Love's Legacy

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Chapter 8

Susan came down the stairs looking around for her sister. She was worried after not finding Sabrina in her bedroom. The downstairs was filled with the sweet smells of breakfast. She went through the hall till something caught her eye. She looked into the sitting room seeing Sabrina asleep against Mark’s chest. Mark had his fingers entwined in Sabrina’s hair. Susan’s mouthed dropped not believing her sister was cuddling with Mark. Susan heard footsteps seeing Dave coming here way.

“Good morning,” he smiled kissing her cheek as she pointed to the sleeping couple.

“That’s cute,” he snickered pulling Susan back towards the dining hall. “You don’t want to wake up Mark. He can be grouchy first thing in the morning. How did you sleep last night?”

“Like a baby. Never have slept so well in my life,” Susan smiled as the butler appeared with coffee and pastries. “What about you?”

“Pretty good, had some strange dreams about you,” Dave looked into her eyes.

“What kind of dreams?”

“Nothing kinky don’t worry,” Dave laughed. “I was a knight and constantly meeting with you about the King’s plans. You were married to another knight Sir Randal and he was always at the meetings too. You were brilliant knowing every enemy’s weakness and the best way to attack.”

“Fits into Sabrina’s dreams,” Susan frowned. “I didn’t dream at all last night. What do you think is going on with Mark and Sabrina?”

“She was married to him in her past life,” Dave said it so casual Susan shook her head. “I dreamed about them too last night about their wedding.”

“This is all getting too strange,” Susan sighed.

“It’s cool all our lives are entwined one way or another through this castle,” Dave looked around. “Check this out Susan.” Dave grabbed some apples lining them up on the table grabbing a sword off the wall. He swung the blade into the air slicing the apples in half in one swift movement.

“Oh that is amazing,” Susan watched him smile putting the sword back.

“By the time I leave here imagine all the things I’ll be able to do,” Dave winked at Susan. “Isn’t Mike supposed to be here?”

“Yes, he should arrive today,” Susan looked around again. “I can’t believe my sister was married to Mark in the past.”

“Mark is not a bad guy,” Dave defended his friend. ”You just don’t know him well enough.”

“Know who?” Randy joined them looking refreshed from a good night’s sleep.

“Isn’t Mark a nice guy?” Dave pulled out a chair for Randy to sit down.

“As long as you don’t piss him off he is cool,” Randy noticed the apples sliced on the table. “What happened here?”

“Dave was demonstrating his new skills,” Susan laughed. “Did you have any dreams last night?”

“Yeah, had a nightmare I was married to you,” Randy broadly smiled. “You were always bossing me around and you father was constantly in our business. Your sister was married to Mark they had an adorable little boy.”

“I guess that pretty much confirms why Sabrina and Mark are all cozy right now,” Susan looked out the door anxious for her sister to awake.

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