Love's Legacy

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Chapter 36

Two months later on the very spot Mark proposed to Sabrina they were married in a small ceremony in front of their family and friends. It was happy occasion as they celebrated the marriage and the news from Dave that he and Susan had gotten engaged. Sabrina and Mark spent their honeymoon in putting the finishing touches on their new home. It wasn’t long before Mark had to return to work on another movie. Sabrina went with him to every location the movie was being shot for about three months before suddenly one weekend out of the blue she told him she was staying home. She said she was feeling well but Mark could sense something was wrong with his wife. He wouldn’t leave her till Lucy arrived to stay with her while he was gone. It felt like he had been away from her for months by the time he returned home.

Mark unlocked the door hearing nothing but silence echoing through the house.

“Baby girl, are you here?” Mark called out.

“She is outside,” Lucy’s voice answered him as she came down the stairs with her bags. “I’m sorry I have to rush but Susan needs me in Connecticut right away to go over the last minute things for her wedding next weekend,” Lucy kissed his cheek. “I will see you two next weekend.”

“Lucy, is Sabrina alright?” Mark helped her with her bags.

“She seems fine just more quiet than usual while you were gone,” Lucy smiled at him. “Sabrina is out by the water go see her. I can handle my bags.”

Mark waved goodbye to her heading towards the beach seeing Sabrina standing along the shore. He watched her slowly pacing in the one spot obviously deep in thought. He walked up behind her gathering her into his arms. She didn’t say a word for a moment just clung to him happy he was home.

“I missed you Hon,” Sabrina whispered against his chest.

“I missed you too. You should have come with me,” Mark kissed her forehead. “Care to tell me why you refused to come?”

“I needed to stay here to take care of something,” Sabrina said feeling him tense.

“Take care of what?” Mark gently tilted her chin seeing for the first time the paleness in her face. “Are you sick?”

“I’m fine,” Sabrina smiled at him. “I didn’t travel with you because I didn’t have the energy too. I’ll show you what I stayed home to take care of.” She took his hand leading back towards the house.

“You have been exhausted lately maybe we should take you to see a doctor,” Mark followed her up the stairs.

“I went to see a doctor a few days ago,” Sabrina led him down the hall stopping in front of the door to one of the rooms they were using as a guest bedroom.

“Are you alright?” Mark was concerned for his wife searching her eyes for answers.

“That all depends on you,” Sabrina opened the door to the spare bedroom motioning for him to enter. When he hesitated she tugged him in. Mark looked around the room realizing she had changed it into a baby nursery.

“What is this all about?” Mark ran his hand over the oak crib in the corner decorated with teddy bears.

“You’re going to be a daddy,” Sabrina quietly said making him stare at her for a moment in awe.

“A daddy?” Mark stuttered as she smiled shaking her head yes. Mark was overcome with joy picking up his wife in a big hug kissing her passionately.

“That is why I didn’t travel with you this time. I had the feeling I was pregnant but needed to make sure,” Sabrina caressed his face. “Our little one will be arriving in about seven months.”

“Our little one,” he repeated her words running his hand over her stomach. “I love the sound of that. I love you.”

“I love you too,” Sabrina kissed him.

“Seven months seems like such a long time to wait,” Mark looked around the room again imagining their children playing in it.

“The time will go fast,” Sabrina reassured him as he sat down in the rocking chair pulling her onto his lap thinking of their baby on the way.

Mark thought seven months would pass slowly before then knew it four years had passed in front of his eyes like in a minute. It felt like his son was only born yesterday now all their family and friends were back in at the castle celebrating Marcus’s third birthday. Mark made his way to the garden hearing the laughter of his wife’s mixed with Marcus’s as they played peek-a-boo with Katie, Marcus’s nine month old sister. He stopped at the top of the stairs leading down into the garden looking at his family sitting on a blanket in the middle of the garden. He smiled as Marcus came up behind Sabrina hugging her around the neck. Mark marveled at how much Marcus looked like Sabrina with his blonde hair and Katie looked like him with her big green eyes and black hair. He watched Sabrina kiss both their children loving her more and more each day. They were closer than ever, she was not only his wife but his best friend.

“I’ve told you this a million times but one more time won’t hurt you’re a very lucky man having that woman as your wife,” Kevin joined Mark patting his shoulder.

“I know I am,” Mark smiled at the man who had become a friend to him over the last few years. “Maybe you should think about settling down and having a family.”

“No way,” Kevin laughed. “I’m having too much fun being a bachelor could never commit to one woman for very long. When I feel the need to part of a family, I just pay your family a visit.”

