Love's Legacy

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Chapter 5

Sabrina anxiously waited at the door for the car to arrive with her guests. She had already gone over all the bedrooms several times to make sure everything was in order. The chefs were making roast chicken for dinner something she knew Susan and Seth both liked. Sabrina told the chefs to surprise her with the rest of dinner. Sabrina suddenly got an eerie chill. She shook her head trying to forget about it as a car came through what was left of the castles gate. She rushed to meet the car as Seth jumped up giving her a big hug.

“Sis, I’ve missed you,” Seth hugged her tighter as she got tears in her eyes. She pulled back from him seeing Susan smiling at her. The two sisters both started crying embracing one another tightly.

“Susan, thank you for coming,” Sabrina wiped the tears from her eyes.

“I wish I would have come sooner. Sabrina, this is my boyfriend Rob,” Susan pointed to the handsome brown haired man next to her smiling happily staring at the castle.

“This place is excellent,” Rob shook her hand.

“Sabrina, I want you to meet Randy Evans. He is an up and coming rock star,” Seth pointed to the tall blonde muscular man in his mid-twenties looking around in awe.

“Nice to meet you,” Randy took her hand kissing it. Sabrina stared at Randy like she had seen him before he gave her the same look. “I think we met before isn’t that weird.”

“This is the place for weirdness,” Sabrina smiled at him.

“This is Dave Wilson. He also works for our company as agent,” Seth patted the tall brown haired man on the shoulder as he gave Sabrina smile. Dave came close giving her a hug. “The lazy one in the car is Mark Cassidy. He is a music producer working for us. Mark, get out here and meet my sister.”

Mark wasn’t being lazy he was in shock at what he was feeling. He knew he had been there before. He slowly got out of the car seeing Sabrina’s long blonde hair flowing to her back as she looked at Seth. The feeling was getting worse as she turned. Her blue greenish eyes met his.

“Marcus,” she softly said looking at the huge man in front of her with familiar green eyes and shoulder length black hair. He was the exact twin of King Marcus.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Sabrina,” he leaned down kissing her cheek. She trembled under his kiss. “Are you ok?”

“I think so, come on in guys,” Sabrina looked away from Mark nervously smiling at the others. They all went into the castle as Mark lingered behind looking around. Sabrina stopped looking at the man that had also been in her dreams many times. He felt Sabrina’s stare.

“Don’t be afraid I am not going to hurt you,” Mark moved closer to her talking softly so the rest didn’t hear. “I’m might look like this King Marcus and have some of his memories but I’m not him. I hope you will sit down later with me so we can talk.”

“You remember being here?” Sabrina gave him a curious look.

“Yeah, you want me to prove it,” he gave her a cocky smile. “Give me a destination and I’ll go without any directions.” Sabrina bite her lip thinking for a minute thinking of some place hard.

“The secret passageway,” Sabrina crossed her arms knowing he would never find it.

“Ok baby girl, follow me,” he went into the castle past the others down the long hall. He stopped for a minute closing his eyes then he went into dining hall. He walked along the wall stopping under the two swords crossed. He turned smiling at Sabrina while reaching up and pulling the one sword suddenly a door in the wall opened.

“Proof enough or do you want to go down to the kitchen?” Mark leaned against the wall watching her awestruck expression.

“How did you know about that?” Seth asked as the others watched from the door.

“Its simple baby girl’s fairy tale is true at least the parts I can remember,” Mark stared at Seth. “Come on Seth, open your mind and you’ll start remembering to.”

“This is crazy shit,” Rob blurted out as Susan elbowed him.

“Sabrina, you and I need to talk later. Right now I’m going to lie down,” Mark cupped her chin. “Don’t be afraid of me together we can remember what happened. I only remember up to our wedding night the rest is a blur. Together we can make it clear.”

“Our wedding night I married you?” Sabrina softly said.

“Yes, we will talk later,” he let her chin go disappearing out the door.

“There is definitely something haunting him,” Dave said looking around the place. “I never saw him so serious.”

“I have a feeling this is going to be the weirdest two weeks of my life,” Rob said watching Randy swing a sword around like a pro.

“This is too cool,” Randy laughed as Susan and Sabrina shared a concerned look.

“Randy, they are real swords please be careful,” Sabrina said watching him piercing the air.

“Yes my lady,” Randy said without thinking. Susan was about to say something when Seth started screaming from another part of the castle. They all ran through the hall finding Seth staring out one of the windows.

“You got me horses!” he yelled hugging Sabrina swinging her around the room. “Come on boys let’s go riding.” Seth rushed out the nearest door to the stables.

“Man, we should have gotten him horses a long time ago,” Susan laughed as Randy and Dave went after Seth. “Rob, you can go with them its ok.”

“Really,” he smiled broadly as she nodded yes. “I’ll be back soon babe.” He kissed her deeply rushing after the guys. Sabrina and Susan couldn’t stop laughing as they watched Seth riding around in a circle on the horse waiting for his friends.

“Sabrina, I hate to do this to you but I’m really tired do you mind if I lay down?” Susan rubbed her tired eyes.

“I don’t mind. I’ll show you to your room,” Sabrina led Susan up the stairs to the room pushing open the heavy wooden door. Susan looked around amazed at the huge canopy bed with hundreds of pillows and all the lush furnishings. “I hope you like it.”

“I love it,” Susan kissed Sabrina’s cheek.

“Get some rest, I’ll call you for dinner in a few hours,” Sabrina left the room heading down the hallways to look out the window at Seth riding with Randy, Dave, and Rob. Sabrina smiled glad that Seth was happy. She was still bothered by what Mark said and she had to find out what he remembered right now.

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