Love's Legacy

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Chapter 9

Sabrina felt a tickling feeling. She opened her eyes realizing it was Mark’s chin resting against her forehead. She felt so warm in his strong arms she didn’t want to move an inch. She heard the light chatter coming from the dining hall realizing the others were already up. Sabrina slowly tried to turn in Mark’s arm hoping not to wake him.

“Are you going somewhere?” his deep sleepy voice startled her.

“To entertain my guests,” she said softly feeling his embrace tightening.

“They can entertain themselves,” he whispered kissing her forehead. “Keep me warm a few more minutes.”

“Just a few minutes than I have to get up,” she laid her head back down on his arm watching him open his eyes.

“What is the rush baby girl?”

“I have to run into town this afternoon and pick up a few supplies.”

“Can I go with you? I’m curious about the town,” he gently caressed her arm.

“Sure you can. I would enjoy the company. Don’t you want to be here when Michael arrives?” Sabrina felt Mark tense at the mention of Michael’s name.

“Doesn’t matter I’ll see him when we get back,” Mark avoided her curious eyes. “Come on let’s go have breakfast.” Sabrina felt that he didn’t want to talk about Michael and she couldn’t help being curious about why. Sabrina went upstairs to get dressed while Mark went to join the others. When Mark entered the dining hall, Dave, Randy and Susan gave him a funny look.

“What none of you ever slept with someone without doing the deed?” Mark glared at them sitting down in a chair.

“I sure haven’t,” Dave grinned, “especially if I cuddled with a pretty sexy woman wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation of making things very hot.”

“That reminds me I better check on Rob,” Susan laughed rushing back up to her room as Randy and Mark shook their heads at Dave.

“You need to find a woman soon,” Randy hit Dave in the arm.

“Hey you don’t have a woman either,” Dave responded making Mark roll his eyes.

“Maybe the two of you should hook up,” Mark grinned as Dave and Randy looked at one another laughing.

“What is the plan for today?” Dave leaned back in his chair.

“I’m running into town with Sabrina, you guys want to come?” Mark took a sip of the strong coffee.

“I’ll go I forgot to bring a few things. What about you Dave?” Randy asked.

“Sure, I need a break from riding horses. Seth will probably being doing that all day,” Dave tried not to think of the soreness from riding for hours yesterday.

“I’m going into town with all of you,” Seth joined them. “I want to check out Sabrina’s hotels and restaurant.”

“Your sister is incredible,” Randy blurted it out turning red in the face. “All I meant is Sabrina is a beautiful sexy woman and smart that is like the perfect woman.”

“She is the perfect woman,” Mark said softly getting up from the table rushing out of the room leaving them all in stunned silence.

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