Love's Legacy

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Chapter 4

Sabrina was roaming through the castle in the early morning hours checking on all the renovations before the crews arrived to continue working when her cell phone ringing startled her.

“Hey sis, I hope I didn’t call you too early I always get confused with the 7 hour time difference between us,” Seth sounded tired.

“Shouldn’t you be in bed?” she smiled listening to him sigh.

“It’s only , nowhere near by bedtime yet,” he laughed. “I heard Susan is coming to see you. I was wondering if it was alright if I came to and brought a few of my buddies. I keep raving about how cool the castle is and they went to see it.”

“Seth, you know you’re always welcome. How many of your buddies are you bringing?” she looked down the hall silently counting the bedrooms in her head.

“I’m going to bring Mark, Randy, Dave, and maybe Michael. Is that too many?” he ran the names off out loud.

“It’s not too many I have the room. It will be nice to have the castle filled with life again. I look forward to seeing you and meeting your friends.”

“I think you’ll like Randy maybe he can make you forget about your lost love,” Seth closed his eyes waiting for her to yell at him.

“Very funny I’m not interested,” Sabrina smiled knowing Seth didn’t mean any harm. “What is Susan’s new boyfriend like?”

“Rob is a nice guy can be slightly annoying sometimes with how laid back he is but he adores Susan so I’m not complaining,” Seth said yawning into the phone.

“You better get some sleep,” Sabrina looked out the window seeing one of the construction crews arriving.

“You’re right since Susan arranged for the private jet to be fueled and ready by but first I have one important question. Did you get any horses yet?” he was grinning like a child listening for her answer.

“You’ll have to wait and see,” she laughed. “Good night Seth I’ll see soon.” She hung up the phone looking out the window seeing the eight horses roaming around the stables knowing Seth would be overjoyed when he saw them. She smiled happy that soon all her hard work to restore the castle would be put to use.

Susan sat on the plane next to Rob caressing his hand as the plane took off. She looked over at Seth already sound asleep. Randy was sitting next to him almost asleep too. Dave was sitting behind them flipping through a magazine while Mark sat next to him looking deep in thought rubbing his chin. Mark turned to catch Susan’s glance. He gave her a smile before looking out the window.

“I wonder what is wrong with Mark,” Susan leaned on Rob’s shoulder as the plane leveled off.

“Maybe he doesn’t like flying,” Rob kissed her forehead. “What did you want me to see?”

“I almost forgot,” Susan pulled her laptop out of her bag turning it on. “Sabrina emailed me a summary of her journal so I had some idea of what is up with her. I want you to read it and see what you think.”

“Babe, sorry I hate to read while flying it bothers my stomach,” Rob frowned not wanting to disappoint her.

“It’s just us on the plane I could read it out loud. Seth and Randy are asleep. I’m sure my reading won’t bother Dave or Mark,” she looked over at Mark who shrugged his shoulders not caring.

“I always enjoy bedtime stories,” Dave said reclining his chair smiling at Susan.

“Do you think your sister will mind you sharing with us?” Rob asked as Susan nestled closer to him.

“I don’t think so,” Susan opened the file with her saved email finding the journal. “Ready boys here we go.” She started to read Sabrina’s entry as Mark closed his green eyes listening.

“I have kept a journal for five years trying to piece together everything I could from my dreams. There are nights I dream the same dream over and over. I’ve never been good at story telling but here goes. The Andrews Kingdom was ruled by King Gregory and Queen Lucinda who had three children Seth, Sabrina, and Suzanna. Seth was heir to the kingdom. He was a humble prince who loved hunting and spending hours riding with his trusted friend Sir Randal. He did not share the same power lust of his father content to stay out of the wars with other kingdoms but always willing to fight for his people to make sure they were well taken care of. Suzanna shared her father’s love for power spending hours at strategy meetings learning everything she could about the kingdom. Sabrina was like Seth no desire for power. She spent hours with her tutor learning everything she could. The evenings she spent in her garden dreaming about far off lands she had read about but never seen. Even thou she didn’t share her sister’s same desires they shared a powerful bond. They could spend hours talking about anything.

