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He slapped me hard across the face. The sickening feeling of weakness washed over me as I fought back tears. "You worthless piece of shit" he sneered. I always dreaded the day I would go too far and he'd discard me without a second thought. He gripped my jaw, forcing me to look into his eyes "What do I always tell you?". A single tear ran down my cheek, "you don't need me". He used his thumb to wipe away the tear. "Good girl".

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Sometimes I wonder how it would feel to drown. Not the suffocating kind where your arms flail and your breath hitches as you realize there's nothing you can do to keep from dying, but the peaceful kind where you float into nothingness, no struggle, just eyes closed and slowly letting go. It sounded peaceful. I wanted to try it sometime. Most people would think I was crazy for thinking that but I'd find it therapeutic. Speaking of, I should probably ask my mom if I could go to therapy.

I opened my eyes and swam over to the edge of the pool where Roman was lounging on a chair, reading. I looked up, waiting for him to acknowledge me. His eyes stayed glued on the book. I got out of the pool and stood directly in front of him. He laid the book on his stomach and looked up at me. "What is it, my love?". I frowned, almost feeling offended. Why would he call me that when he doesn't love me.

I scoffed, "forget it". He grabbed my wrist, yanking me into his lap. "Did I offend you" he muttered into my neck. My body tensed up at the sudden contact. I clenched my fists, trying to contain my anger. He slid his right hand over mine, trying to get me to hold his. I relaxed my hand, allowing him to slip into mine. "I'll say this one time and one time only, I care for you a lot more than anyone else. I will kill for you but I will not die for you, take that information however you want". I guess that's all a psychopath could offer.

I positioned myself to where I was laying against his chest. He held me, gently trailing his hand up and down my arm. "I have a question". He made a small humming sound, "hmm?". I hesitated to ask, I didn't want him to suddenly turn cold like he always does when I ask something too 'personal'. "How does it feel not being able to have normal emotions?". He sighed, "Knowing you, you'll get upset". I smiled sadly, "I've already accepted that you can't love me, what's next you tell me you've had thoughts of murdering me in my sleep" I half-joked. "What would I gain from killing the only person that understands me?". I raised my eyebrow, "what makes you think I understand you". "Because you and I are the same".

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