“I’m glad you could make it for Marcus’s birthday,” Mark turned his attention back to his wife cuddling Katie close.

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Which reminds me Susan is in there raising hell because the birthday boy isn’t out there to see the clown she hired for him,” Kevin smirked as Mark started to laugh about his sister in law.

“I feel sorry for Dave. Susan was moody before but now that she is pregnant she is extremely moody. She will bitch over every little thing. Last night, she was cursing him out for forgetting to put sprinkles on ice cream. She made it sound like it was the end of the world,” Mark said making Kevin laugh even harder.

“Hey stop picking on my wife,” Dave joined them smiling. “In three more months, I hope to have my sweet wife back.”

“The worse is still yet to come you have to survive her going through labor,” Mark teased him making Dave his head.

“Don’t remind me. I came out here to give you a message from Seth. He needs to see Marcus out front to give him a birthday surprise,” Dave smiled knowing Marcus was in for a big surprise.

“Ok, you guys go ahead I’ll get Marcus,” Mark motioned for them to leave heading down the stairs.

“Daddy!” Marcus jumped up off the blanket running for Mark. “Is it time for the cake and ice cream?”

“Almost kiddo,” Mark picked his son up kissing his forehead walking towards Sabrina.

“Would my beautiful girls be interested in coming with us to see a surprise,” Mark smiled at Sabrina and Katie.

“Is the surprise for me?” Marcus bounced in his dad’s arms.

“Maybe,” Mark gently put his son down taking Katie from Sabrina so she could stand up. Katie immediately nestled against her father smiling at him.

“Hey little girl, ready to party,” he said to her making her laugh.

“Sounds like she is,” Sabrina rested her head on her husband’s shoulder looking at her daughter.

“Hurry mommy and daddy,” Marcus motioned for them to follow him as he ran up the stairs as Kenneth opened the door for him. Sabrina and Mark followed after their son hearing him clapping and yelling loudly as he went through the front door.

“What did Seth get him?” Sabrina asked her husband as he shrugged his shoulders. They were both speechless when they went through the door seeing a pony with a red ribbon around his neck. Seth was already helping Marcus onto it. Sabrina and Mark shared a look both speechless.

“I’ll take the little lady so you two can check out the surprise,” Dave put his hands out to Katie. She immediately smiled going to him wrapping her fingers in his long hair.

“I can’t believe your brother got our son that for a birthday gift,” Mark wrapped his arm around Sabrina’s waist pulling her close whispering in her ear. She was still speechless watching how happy Marcus was.

“At least he is happy,” Sabrina said leaning back against her husband.

“I hope you guys don’t mind. I think every little boy needs his own pony,” Seth smiled at Sabrina and Mark looking as happy as Marcus about the pony.

“Hey Seth, I hope you’re planning to take care of it and definitely clean up after it,” Mark said.

“Definitely no problem. I will handle it all,” Seth reassured Mark.

“Marcus, you have fun with Uncle Seth and your new pony. Mommy and I will be back in a few minutes than we will have cake,” Mark smiled at his son surprising Sabrina that they were going somewhere. He took her hand leading her out back to the cliffs.

“Is something wrong?” she stared at her husband with concern.

“No, I just needed a few moments alone with my wife. Is there anything wrong with that?” Mark pulled her close kissing her softly.

“Not at all,” she wrapped her arms around his waist. “I still feel like something is troubling you.”

“I just wish Mike could be here celebrating with us right now. I would love for our children to know their uncle,” Mark ran his fingers through her hair knowing she was missing Mike too.

“I’m sure he is here with us at least in spirit,” Sabrina looked up into her husband’s green eyes.

“Very true,” Mark looked back at the castle hearing all the happy sounds coming from it loving the sound of them. “I hope this place is always filled with happiness from now on.”

“It will be even after we are gone our children and their children will be able to have this place to make happy memories in,” Sabrina smiled thinking of all the happy years they still had in front of them.

“I’m looking forward to every moment in front of us as long as I have you,” Mark caressed her cheek.

“You have me for as long as you want me,” Sabrina ran his fingers down his chest.

“Eternity,” Mark softly said kissing her deeply. “Same thing I said to you before hold true today no matter what happens in this lifetime I will always find you even if its centuries down the line. Our love is that powerful.”

“I know that sweetheart,” Sabrina got tears in her eyes. “For right now I want to enjoy this lifetime with you and our family.”

“I love that idea,” Mark kissed her again. “I love you even more.”

“I love you hon,” Sabrina rested her head against his chest listening to his heartbeat for a few minutes till they both hesitantly decided to return to the party. They both knew that no matter what happened through the years in front of them their love would get them through it.

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