Sabrina like many nights before had gone to her garden to escape watching her father plan to destroy everything in his path. She stared at the water of the fountain wishing to be somewhere else on a ship sailing across the seas when true love looked over her shoulder. The minute she turned to see Sir Michael she knew she had found the love of her life. He was the strongest and most loyal knight of King Marcus’s court. Sir Michael was a handsome and charming man. His brown eyes had a tenderness that made Sabrina adore him even more. She became his from that moment. They shared a brief moment sharing their first kiss before Sabrina had to return to her family. The next day at her father’s tournament Sabrina cheered on her knight as he won joust after joust. He paused after each win raising his helmet to smile at her. The king never noticed his daughter’s attraction to the knight. He only cared about the fact that Sir Randal was losing disgracing his name and he was about to tell Suzanna she would not be marrying Sir Randal when he finally won a match. Suzanna joined her sister to watch her soon to be husband. Suzanna was overjoyed when Sabrina told her about Sir Michael. Their happiness was short lived when Sir Michael and Sir Randal were put up against one another. Both sisters watched in concern as the men raced their horses towards one another. Sir Michael knocked Sir Randal off his horse making Suzanna upset for a moment till Sabrina hugged her telling her not to be mad. The two sisters never could stay mad at one another for very long. After the tournament and banquet, Sabrina went to the garden to meet her knight finding him already waiting for her. She stopped for a moment watching how the moon light illuminated his handsome face as he paced. He felt her stare running embracing her in his arms. He kissed her passionately taking her by surprise. She broke their kiss taking him deeper into the garden to a stone bench. They talked about his tournament and about King Marcus’s plan to stay for a few more weeks at the castle. They spent three weeks together constantly. She showed him the countryside during the day at night they cuddled and kissed falling deeper in love. She danced with him at banquets loving the feel of his body against hers. The one night their passion was intense till Sir David came looking for Sabrina telling her father wanted to see her immediately. Sabrina slowly parted with her love promising to meet him again tomorrow morning. Sir David took her to her father and she could tell from the minute she walked in something was wrong. Her father had an evil smile on his face. He thanked his daughter for coming then he started talking about how it was improper that Suzanna was getting married while her older sister was still unwed. King Gregory had decided it was time for Sabrina to get married. He embraced her telling her to turn around and met her new husband King Marcus. Sabrina turned seeing the tall muscular man with long black hair and piercing green eyes staring at her. He came forward taking her hand kissing it softly telling her what a pleasure it would be to have such a beautiful young woman as his wife. Sabrina was shocked she was speechless while her father explained to her what a great alliance her marriage would make. It would make his kingdom even stronger. Sabrina heard enough running out of her father’s room. She heard the heavy footsteps coming after her as she climbed the stairs to her room. She felt the strong hand grab her before she could enter her room. She turned seeing King Marcus staring at her asking what was wrong. She spilled her heart telling him she was in love with another. King Marcus laughed telling her he would make her forget this man in no time. He leaned down roughly kissing her. She felt nothing when he kissed her only the need to run. He let her arm go telling her in the morning she would marry him and they would return to his castle to begin their family. Sabrina watched King Marcus leave trembling as she entered her room. She saw a figure in her room she was about to scream till she saw her love’s concerned face. He pulled her close when he saw her tear stained face. She told him the news watching his face cloud with displeasure. He kissed her again telling her he could not betray his king by being with his soon to be wife. He was about to leave when she suddenly stopped him taking the cross from around her neck that had belonged to her grandfather putting it around Michael’s neck. She whispered to him this will always keep you safe my true love. He stared at her not sure what to say. She didn’t want him to leave and he sensed that not wanting to lose her either. He took her hand telling her they would take advantage of the time she had before her marriage. He picked her up kissing her passionately. They made love all through the night. They were happy and didn’t want to give up their love. Michael came up with the plan for them to sneak away and go to a far off land where no one would ever find them. Sabrina agreed happily packing what she could as he checked the hallway for guards.

Susan, this is where it gets hazy I’m not sure what happened after that. All I know is I dream of someone holding me with blood on his hands telling me our love will never end he will find me again even if it takes lifetimes.

I know this may sound like nonsense but it’s what I dream and things in the castle confirm my dreams. I will show you when you get here. Susan, I need your help maybe you will remember something when you are here. See you soon, Sabrina

“That is incredible,” Rob said in awe looking at Susan who had tears in her eyes.

“I really am glad I agreed to come see this place,” Susan wiped her tears. “This is weird but some of that sounds so familiar. I can actually envision my dad dressed in a royal cloak giving orders to his knights while I’m watching. I can see the jousting clearly. The scary thing is I see Randy as Sir Randal.”

“Does that mean you don’t love me?” Rob gave her a sad look.

“I love you very much. I don’t feel anything when I look at Randy,” she smiled kissing him. “I can’t wait till we land. Imagine me a real princess.”

“You are already the princess of my heart,” he caressed her hand as they cuddled in silence. Mark had his eyes closed but he wasn’t asleep he listened to the whole story. He too was having déjà vu feelings as Susan read. He thought hard remembering Sabrina. She was a beautiful woman with long dark blonde hair with enchanting bluish green eyes. He remembered her hair was always pulled back in a braid with flowers entwined through it. She was the same height and build of Susan. He opened his eyes wondering if Susan had a picture of Sabrina.

“Hey Susan, you have a picture of your sister?” Mark sat up staring at Susan. Susan didn’t answer only smiled going in her bag handing him a picture. Mark’s heart stopped realizing the image he just saw in his mind matched the picture exactly. Shit, I know this girl, he thought to himself.

“You ok Mark?” Susan touched his arm.

“Yes, thanks. I was just curious what your sister looked like,” Mark reclined back in his chair as Susan showed Rob.

“Except for the eye color and hair color, you and your sister look a lot alike,” Rob said smiling at Susan.

“She is a ½ inch shorter than me,” Susan laughed putting the photo away.

“I can’t wait to meet her,” Rob kissed Susan.

Neither can I, thought Mark closing eyes hoping sleep would come.

Michael boarded his flight annoyed at how long it took to get through security. He couldn’t believe Mark insisted he go to for two weeks what was he going to do. He was happy sitting at home staring at the TV waiting for his agent to find him another movie that met what he was looking for. Michael sat down in first class feeling tired as the plane took off. He closed his eyes hoping he would have dreams of his princess.

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