The Omega's Mate?

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August Hael is an Omega in a world full of wolves, Omega's aren't treated as well as other Dominant and Submissive wolves are. In his pack, they're treated better than others, and they're working toward more progression for the Omega's. Alexandre Reid is the young Alpha of the pack, on the day he turns 18 he will find his mate and his father will hand down the pack to him. What happens when his mate is someone that wasn't predicted to be his mate? There will be chapters with heavy content, there will be a warning at the top of the chapter and what it will entail. There will also be mature content in the story as well the chapters will be marked with a (*) at the top of it. This story will also include mpreg as well.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1: August's POV

Have you ever just felt plagued by your thoughts? The buzzing of your mind continually goes through a loop, figuring out what the next step is—running in circles trying to figure out the answer to everything, the end game of it all.

I currently sat at my desk, tapping my pencil, barely hearing the teacher’s voice droning on in the background, trying to figure out why I felt so jittery. Did I leave my door unlocked? Did I leave my wallet in the car? Did I forget my physics homework on my desk? The constant worry that I had forgotten something loomed over my head.

Something didn’t feel right. The anxiety was tearing me up inside. The shrill of the bell is what pulled me from my thoughts, making me jump into action. I slammed my algebra book shut. I looked at the whiteboard and wrote down the pages of homework I needed to complete tonight. I put my notebook and Algebra book inside of my backpack and stand up from the desk. I sling the bag over my shoulder, ready to escape the classroom.

“August,” The teacher’s soft voice calls me back just as I reach the door, prompting me to snap my head in her direction.

“Ma’am?” I inquired, turning toward her.

“I would like for you to pay attention to my class every once and awhile. I know you know how to do the formulas and stuff, I know you’ve got excellent scores on the benchmarks and things. Honestly, I would like to know I’m not talking to a brick wall when I call on you for an answer.” She explains.

“I’m sorry I’ve been in my head a lot lately,” I tell her, only telling her half of the truth.

“I understand everything that has happened lately, I do.” She softly responded. I was attacked out of the pack grounds by a rogue wolf scouring the woods for food. The result left me with claw marks going up and down my spine, thighs, and chest. I had been told my alpha had found me the day after my attack, laying on the ground half-dead from the blood loss. I had been left in the hospital for a week after the attack.

Leaving me a nervous wreck ever since. “Just please try listening to the next class.” I nod, adjusting my backpack on my shoulder. “Alright, get to lunch, you know how the pack is.” She smirked at me, motioning me to leave the classroom.

I turned on my heel and left with a wave over my shoulder. The hall bustling with students, the crowd, made me feel like I was about to be suffocated. Not long after dodging people and maneuvering my way throughout the bunch of students, I finally made it to the cafeteria. The larger space lets me breathe without feeling confined.

My friend Ella stood at the door, waving rapidly once her eyes had laid on me. Her beautiful curls were resting on her shoulder, her pale skin contrasting with the bright red of her most recent dye job. Her golden-brown eyes lit up with joy upon seeing me. “August, my love, how my heart has been yearning for you.” She dramatically put her hand over her heart, the other on her forehead, pretending to swoon.

“Can it Ella,” My other friend Raven snapped. Like his name, his hair was black as pitch and fluffed up every which way, contrasting with his caramel skin. His deep brown, almost black eyes twinkled down at me. “Let’s eat before the dominant wolves snatch up all of the food and leave us with bags of chips again.” He scoffed.

“Yeah, that sounds like a plan.” I walked into the cafeteria and got in line. The three of us were the only Omega’s in our grade. I was smaller than most of the wolves at the age of 17. The only one smaller than myself in our class was Ella, who stood at a short stature of 4 ’11". She was smaller than most Omega’s in our pack as well, and even some teens surpassed her in height. Raven was only an inch taller than I was. It was fun to pick on Ella for her height seeing as she was always mad at me for it. She made it so easy, but she got feisty every time someone mentioned it.

The only problem with being an Omega is usually their mates didn’t want someone so weak, so docile, which resulted in their mate denying them in front of the goddess and the world. As time has gone on, and the world has progressed, it happens a lot less than it would have back in the day. Our pack was better than most, improving further than other packs in our country from my parents’ stories. It’s a gift and a curse to be an Omega, our status being the lowest was the curse, many blessings followed. There were still the inbred assholes raised to treat Omega’s like trash; they were holding our pack from progression. They raised their children to hate Omega’s and passed it down from generation to generation. They were even putting their children in the packhouse when they were born, denying their flesh and blood.

I grabbed a tray and started making my way through the lunch line, grabbing myself food. I worked my way through the line and paying for my food. I made my way to our usual table as the terrible two got their food. Almost there, almost, but the goddess above decided to mess with me a little bit. That fickle bitch.

Someone stuck their foot out, and unfortunately, my foot made contact with theirs. My food went flying first, and my body followed soon after. My jaw had made contact with the tile floor, a sickening pop. My ears had begun to ring. The chatter in the lunchroom had gone silent, everyone turning to stare at me. I winced and looked over to see the culprit that had tripped me. Spencer, a dominant wolf in his first year of high school, looked shocked that I had fallen so hard. I groaned in pain, the taste of copper in my mouth.

Alexandre, our next in line Alpha stood from his seat and made his way over to the dominant wolf that had tripped me. “What in the hell do you think you’re doing?” He growled, gripping the boy by the back of his neck.

“I’m sorry, Alpha, I didn’t mean for him to fall like that.” Jasper managed to stutter out.

“In this pack, we don’t treat our family like that.” He snapped at the younger teen.

“I’m sorry Alpha, I’m sorry, I promise I won’t do it again.” He cried out.

“I hope you like cleaning the bathrooms in the packhouse because that will be your duty for the next month, rain or shine. I will inspect it daily, no matter when I get back, if it’s not to my liking I don’t care if it’s 2 am I will be waking you up to clean it.” Alexandre growled out before letting go of the younger boy’s neck scruff, and he held out a hand to me. “Sorry, little Omega; if something like that happens again, please let me know.” I grabbed his hand, Alexandre pulled me up, my legs wobbling when I put my weight on them. The chatter in the lunchroom had picked up once more. I avoided his eyes at all costs, knowing that I was below him. I nod my head to him, my head suddenly feeling heavy.

“Thank you, Alpha,” I managed to whisper out. I feel two arms wrap their way around my waist; my friends were now at my side, keeping me steady. My head felt like it was swimming, it hurt, I just wanted to cry. I felt my head begin to lull against Raven’s shoulder, something warm trickling from the corner of my lips. Wiping it away with my fingers, I squint at my hand. “Well, shit,” I muttered as I caught sight of the red staining my hand. Could my day get any more embarrassing? Not only did I make a spectacle of myself by falling, but now I’m bleeding everywhere.

“Oh, shit August.” I hear Ella say.

“We need to get him to the nurse.” Raven’s voice sounded as if I were underwater.

Trying to blink away the black spots, now swimming across my vision, my knees gave out, sending me slumping to the floor as darkness crept over me.

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