Love's Legacy

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Chapter 6

Sabrina went to Mark’s room knocking softly before slowly opening it. She saw him lying on the bed his eyes closed his hands resting on his chest. Her eyes ran the length of his body taking in every feature. She closed her eyes seeing King Marcus in front of her sleeping the same way. She opened her eyes watching his chest rise and fall with every deep breathe. She didn’t think just sat down on the bed next to him resting her hand over his heart feeling it beat. He didn’t stir just opened his green eyes staring at her.

“Why did you do that?” he softly asked her resting his hand over hers.

“I needed to make sure you were real. These dreams have me doing things I wouldn’t normally do,” she stared into his eyes realizing there was no reason to be afraid of him.

“I’m real baby girl. This is all overwhelming I had strange dreams before about being a king never thought much of them till Susan was reading that email from you,” Mark reached out running his fingers along her cheek. “I can’t believe I’m touching you I dreamed about you many times. Why is this happening?”

“I don’t know there has to be a reason,” Sabrina felt the familiar gentleness of his touch.

“The reason will come clear as we learn more. This is where we spent our wedding night,” Mark smiled looking around the room. “It was a lot colder than really love having heat. You decorated this room almost exactly how it used to be except the canopy was deep purple. Things are becoming clearer just being around you my beautiful rose.”

“Say that again,” Sabrina closed her eyes.

“My beautiful rose,” he whispered as she closed her eyes flashing to the memory of dancing with him as the musicians played. She had on a beautiful royal blue gown and a crown atop her head. She opened her eyes seeing Mark staring at her with a smile.

“You are starting to remember our wedding?” he watched as she nodded yes.

“I thought for some reason you might have hurt me,” Sabrina said softly watching his eyes fill with emotions.

“I never hurt you. I was hopelessly in love with you as you remember more you’ll understand that. You cared for me but you loved Michael,” Mark said wondering if should tell her about his brother’s resemblance to Michael. He watched her eyes fill with pain deciding he would wait till later to tell her more.

“Come on let’s go check on dinner,” Mark nudged her gently so he could swing his legs and sit up. “Where are the others?”

“Susan is lying down. The guys went horseback riding,” Sabrina followed Mark back downstairs.

“Seth has always loved riding. One thing he remembers from his past. Always cared more for those damn horses then your father’s empire,” Mark laughed as they entered the dining hall. “Dinner smells delicious.”

“I’ll go check on dinner,” Sabrina tried to go past Mark as he caught her hand.

“Have you ever seen my brother Michael? He works for the company too doing special effects when he doesn’t have a acting gig.” Mark stared into her eyes as she shook her head no. “Ok, I was just wondering.”

“What is troubling you?” Sabrina touched his cheek making him smile.

“Your favorite question to ask me,” he laughed. “At this moment I’m troubled by my feelings and all of this it’s like being in a forgotten world. It’s hard not to feel like that King Marcus here it’s like I could lose myself at any moment.”

“That’s how I feel at night when I sit out in garden it’s like I lose all sense of time and place,” Sabrina sighed. “It’s like living in a dream constantly. That is why I’m building the replica over in . I know it won’t have the same magic but if I stay here much longer I will slowly lose my mind.”

“Don’t think like that,” Mark smiled down at her as the chef called out dinner was ready. “You’re much too pretty to lose your mind. I’m going to go call Seth and the guys for dinner. Will you be alright?”

“Yes,” she stepped away from him feeling an unusual safety with him around.

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