me again that our love would span the lifetimes.” She paused nervously biting her lip.

“Please don’t stop,” Mark needed to hear what was in her heart and mind.

“You are my true love Mark. I was just too blind to …” her words were cut off by him kissing her softly wrapping his arms tightly around her.

“It’s about time you realized that. Those are the only words I ever wanted to hear from your lips,” Mark whispered in her ear. “I don’t want to hear the explanations why it took so long all that matters is you said it.”

“I love you,” she looked directly into his eyes saying the words that enchanted his heart all over again.

“I love you endlessly,” Mark kissed her deeply finally feeling complete. He ran his fingers along her back pulling her very close. “Baby girl, from this moment on the past is forgotten. It’s time to make a new life together. Destiny brought us back together and that is all that will ever matter.”

“I love the idea of making new memories with you,” Sabrina rested her head against his chest.

“Oh I promise we are going to make many starting right now,” Mark ran his hands along the curves of her body.

“Now?” she seemed surprised making him smile as he picked her up kissing her deeply.

“There is no better time than this moment,” he whispered against her lips carrying her to the bed the only thought on his mind was making love to her all night.

Sabrina woke up feeling finally at peace with his warm strong body close to hers. She ran her fingernails lightly along his arms. He felt her caress smiling to himself that it wasn’t a dream she was in his bed. He pulled her closer lightly kissing her neck.

“Good morning sweetheart,” Mark tilted her chin gently kissing her passionately.

“Good morning,” she nestled deeper into his embrace feeling safe and warm.

“I keep forgetting to give you this. I remembered hiding it in our bedchamber,” Mark rubbed the sleep from his eyes reaching over her to the nightstand pulling out a box handing it to her. Sabrina was filled with surprise wondering what it was. “Stop stalling open it,” Mark was getting impatient wanting to see her reaction.

Sabrina slowly opened the box feeling her heart race rapidly when she saw the silver necklace with a silver heart shaped pendant.

“Oh my God, where did you find this?” Sabrina remembered the necklace immediately he had given it to her the night their son was born.

“I had put it behind a loose stone in our bedchambers. It was tough to get to I had to get one of the construction workers to remove another stone that had put in front of it,” Mark smiled loving the delight he saw in her eyes. “There it was in a bag never touched. I had a jeweler clean it up. I hope you like it.”

“I love it,” Sabrina hugged him kissing him. He took the necklace from her putting it around her neck.

“Let’s get dressed I have one more surprise for you,” Mark kissed her neck softly.

“Hon, what are you up to?” Sabrina leaned back against him.

“You won’t know till you get dressed and come with me,” Mark hugged her close.

“Ok, not even a small hint,” Sabrina slowly broke his embrace smiling at him.

“No, come on we have to get ready to catch our flight,” Mark grinned knowing he was making her more and more curious just by the look on her face.

“Flight? Please tell me,” Sabrina pleaded with him making him laugh.

“All I’ll say is your sister was kind of enough to let me borrow one of the Andrews jets for a last minute trip this morning. I’m not saying another word about this till we are on that plane,” Mark couldn’t stop laughing as she stomped her foot on the way to get dressed.

“Oh how I love that woman,” Mark said out loud to himself packing his bag checking to make sure her other surprise was there.

Sabrina was almost jumping out of her seat with excitement as the plane landed. She hoped she would recognize the airport.

“Sorry sweetheart,” Mark covered her eyes with a blindfold.

“Mark no, this isn’t fair,” Sabrina playfully pulled at the blindfold.

“It’s fair, behave yourself,” Mark kissed her passionately taking her hand leading her off the plane to the awaiting car. His nerves were starting to get the best of him as he hoped she would like his surprise. He felt her lightly squeeze his hand.

“What happens if I don’t behave and take this blindfold off right now,” she couldn’t help teasing him.

“You don’t want to find out,” Mark deeply laughed putting his arm around her shoulders. “Anyway we are here so you just have to deal with it for another minute or two.”

“Hon, you really have my curiosity going through the roof,” she said as he helped her out of the car.

“Just one minute longer,” Mark was thoroughly enjoying every minute of holding her in suspense. “Let’s do this the easy way,” he gently picked her up carrying her.

“Much easier,” she laughed as carried a few minutes putting her down. She felt a warm breeze blow through her hair. “Now can I take the blindfold off right?”

“Patience my dear girl,” Mark felt very nervous reaching into his bag pulling out her other surprise. He slowly took off her blindfold seeing the surprise in her eyes when she recognized the place.

“I’m confused what are we doing here?” Sabrina looked behind her at the replica of the castle overlooking the rocky coast of the .

“The flight to the real castle was too far I couldn’t wait that long,” Mark smiled at her slowly going down on one knee in front of her. Sabrina was speechless feeling her heart beating rapidly as she watched him.

“I cannot put into words how much I love you. Our love reuniting us once again is the greatest gift I could ever have in this lifetime. Sabrina Andrews, will you please do me the honor of marrying me?” Mark pulled the diamond ring out of his pocket making her burst into tears.

“Yes I will,” Sabrina stuttered over her words as he slipped the ring on her finger. He quickly stood up kissing her lovingly.

“I love you baby girl,” Mark held her very close.

“I love you too,” Sabrina wiped her tears away feeling like everything was the way it was meant to be.

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